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Parts of Speech Bundle: Grammar Comics is a series of comics that teach or review the parts of speech in fun and enlightening ways - through comics! Many teachers find these comics to be a great way to explain these concepts. They are perfect for
812 ratings
Grammar Comics: Sentence Problems (Common Writing Mistakes) addresses some of the most common errors students face with sentences including: vague pronounsrun-on sentencessentence fragmentsmisplaced modifierssubject verb agreementparallel structure.
312 ratings
Digital Download PDF (9.39 MB)
Romeo and Juliet: Comics and Activities Help kids learn to love Shakespeare with these introductions to each act in comic form. Instead of giving them a summary or bullet points of each act, give students this handy visual reference instead! Each
167 ratings
Digital Download PDF (12.62 MB)
Poetry Comics Vol.2: Imagery, Form, and Irony: Activities IncludedThis is volume 2 of a series of comic lessons on poetry. Many students find poetry tough to handle. Poetry Comics is an ongoing series designed to provide teachers with fun and
137 ratings
Digital Download PDF (32.15 MB)
If you'd like this product bundled with a bunch of other Shakespeare materials, check out my Macbeth Bundle. These comics and activities are the perfect way to get your students into Macbeth. Each act has a comic that gives an introduction to the
82 ratings
Digital Download PDF (32.39 MB)
Poetry Comics Bundle This bundle includes Poetry Comics: Volume One, Poetry Comics: Volume Two, and a bonus comic that isn’t included in either set! All for a discounted price! Poetry Comics are designed to provide teachers with fun and useful
71 ratings
Shakespeare Comics Activity Bundle This bundle collects all four Shakespeare Comics resources: an activity on Sonnet 18, a biography on William Shakespeare, a set on iambic pentameter, and a set of Shakespeare skill builders. Each has a comic that
54 ratings
The Persuader! A Comic Adventure in Persuasive Writing. Activities Included! A comic book about a serious subject like persuasive writing? And one that’s actually amusing? It can be done! Award-winning cartoonist David Rickert and award-winning
68 ratings
Digital Download PDF (21.15 MB)
Iambic Pentameter: Shakespeare Comics This comic teaches students the basics of iambic pentameter from none other than Will Shakespeare! After the comic introduces the concept of iambic pentameter, students will explore the use of iambic pentameter
30 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.83 MB)
This Romeo and Juliet and Shakespeare Bundle combines my Romeo and Juliet Comic Summaries and Activities and the Intro to Shakespeare Activity Bundle. The Romeo and Juliet set includes summaries of each act. When I teach Romeo and Juliet, I don't
35 ratings
Common Writing Mistakes Bundle: Grammar Comics "Grammar Comics: Common Writing Mistakes" and “Grammar Comics: Even More Common Writing Mistakes” address some of the most common errors students face with sentences with entertaining comics followed
42 ratings
An Introduction to Shakespeare: Shakespeare Comics This comic introduces students to the life of William Shakespeare. Also included: another page with more details about Shakespeare's life and an introduction to his plays. Perfect for students who
34 ratings
Digital Download PDF (14.58 MB)
Verbs: A Comic Lesson With Activities A Comic Lesson on Verbs presents the concept of verbs in a fun and entertaining way as a supplement to grammar instruction. The two page comic can used to introduce the concept or as a simple review before more
190 ratings
Digital Download PDF (6.81 MB)
Make teaching Hamlet fun and engaging with this set of lessons and activities to help you lead students on a journey through one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays. The most important thing you’ll find here are comic summaries of each act. You
21 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (17.67 MB)
Shakespeare’s language can be difficult, especially for those with limited experience reading Shakespeare’s plays. Students need to develop some skills before they dive into any of Shakespeare’s works. The last thing we want is for students to find
12 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (23.93 MB)
This whiteboard video is a three minute biography of Shakespeare that can be used to introduce any Shakespeare unit in a fun and engaging way. Perfect for the start of Romeo and Juliet, Julius Caesar, Macbeth, Hamlet, A Midsummer Night's Dream, or
16 ratings
Video & Supporting Document
Duration: 03:17
Adverbs: A Comic Lesson With Activities A Comic Lesson on Adverbs presents the concept of adverbs in a fun and entertaining way as a supplement to grammar instruction. The two page comic can used to introduce the concept or as a simple review
17 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.34 MB)
Adjectives: A Comic Lesson with Activities A Comic Lesson on Adjectives presents the concept of adjectives in a fun and entertaining way as a supplement to grammar instruction. The two page comic can used to introduce the concept or as a simple
8 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.72 MB)
Prepositions: A Comic Lesson with Activities A Comic Lesson on Prepositions presents the concept of prepositions in a fun and entertaining way as a supplement to grammar instruction. The two page comic can used to introduce the concept or as a
9 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.00 MB)
Einstein Clip Art This set of clip art features Einstein, the great science and math icon. The set includes ten images in both black and white and color, perfect for adding a new dimension of intellectual power to your presentations, worksheets,
10 ratings
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I spent the first three years of my career teaching language arts to seventh graders. Since then (for the past eight years) I have mainly been teaching Freshman English and AP English.


My students tell me that I keep the class light and fun. I'm an energetic lecturer and discussion leader, and the students appreciate that.


Keynote Speaker for the NHS induction in 2005 Kenyon adjunct faculty 3rd place in Lakeland Community College Cartoon Contest.


BS, MA in Education from the Ohio State University


As a high school English teacher, I'm on a constant search for ways to bring language arts concepts, classic literature and grammar lessons to life for students. One day, stuck on a particularly tough lesson about Shakespeare and looking for a way to communicate the concepts succinctly AND keep my class engaged, I decided to try combining my work as a comic artist with my teaching. What resulted was my first classroom comic -- a fun, engaging, clear and fast lesson told panel-by-panel as a comic. And it worked! Students loved it, understood the ideas, and retained it for the long term. Now many teachers are using my comics in the classroom to engage learners in new ways with grammar, poetry, and literature.

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