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Hi, I'm Saroum and I'm the artist and author of Doodle Thinks. I currently home school my children and enjoy incorporating art, play, reading, quiet time, or creativity into our day. My past teaching experiences include being a high school instructional assistant for students with physical/mental limitations. In addition, I taught a fun after school drawing program at local elementary schools.


I enjoy mostly hands-on learning and guided teaching/direction with lots of reading, while encouraging a love of learning beyond memorization, so that a curiosity for art and love of learning will continue long after a class room or in my case, a home room setting. However, I do value a structured setting that is also lovingly flexible based on language arts (literature based reading, more reading, handwriting/copywork), math, and my children's current interests.


When I hear that children are having fun and creating art with one of my resources, I'm excited and honored to play a minimal part in their artistic journey no matter where they are at in their artistic abilities, and hope that they will continue to explore creating art.


I have a lovely piece of paper tucked behind some watercolor pieces in an album that states that I have a BA in Applied Arts and Sciences, in words that aren't so fancy, a degree in art with a painting emphasis. I continued taking college courses after graduation in child development, digital design, and digital photography. I have been curious about visual art (drawing) since a young child. It was only during my teenage years and taking art classes in high school that I developed an interest in painting. But the majority of my current art interests and directions have been self-taught, learned, and pursued outside of the classroom.


I'm a homemaker and homeschooling momma and completely enjoy guiding my children in their education. As a freelance artist, I try to commit any creative free time towards actually creating art. When time permits, you will find me, sharing some art ideas and resources for young learners at my Doodle Thinks Website at, sharing some of my creative side projects at my Online Journal at or randomly pinning at Pinterest, so pin with me on pinterest.


TPT empowers educators to teach at their best.

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