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WORKPLACE ETHICS PowerPoint - "Develop an EMPLOYABLE Work Ethic PPT" is a powerful PowerPoint that teachers of all disciplines can use to make students aware of what every employer expects of their employees in the workplace. Possessing a work ethic
6 ratings
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WORKPLACE READINESS PPT - "Essential Job Skills" in Today's Job Market - is a PowerPoint that teachers of all disciplines can use to make students aware of the skills that every employer expects job applicants to possess when they apply for
4 ratings
Digital Download PPTX (19.16 MB)
NEGOTIATION PPT - "The Power of Negotiation" 8 TIPS + 5 Student Activities - is a PowerPoint that teachers of any discipline can use when teaching students the fine art of "NEGOTIATION" to prepare them to successfully handle personal and workplace
not yet rated
Digital Download PPTX (4.33 MB)
HOW TO OVERCOME PROCRASTINATION (PPT) "Recognizing & Changing Bad Habits" - is a powerful PowerPoint teaching tool for teachers of all disciplines. They can use this presentation to encourage their students to overcome procrastination and
2 ratings
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TEAMWORK IN SCHOOL & WORKPLACE PPT - "Tips for Forming Successful Teams" - is a powerful PowerPoint teaching tool that teachers can use to help their students work together successfully in a team environment. This PowerPoint is one that can be
not yet rated
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ORGANIZE YOUR LIFE TIPS PowerPoint - "How to Prioritize Your Daily Tasks!" - is a powerful PowerPoint teaching tool that teachers of all disciplines can use to help their students better organize and manage their daily routines, remove the stress,
not yet rated
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WORKPLACE BASICS BUNDLE - "The Teacher's Best Buy" - ALL PPTS IN 1 PACKAGE DEAL" is an "ALL-INCLUSIVE & POWERFUL" PowerPoint BUNDLE that teachers of all disciplines can use to make students aware of the skills that every employer expects job
1 rating
Digital Download ZIP (58.41 MB)
TECHNICAL COMMUNICATION (Writing) PPT "Preparing Students for the REAL WORLD!" - is a powerful PowerPoint that teachers of all disciplines can use to prepare their students for the rigors of "REAL WORLD" writing. This comprehensive 48-slide
not yet rated
Digital Download ZIP (4.44 MB)
COMMUNICATION IN THE WORKPLACE PowerPoint - "4 Forms of Business Communication" - is a powerful communication PowerPoint that teachers of all disciplines can use to make their students aware of four communication skills (Visual, Verbal, Written, and
not yet rated
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COLLABORATIVE LEARNING TEAMS - "Instructional TIPS for TEACHERS" is meant to be used strictly by teachers who assign student team projects/assignments or who are interested in doing so. Before coming to your class, most of the students have likely
1 rating
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Education Get Real sends out a newsletter every month to announce new products that are currently available on this TpT website, TpT sales that occur periodically, conferences where we will be exhibiting throughout the U.S., and products that are
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WRITING EFFECTIVE PRESENTATIONS IN THE WORKPLACE (PPT) "Design Real World PPTS" - is a powerful PowerPoint that teachers of all disciplines can use to make students aware of what every employer expects of their employers when putting an effective
not yet rated
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The mission of EDUCATION: GET REAL!!! is to provide teachers of all secondary disciplines with authentic, relevant, comprehensive, all-inclusive, and proven materials -- saving them loads of TIME, hours of WORK, and a huge amount of STRESS -- all at VERY reasonable PRICES! As a team, we specialize in interdisciplinary materials and we believe teachers should prepare students not only for college but for the "REAL WORLD." Together, we have taught 40+ years in the areas of English, Business, Marketing, Economics, and Computer Science -- many of these courses were taught in an integrated team-teaching setting. As teachers who think outside of "their books," EGR authors create materials that are exciting, fun, realistic, meaningful, and motivating for students in order to prepare them for the challenges of college and the workplace.


"TEAMWORK MAKES DREAMS WORK!" As a team, our focus is on building and enhancing student creativity, leadership, teamwork, critical thinking & decision-making skills, interactive involvement, and research development by emphasizing hands-on, meaningful & relevant experiences in integrated curriculum settings. We are, therefore, constantly updating our materials to fit the skills and knowledge students need to develop and learn TODAY to be successful in the work world TOMORROW.


Together, we have been recognized by our peers and business community leaders for:
» Teacher of the Year in four secondary schools
» Outstanding Business Instructor for the Denver Business Journal
» Junior Achievement Colorado Teacher of the Year
» All-School Academic (Renaissance) Program Community Organizer
» Advisory Committee Creator
   (combining all CTE [Career & Technical Education] programs district wide)
» Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for business students


GLORIA HENDERSON:  M.Ed. in Computers in Education and B.S. in Business Teacher Education and Economics. Gloria has years of specialized teaching experience integrating Economics and Business. KAREN STARK:  M.Ed. in Computers in Education and B.A. in Business Education with a minor in English. Karen has extensive team-teaching experience in the areas of English/ELA, Business, Computer Science, and Journalism. She has served on several integrated learning curriculum-development writing teams. OUR COMBINED EXPERIENCE INCLUDES:
» Creating and writing 300+ materials here on TpT
» Writing grants on interdisciplinary coursework
» Creating and establishing student/community networking partnerships/alliances
» Launching over 75 student-managed/operated in-school companies
» Completing three international student exchanges
   (Belfast Northern Ireland [twice], Mexico City)
» Serving as OJT coordinators and creators of OJT forms for school districts
» Supervising student teachers
» Developing alliances between civic organizations and the schools
» Serving on the Board of Directors for Junior Achievement Rocky Mtn. Inc.
» Chairing departments
» Authoring numerous EGR materials, all of which are available to teachers here on Teachers Pay Teachers. For more biographical information and to contact us, visit our EGR website (below).


Our all-inclusive and comprehensive materials with EVERYTHING a teacher needs for successful instruction and immediate implementation are available here in our Teachers Pay Teachers store. Our instructional materials are sold as digital items here in our store. However, we still have a very limited quantity of our professionally-printed materials in stock to be sold at drastically reduced prices for those teachers who prefer printed versions and/or are wanting to save themselves MAJOR CA$H. The printed editions are sold through our Education Get Real website and shipping and handling is FREE: EGR Website


ALL images are copyrighted and are the exclusive property of EDUCATION: GET REAL!!! for use in our own publications and in our Teachers Pay Teachers store -- they may NOT be copied, reproduced in any format presently used or developed in the future, used on any other website, or used by others in their own written works. All written materials are copyrighted and most are certified by the Library of Congress. Each individual purchaser is granted permission to copy the materials for their own instructional use only. Redistributing, sharing, editing, selling, or posting this item or any part thereof on the Internet or other digital means are strictly prohibited. Violations are subject to the penalties of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

For more information visit: EGR Website

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