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Has Fortnite taken over your classroom as it has mine? This is all my students talk about, and if there is a second of downtime, they are talking about their levels, successes, Snapchat photos, and everything that comes with this game! I thought I
211 ratings
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***Genius Hour/20% Time***UPDATED MAY 2017This 40+product of handouts4, guidelines, how-to's, rubrics and everything you need to get started with the inquiry-based learning project, Genius Hour. This is a loaded product, and I will be adding to the
207 ratings
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Fortnite is what our kids are raging about right now, in and out of the classroom. They absolutely LOVE this game, so why not incorporate it into the classroom while practicing reading comprehension? Kids are really engaged in relevant
158 ratings
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This activity focuses on COMPASSION & EMPATHY, a continuous, gentle reminder of how everyone needs to spend more time thinking and understanding others.☆How would you like 5 English Language Arts & Classroom Resources for ABSOLUTELY
62 ratings
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***Annotating Text-Teach, Model, Apply****Teaching students to close read is one of the major components of the Common Core, and teaching students to do it correctly, is at times, a challenge.*In this bundle, I tried to simplify the annotation
114 ratings
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You are going to love, love, love this product! This text structure scavenger hunt can be used for ANY informational text. The piece asks for your students to find two text structures from the list, identify the author’s purpose, analyze words, and
89 ratings
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***Non-Fiction Scavenger Hunt***You are going to love, love, love this product! This non-fiction scavenger hunt can be used for any informational text. The piece asks for your students to find three text features from the list, identify the
88 ratings
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Writing an Introduction*A step-by-step simple way for students to learn how to properly write an introduction paragraph.*This ditto guides the students through each sentence that they should write in an introduction.☆How would you like 5 English
96 ratings
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Literacy Centers in the Middle School ClassroomThis 80-page product is packed full of information, tips, tricks and activities for implementing centers in the middle school classroom!I have always been envious of the elementary classrooms and their
65 ratings
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Do you need all the Fortnite products for your obsessed teens? Grab these 4 products for 20% off!Fortnite Reading Comprehension ArticleHas Fortnite taken over your classroom as it has mine? This is all my students talk about, and if there is a
55 ratings
Writing a Conclusion ParagraphWriting a conclusion paragraph can be a difficult task for students.Here is a sentence-by-sentence conclusion reference sheet that will guide students to write a conclusion and helping them write a successful conclusion
55 ratings
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***Figurative Language Review-Colorful Comprehension***Normally, reviewing figurative language in pen and paper style can be rather, well, mundane and boring. I tried to take a relatively common review and make it into a review activity that is
71 ratings
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This product includes 15 vibrant, colorful Literary Terms and Devices posters that would look fantastic and decorate any ELA classroom!Each poster has the literary term/device, the definition and a movie/characters to help your students relate and
59 ratings
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Fortnite is all the rage right now with our students, and this video game has taken over our students’ lives and our classroom. Why not bring the subject into the classroom to engage your students, especially your reluctant readers and students? I
46 ratings
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This is a great pre-reading activity to introduce your students to the topic of tolerance, prejudices and stereotyping. It also teaches your students the role of a bystander and how important it is to be an active bystander.☆How would you like 5
32 ratings
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This rubric is an excellent way to grade an interactive student notebook once or quarterly.QUICK, EASY & PRECISE!☆How would you like 5 English Language Arts & Classroom Resources for ABSOLUTELY FREE???☆⭐⭐Grab these ABSOLUTELY FREE PRODUCTS
60 ratings
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**GENIUS HOUR DELUXE BUNDLE! SAVE $$$*****Genius Hour/20% Time***Original ProductThis 40+product of handouts, guidelines, how-to's, rubrics and everything you need to get started with the inquiry-based learning project, Genius Hour. This is a
44 ratings
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Have you been interested in creating a DIGITAL escape room? Have you been wanting to create one for a Teachers Pay Teachers product or create one for your classroom? Don’t know where to start? I have all the answers, directions, instructions and
66 ratings
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Wow your families with this vibrant and glittery Open House/Meet the Teacher Brochure and Pamphlet!*This trifold pamphlet allows you to add your own text boxes and you can add your own information.☆How would you like 5 English Language Arts &
31 ratings
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Figurative language is not only found in literature, but it has now become a significant part of the Common Core. Students are expected to be able to define, identify and apply figurative language in stories, poetry and other forms of
37 ratings
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I am a middle school English teacher, who has been teaching in an affluent district on Long Island for the past 15 years. I have had the opportunity to teach 6th, 7th and 8th English Language Arts. I love teaching literature and writing, and I love inspiring kids to learn the love of reading. I am also the advisor of National Junior Honor Society, and I am continually instilling respect and pride in my classroom.


Creativity and color is key in my classroom, as I minored in art. I love when my students are interactive and are out of their seats. If they are engaged and it works, let it be!


I received a proclamation by my county executive for promoting creativity in my classroom.


Bachelor's in English and a Master's in Literacy and Reading


Besides being dedicated to my profession, I am dedicated to my family and my 8-year old son who is starting 3rd grade! I also had a very successful business on Etsy called WordandVerse, which I put on vacation for awhile until my son starts school. I was working two full time jobs!

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