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These "Mother to Son" poem activities (part of my Langston Hughes Poem Activities Bundle) will help students analyze extended metaphor, character, and theme in Langston Hughes' beloved poem. My middle school students always love reading and
61 ratings
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This small-group group figurative language game (part of my Figurative Language Resource Bundle) will help students become more familiar with the idioms they encounter in reading. The file includes five pages of idiom slips and one page with game
55 ratings
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This complete novel study bundle includes: Blood on the River Anticipation Guide (Plus Jamestown Preview) Blood on the River Vocabulary Squares (Plus Practice Worksheet) Blood on the River Novel Reading Questions Blood on the River
43 ratings
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This set of middle school poem activities will introduce your students to several works by Langston Hughes, one of the best-loved American poets! Students will analyze six Langston Hughes poems: "Madam and the Rent Man," "Dreams," "Harlem (Dream
29 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (3.75 MB)
This end-of-book test (part of my Blood on the River Novel Unit)covers Elisa Carbone's Jamestown novel, Blood on the River. It contains eight vocabulary matching questions, 22 multiple-choice story questions, and a paragraph response about how
26 ratings
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Looking for nonfiction reading passages that are Thanksgiving-themed? This set of nonfiction articles, graphic organizers, and nonfiction text structure lesson plans will provide the perfect activities to fill your Thanksgiving week with
35 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (1.37 MB)
Introduce students to the concept of subjects and predicates, the building blocks of complete sentences, with this creative activity! The first page contains a section of cloze notes, sentences with underlined parts for identifying subject and
27 ratings
Digital Download PDF (0.67 MB)
Here's a perfect nonfiction reading comprehension activity for kids excited about weather! This set of tornado and hurricane reading passages, graphic organizers, and text structure lesson ideas are a great high-interest reading resource for your
19 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (1.42 MB)
Here is everything you need to teach Gary Paulsen's high-interest Civil War novel Soldier's Heart! This novel study bundle includes: - Soldier's Heart Novel Vocabulary - Soldier's Heart Novel Reading Questions - Soldier's Heart Anticipation Guide
27 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (6.31 MB)
This set of Langston Hughes poem activities (part of myLangston Hughes Poem Activities Bundle) will introduce students to two of Langston Hughes's most famous poems - "Dreams" and "Harlem" (also known as "Dream Deferred")! These activities will
14 ratings
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This 28-question assessment (part of my Figurative Language Resource Bundle) covers figurative language, including metaphor, simile, hyperbole, personification, idiom, and symbol. - Part 1 is matching examples to types of figurative language. -
24 ratings
Digital Download PDF (0.68 MB)
This tic tac toe activity for writing about figurative language (part of my Figurative Language Activities Bundle) allows students to choose from nine engaging writing prompts! They will use metaphor, simile, personification, and symbolism in
13 ratings
Digital Download PDF (0.48 MB)
This "Quote of the Day" middle school bellringer resource is a FULL YEAR of inspirational quote warm-ups for your middle school ELA classroom! Motivate your students all year with an inspirational quote each day, in addition to a total of 540
21 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (25.91 MB)
This resource, part of my Blood on the River Novel Unit, is a set of reading questions to accompany Elisa Carbone's Jamestown novel Blood on the River. It contains 13 chunks (covering 1-2 chapters each) of 4-5 questions, some comprehension-level
18 ratings
Digital Download PDF (0.61 MB)
This end-of-novel test (part of my Soldier's Heart Novel Bundle) is the perfect companion to Gary Paulsen's Civil War novel Soldier's Heart. The test contains 10 vocabulary matching questions, 20 multiple-choice questions, and a paragraph response
12 ratings
Digital Download PDF (0.50 MB)
Looking for a fun activity to practice poetry elements and figurative language in poetry? Help students find poetry everywhere, including the lyrics of their favorite songs! This competitive poetry review lesson (part of my Figurative Language
8 ratings
Digital Download PDF (0.56 MB)
Here's some skill-based nonfiction reading test prep (part of my Test Review Quizzes Bundle)! Give your middle school students plenty of nonfiction reading practice with these four text structure quizzes, covering the five main nonfiction text
6 ratings
Digital Download PDF (0.89 MB)
Before you start your middle school research project, your students need to know what it means to find and cite sources, paraphrase information, and (not) plagiarize! Introduce beginning researchers to these essential research concepts and terms
9 ratings
Digital Download PDF (0.52 MB)
This bundled set of middle school figurative language activities includes: Figurative Language Flipbook Foldable with Pre-Assessment Figurative Language Practice with Quotes Figurative Language Practice Quizzes Literal vs. Figurative
7 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (4.77 MB)
This resource (part of my Blood on the River Novel Unit) is a Socratic seminar that I do with my gifted students after they have read Elisa Carbone's Jamestown novel Blood on the River. The document contains 15 open-ended questions to get students
9 ratings
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This is my eighth year teaching middle school English, grades 6 and 7. I have taught inclusion, honors, and gifted classes, and I'm excited to share some of the lesson ideas that have worked well for my kids!


I like to help students see underlying concepts and connections. In life, they won't need to remember novel characters or the chronological order of events in a story, but they will need the thinking skills to analyze text, communicate effectively, and solve problems. I try to create activities that address specific standards while also helping students develop a general understanding of greater concepts that connect to their lives.


This isn't actually an award for me, but I'm super proud of it: I had a spelling bee student two years ago make it to DC for the National Spelling Bee! SO COOL!


I have a BA in English from Old Dominion University with an emphasis in teaching grades 6-12.


I am a wife and also a mom to a beautiful three-year-old girl! She's the reason I started selling on TpT. Thanks for visiting my store! :) Follow English Teacher Mommy on Facebook and Pinterest!

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