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It's all in the Presentation: Be Mindful, Multi-sensory, and Fun and You will Nurture Excitement and Voracious Learners
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Written by Dr. Erica Warren, an expert in multisensory learning, this 59 page workbook is great for struggling readers. Difficulties in discriminating letters and numbers, and even reversals of an image are common when children are faced with
147 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.26 MB)
This download offers 94 pages - two games boards, 11 games, and 17 printable decks. Many multi-sensory reading programs are available that are based on Orton-Gillingham methods. Programs such as Linda Mood Bell, Preventing Academic Failure (PAF),
144 ratings
Digital Download PDF (10.98 MB)
The Good Sensory Learning Reading Assessment offers teachers, reading specialists, learning specialists and parents an easy evaluation that can guide instruction so remedial reading needs can be addressed. It is suited for any Orton-Gillingham or
118 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.86 MB)
Five Ws Detective is a terrifically fun sentence building game that helps players crack silly cases by defining who did it, what did they do, when was it done and why it was done. Players select a clue and work against the clock to fill in the
84 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.91 MB)
Following Directions Intermediate 1 will help students practice and master subtleties in language. Many students struggle with the wording in directions and multiple-choice questions and this download was created for students that need practice
111 ratings
Digital Download PDF (7.74 MB)
This publication offers seven printable board games that cover the six types of syllables (closed, open silent e, r-combination, consonant le, and vowel combination). It also offers instruction materials and a game that reviews syllabication.
102 ratings
Digital Download PDF (15.61 MB)
Show Don’t Tell Descriptive Writing Game is a multisensory game that helps players learn how to write descriptive paragraphs in a fun, engaging and interactive way. Players learn how to "show" instead of "tell" the reader with the use adjectives,
58 ratings
Digital Download PDF (23.13 MB)
Working Memory, Hemisphere Integration and Attention Building Activities for Optimal Learning is a 53-page digital downloadable workbook that provides fun, and innovative game-like activities that teaches students mindfulness and activates both
56 ratings
Digital Download PDF (6.77 MB)
This download offers 115 pages as a PDF document! Planning, Time Management and Organization for Success is my largest publication. It offers quick and easy approaches/handouts to mastering executive functioning skills for students. The areas of
49 ratings
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This 22 slide Power Point will help students remember measurements such as 12 inches in a foot, 3 feet in a yard, 4 cups in a quart, 2 pints in a quart, 4 quarts in a gallon and 16 ounces in a pound. Colorful images will make this activity
1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th
69 ratings
Digital Download PPTX (3.06 MB)
Following Directions Intermediate 2 is yet another downloadable activity workbook that will strengthen students language abilities. Like Dr. Warren's other Following Directions products, this works on linguistic cues, and tricky wording that is
57 ratings
Digital Download PDF (6.15 MB)
This is a comprehensive, 60 page down-loadable workbook. Fun, multi-sensory activities and inference games help students understand and master the complexities of implied meaning. First, inferences are taught through images. Later students work
59 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.00 MB)
This 27 page download will make order of operations lesson plans multi-sensory, memorable and enjoyable. First, students make their own pet Pemdas mobile from cut-outs and easy-to-follow instructions. With over 100 different combinations, each
3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th
82 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.53 MB)
These following directions printable handouts help students to master language skills and difficult vocabulary. Additionally, it lets students practice mental flexibilty - switching been positively and negatively worded items. This is an important
67 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.59 MB)
Learning about angles has never been easier. This PowerPoint offers 25 slides. First, it shows students the great importance of angles in our world. Then it instructs students about acute, obtuse and right angles in a comic book like manner that
55 ratings
Digital Download PPTX (5.33 MB)
Hey, Whats the Big Idea? is an educational main idea and detail game. Once a topic strip has been chosen from one of 3 skill levels, players have two minutes to list as many details as possible. Each unique detail will earn a point. However, if
43 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.50 MB)
Place Value Panic is a fun and engaging way to teach and practice students about place value. My students absolutely love the manipulatives and many card games!! There are four possible levels of difficulty – beginners, intermediate 1,
52 ratings
Digital Download PDF (12.32 MB)
Working Memory, Hemisphere Integration, Sequencing, and Attention Building Activities for Optimal Learning - Beginners offers a 51-page, printable, PDF workbook that presents multisensory and innovative game-like activities that activate both
45 ratings
Digital Download PDF (18.33 MB)
Due to the popular demand of Reversing Reversals all over the globe, Dr. Erica Warren, has created a second workbook, Reversing Reversals 2. This 62 page workbook is a wonderful tools for struggling readers. Difficulties discriminating numbers and
37 ratings
Digital Download PDF (8.31 MB)
Like Reversing Reversals Beginners, Reversing Reversals and Reversing Reversals 2, Reversing Reversals Primary offers activities and games that will help to strengthen the foundational cognitive skills needed for learning core academics, such as
30 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.50 MB)
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Dr. Warrens diverse training in educational psychology, school psychology, special education and adult education has lead to a well-rounded, multi-sensory expertise in the areas of learning and cognition. Optimizing each student's learning potential and creating fun and multisensory lessons and remedial products is at the heart of Dr. Warren's approach. She has: · designed college programs for students with learning needs · worked as a learning specialist/educational therapist for private and public institutions · designed study skills courses · trained tutors and teachers · conducted educational workshops and courses around the country · counseled with students and families on learning and organizational techniques, behavior management, assistive technology and software tools · taught students with limited to extraordinary capabilities · assisted schools in determining reasonable accommodations · consulted in program design and teacher training · created and published, fun and multisensory educational tools and assessments. She presently has over 100 publications. · written comprehensive learning profiles


When working with a group, it is extremely important to learn the unique class profile so that multisensory instruction and assignments can be tailored to group and individual needs. Also a rich array of activities choices should be provided so that all students feel empowered and accommodated in the learning environment. No two people share the same strengths and weaknesses. In fact, each individual has his or her own unique ways of learning. While education continually searches for the best group approach to learning, individuals with contrasting needs are often neglected and learning can become an unpleasant experience. When working with Dr. Warren, it's not a matter of fitting into a program. Instead, a unique program is created for each student. The individualized approach is a process designed to empower and rekindle a love for learning by helping students to: 1. Define academic goals 2. Utilize exceptional study skills 3. Release the fear of academic failure 4. Understand talents and difficulties 5. Develop compensatory strategies 6. Foster confidence and independence 7. Remediate areas of difficulty 8. Develop areas of ability 9. Acquire self advocacy skills


Dr. Warren currently has over 100 publications and is often asked to speak at schools and national conferences. Sign up for my EMAIL NEWSLETTER: to receive important news, product announcements, special deals and promotions. If you like the products in my store, make sure to FOLLOW ME by clicking the STAR at the top of my home page to be eligible to win a $25 TpT Gift Certificate every month. Check out my blog - on the web for news articles, blogs, teaching resources, and much more. Visit my page on FACEBOOK too for exclusive giveaways. Finally, join my many PINTEREST Boards: that offer a growing number of resources and clever teaching ideas.


Aspiring to empower the spirit of those who struggle with learning, Dr. Warren tailored a special degree program that combined course-work and research in Educational Psychology, Special Education, School Psychology, and Adult Education. Her doctoral degree in Education from the University of Georgia focused on the life-long issues of learning, the impact of learning disabilities across the life-span, and comprehensive diagnostic assessments. In addition, her Masters degree in Educational Psychology, from the University of Northern Colorado, covered life-span development, learning, and cognition. Finally, Dr. Warren has a BA in fine arts. This is one of her best assets as creativity, design and color often bedazzles her approach and materials.


Most recently, Dr. Warren created courses on how to be a learning specialist. To learn more you can go to In 2009 Dr. Warren launched Good Sensory Learning, an ever expanding offering of multi-sensory, and fabulously fun educational materials. In 1999, Dr. Erica Warren opened the doors of Learning to Learn in Ossining, NY. What started as a private practice to help individual students maximize their learning potential and find joy in the learning process, blossomed into a place where students, parents, teachers and schools can receive educational support, materials, training and advice.

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