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With ELA standards putting a heavy emphasis on non-fiction, being able to use text features is essential to reading success. This is a set of 14 posters plus two corresponding activities to help students identify, understand, and use text features.
1595 ratings
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If you're looking for a highly engaging activity that will teach your students how to distinguish between fact and opinion, this is it! With this fun literacy center, kids become observant text detectives. They will read each story along with the
2066 ratings
Digital Download PDF (9.29 MB)
The Grocery Game is a highly engaging math activity that provides students with a hands-on way to practice counting money! To play, players take turns picking food cards to fill up their grocery bags. Every card has a price, so students must pay
1368 ratings
Digital Download PDF (12.64 MB)
This resource helps students learn to use text to determine the author's purpose for writing. There are three different activities included in this file. The first is a set of task cards. On each task cards, students read a short paragraph and
1493 ratings
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Understanding main idea is a critical part of reading comprehension. This set of task cards and assessments/worksheets help students learn to identify the main idea of a paragraph. • Task Cards - Students read a paragraph on each card, choose the
1478 ratings
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The Great Desert Island STEM Challenge is a set of 5 different activities centered around the story of a shipwrecked traveler stranded on a deserted island. After hearing the story of the shipwreck, students will read 5 of his diary entries. Each
1036 ratings
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Are you looking for a highly motivating, classroom management system that doesn't cost a fortune? These reward coupons are exactly that! Students earn special privileges for good behavior and you avoid the hassle of constantly filling up that old
1239 ratings
Digital Download PDF (11.06 MB)
Learning to compare and contrast information in a text is an important reading comprehension skill. This set of activities will guide young readers through learning how to compare and contrast. They will start by finding basic similarities and
1115 ratings
Digital Download PDF (10.11 MB)
Students love to know what's coming up next in their day. This set of daily classroom schedule cards makes an eye-catching display on the wall or board so students know what to expect. It is also a helpful aid when learning to tell time.Includes:•
738 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (9.95 MB)
Using context clues to determine the meaning of multiple meaning words is the focus of these task cards. Each card has a sentence containing a word that can have more than one meaning. Students must use sentence-level context to determine the
1053 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.73 MB)
This is a set of elapsed time task cards and an assessment/worksheet to help meet third grade Common Core math standards. Each task card has a short story problem that requires students to determine how much time has elapsed or the start/stop time
853 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.09 MB)
This primary economics unit has everything you need to teach your students about goods and services. Includes: • Goods and Services Vocabulary Posters • Consumers and Producers Vocabulary Posters • Supply, Demand, and Barter Vocabulary
860 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.53 MB)
This set of task cards helps students learn how common prefixes and suffixes affect word meaning. Each task card includes a word and a sentence that provides context for the word. After reading the word and sentence, student will choose the answer
804 ratings
Digital Download PDF (6.37 MB)
Students practice building compound words with this cooperative game and companion worksheet. To play the game, students match the compound word cards with the corresponding word parts cards. It can be played as a small group game (instructions
584 ratings
Digital Download PDF (10.83 MB)
Using graphs and interpreting data are the focus of this math resource for upper elementary grades. For each activity, students will use a graph to answer questions about the data. They will also create another type of graph, chart, or table based
619 ratings
Digital Download PDF (7.08 MB)
Idioms are so fun to teach and students really enjoy learning them! This is a set of posters and task cards that will help your students understand 20 common figurative language phrases.➤ Posters - Each 8x10 poster (20 in all) includes the idiom,
525 ratings
Digital Download PDF (9.74 MB)
This is a set of math centers for exploring the number ten and the number bonds that make ten. These activities build number sense and understanding ten as a benchmark number. Includes: • Tens Frame Number Match - Match the numeral card with the
522 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.02 MB)
STEM activities are a great way to integrate math and science into meaningful, hands-on learning! This bundle includes 3 themed-packs, each with its own engaging storyline. Students will help a stranded sailor escape a desert island, a group of
573 ratings
Understanding the relationship between cause and effect can be difficult for young readers. This set of activities for primary grades will help them make the connection and have them relating cause and effect in no time! This resource includes
644 ratings
Digital Download PDF (6.55 MB)
Of all the properties of multiplication, the distributive property is the most challenging to teach. This step-by-step pack is designed to make it easier for both you and your students with visual models to guide the way. Includes: Anchor
3rd, 4th, 5th
566 ratings
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This is my 12th year of teaching in my home state of Florida. Currently, I am a second grade ESE support facilitation teacher. I have also taught kindergarten, first, second, and third grades and privately tutored fourth and fifth grades.

I love helping other teachers with practical classroom ideas and low-prep resources!

Certified in:
• K-6 Elementary Education
• K-12 Exceptional Student Education
• K-12 ESOL
• 6-12 Family and Consumer Science


I love hands-on, active learning. I think kids learn best when they are DOING, not just watching and listening. I love making my own materials to use in my classroom!




B.A. University of Central Florida - Psychology and Elementary Education


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