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In this hands-on card game, children play in small groups to practice identifying numerals and numbers represented in ten-frames. Includes numbers 0-18. As a secondary math teacher, I love teaching my son math. I created this game for us to play
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I have been teaching math since 2010. My experience ranges from grades 5-12. I started my career as an eighth grade math teacher, then left that position to work part-time while my children were babies. During that time period, I was a math interventionist in grades 5-12, tutor for grades 5-12+, and part-time teacher at an alternative education high school. I weathered 2020 as a remote middle school math teacher, and I am currently teaching Algebra 1 and Geometry at the high school level. I hold a teaching certification spanning grades 5-12 Mathematics in New Hampshire.


If I could describe my teaching style in one word, I would say BALANCE. I believe that students need to take organized notes, and they need to engage in a variety of practice activities. I strive to differentiate instruction for students, and I acknowledge that this may not happen every day. I provide opportunities for my students to learn through discovery, and other times I demonstrate the steps to master a skill. Striking the right balance between traditional teaching methods and hands-on, discovery-based learning has been the secret sauce to success in my classroom!


There is no greater honor for a teacher than serving students. I am thankful for all the students who come back to visit, seek out my help, eat lunch in my room because they know it's a safe place, write my notes of gratitude, and leave class with a smile.


I earned my M.Ed in Mathematics Education from Lesley University in 2013. I graduated with my BA in Mathematics and Secondary Education from Emmanuel College in 2010.


I started my Teachers Pay Teachers store and blog at in 2015 in order to provide teachers with quality resources that offer solutions and demonstrate a balanced approach to teaching math. Though I love making an impact in my own classroom, it is a dream come true to be helping tens of thousands of teachers and their students engage in meaningful, engaging math activities.


TPT empowers educators to teach at their best.

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