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Inspire a love of science in every one of your students and be the science teacher they will never forget. Get Nerdy.
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Human Body Systems - Life Science Interactive Notebook Activities This Human Body INB/ISN Bundle contains 30 human body activities for life science and biology covering the integumentary system, muscular system, skeletal system, digestive system,
601 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.78 MB)
Our Cells Interactive Notebook Activities Bundle is the perfect way to cover cellular structure, function & cellular processes. This science Interactive Notebook activity pack contains 30+ cells activities for life science and biology covering
585 ratings
Digital Download PDF (15.80 MB)
This frog is too frog-a-licious for you! For real though, you'll love our 3D Scienstructable dissection models which can be used as a dissection-free exploration, a pre-dissection tool, or as a summative assessment for comparative anatomy. Let's hop
504 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (42.05 MB)
Genetics Science Interactive Notebook Activities - Heredity, Punnett Squares, DNA, Hybrids, Selective Breeding, Protein Synthesis & More! This notebook activity pack will get your students to be critical thinkers and inquirers in Heredity. It
379 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.70 MB)
Ecosystems - Interactive Notebook Activities for Life Science and Biology. This bundle covers all things Ecology and Ecosystems, Biomes, Food Chains / Webs, Energy Pyramids, Relationships, Ecosystems, Succession and more! This notebook activity pack
340 ratings
Digital Download PDF (17.83 MB)
Human Body Systems PowerPoint and Differentiated Handouts in Life Science and Biology. Includes all 11 body systems: integumentary, muscular, skeletal, digestive, circulatory, lymphatic, respiratory, urinary, endocrine, reproductive, and nervous.
461 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (33.83 MB)
Microscope CSI Forensics Lab - Crime Scene Investigation This unique microscope lab will engage and mystify your students. Used as a beginner’s microscope lesson, forensic science, or a great way to celebrate homecoming for your school, students
369 ratings
Digital Download PDF (0.57 MB)
Punnett Squares - Heredity & Phenotypes for Winter Science & Biology Ho Ho Ho! It's winter, fresh snow is on the ground and it’s time to build your perfect Snowman or Snowgirl! Students will really enjoy these fun Punnett Square practice
341 ratings
Digital Download PDF (0.69 MB)
Skeletal System - Build a Skeleton Project Apply knowledge of the skeleton system with this exciting project in which they assemble a large skeleton, label its bones, and identify major joints on the skeleton using a color coded key. Rubric and
237 ratings
Digital Download PDF (0.77 MB)
Classification - Science Interactive Notebook - Life Science Taxonomy Activities This notebook activity pack will get your students to be critical thinkers and inquirers in their studies of classifying organisms. In this activity pack are 32
213 ratings
Digital Download PDF (17.11 MB)
Nervous System Brain Paper Model - Science Interactive Notebook activity. Delve into the function of the two hemispheres of the cerebrum, the cerebellum, and the workings of the brainstem (including the midbrain, pons, and medulla). This product
210 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (3.77 MB)
Scientific Method Task Cards, Think Tickets or THINKETS, are an engaging way to get your students to be critical thinkers and inquirers in the Scientific Method Studies with questions about the steps of the scientific method, observation and
275 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.07 MB)
Skeletal and Muscular System - Build a Working Joint Model Learn how the skeletal and muscular systems work together by making a working muscle and learn the bones and muscles of the upper arm and forearm. Students also review the types of joints
197 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (3.43 MB)
Ecology and Ecosystems - PowerPoint and Handouts Curriculum Unit for life science. Engage students with an Ecosystems and Ecology Curriculum Unit Bundle featuring- levels of ecological organization, food chains, food webs, energy pyramids,
307 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (51.58 MB)
Levels of Organization - Science Interactive Notebook This Intro to Cells: Levels of Organization Activities pack contains activities for introducing cells and teaching the levels of organization: Cell, Tissue, Organ, Organ system, Organism. This
196 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.34 MB)
Life Science Interactive Notebook Bundle - includes all TEN of our Life Science and Biology Interactive Notebook Activities with 200+ activities to cover your entire life science curriculum: introduction to interactive notebooks, get to know you
300 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (121.23 MB)
This Scientific Method Interactive Notebook Activity Pack will get your students to be critical thinkers and inquirers in the Scientific Method Studies as they learn about the Steps of the Scientific Method & Practice; Control, Independent, and
233 ratings
Digital Download PDF (8.12 MB)
Nervous System - Human Body PowerPoint and Handouts Learn about the Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems, parts of a neuron, and the five senses with this two day long lesson which includes PowerPoint presentation, teacher notes, student notes,
189 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (6.08 MB)
Cell Organelle Structure & Function - Color by Number for Plant, Animal, and Bacteria Cells This activity includes BOTH INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOK AND REGULARLY FORMATTED HANDOUTS and helps students to connect the commonalities and differences
184 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (4.41 MB)
Cell Organelles & Processes Curriculum Bundle - PowerPoint & Differentiated Handouts for Life Science and Biology. Learn all about cells - structure and function, cell organelles, and cellular processes including photosynthesis, cellular
249 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (42.68 MB)
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Together Mel and Gerdy have 17 years of life science teaching experience. We taught in an International Baccalaureate school in Georgia. Individually, we served as Science Department Chair, Team Leader, Advisory Chair, Science Fair Club Coordinators, and Yearbook Coordinator. Together, we are a dynamic pair with a flair for lesson planning.


We enjoy inquiry-based, hands-on, cross-curricular activities. We LOVED to co-teach. We frequently brought our classes together into one room and teach them together. The kids loved to interact with other classes and enjoyed seeing their teachers have fun together.


Together we have: Flown weightless on the Zero G (a.k.a. Vomit Comet) and achieved eight total minutes of weightlessness (see Mel holding the sign and Gerdy's long hair achieving new heights): photo 4957_107569247805_5475164_n.jpg Walked the model's catwalk for Teacher in the Spotlight. Worked alongside Ecologists in Skidaway and Sapelo Island GA. Me with gator photo 6731_125675927805_139595_n.jpg Mel collecting a water sample to test in the lab photo 6731_125675647805_422025_n.jpg Mel was honored by being featured as Atlanta's 11 Alive Class Act Teacher of the Month where she was interviewed and her class appeared on the morning news! photo 4957_107569247805_5475164_n.jpg


Gerdy: B.S. Wildlife Biology & M.Ed. Biology both from Auburn University Mel: B.S. Biology & B.S. Biology Education both from Kennesaw University


We aim to please. Before leaving feedback, please contact us via "Ask a Question" or Email Us and let us know if we can help make our products better for you and your students. Getting Nerdy prides itself in good customer service and would appreciate the opportunity to provide the highest quality science products for your needs. All of our materials are designed for implementation within a middle school setting but can easily be adapted for remedial high school biology or higher level elementary life science with scaffolding and substantial teacher facilitation. **All pictures, graphics, and artwork in our lessons are either purchased legally for use or are created by Getting Nerdy, LLC**

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