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In this fun and engaging activity, the Code of Hammurabi (Hammurabi's Code) is used to render the verdict on six fictional court cases. Make it more exciting by dressing up as a judge as you preside over the cases that students act out! Download
576 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (17.25 MB)
These No Prep Emergency Sub Plans will work at any time during the year for any U.S. or World History class. Put a copy of the activities in your sub folder and you'll never have to stress about sub plans again! Includes 9 activities each with
444 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (8.37 MB)
These French and Indian War doodle notes engage students while encouraging them to use both hemispheres of their brains for better retention and, of course, for more fun.What's included:*Teacher directions (2 pages)*French and Indian War doodle
365 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (26.23 MB)
This product consists of 3 activities to go along with your lesson on the Fall of Rome. 1. Can You Stop the Fall of Rome Simulation A PowerPoint takes students through a simulation where they get to be the emperor of Rome. Will they make wise
260 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (83.61 MB)
Oregon Trail: Will You Survive? This fun Oregon Trail activity simulates the obstacles faced by pioneers traveling westward. This student favorite is also a great cross-curricular activity as students have to buy supplies and manage their budget.
347 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (187.38 MB)
Students will color and doodle as they take notes to learn about the U.S. Constitution. These graphic doodles notes summarize the parts of the United States Constitution: the preamble, the articles, the Bill of Rights, and the amendments. What's
193 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (73.44 MB)
These World War II in Europe and World War 2 in the Pacific maps will help students become more familiar with the nations of Europe and those in the Pacific during World War II by identifying which countries belonged to the Allies, which ones joined
138 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (50.29 MB)
This French and Indian War map activity will help students understand the territory changes that occurred between 1754 (the start of the French and Indian War) and 1763 (the end of the French and Indian War) by completing two maps of North American,
165 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (35.03 MB)
This Civil War map activity will help students understand what the United States looked like at the start of the Civil War including its western territories, where significant battles occurred, and which states were Union, Confederate, or Borders
155 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (27.84 MB)
Students can color and doodle as they learn about the events that led to the Revolutionary War. Students will learn about the Albany Plan of Union, Pontiac's Rebellion, Proclamation of 1763, Sugar Act, Quartering Act, Stamp Act, Stamp Act Congress,
173 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (34.92 MB)
Students will learn about Christmas traditions from around the world by getting out of their seats and going on a scavenger hunt. Scatter the 30 statements around your room and then have your students use QR Code Readers to find out which tradition
170 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (16.74 MB)
Students will learn how to read primary and secondary sources by completing an engaging set of graphic doodle notes and actively participating in 5 learning stations.What's included:Instructions for teachers (6 pages)*Doodle notes with sections for
172 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (40.75 MB)
Ancient China Stations Activity Supplement your lesson on Ancient China (Shang - Han Dynasties) with this Ancient China Stations Activity. In this activity, pairs of students visit 4 stations: 1. Ancient China Virtual Field Trip (internet connected
147 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.96 MB)
In this American Revolution activity, students will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the difficult choices that American colonists made in the years leading up to the American Revolution. Students will be presented with 12 scenarios
159 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (25.11 MB)
Looking for an engaging way to teach the Trail of Tears? These Trail of Tears doodle notes are a students favorite!What's included:*Teacher directions and a list of the videos included the included PowerPoint (4 pages)*Blank doodle notes for
136 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (56.68 MB)
These 1914 and 1918 Europe Map worksheets will help students understand the effects of World War I on the European map. They will also help students become more familiar with the nations of Europe during World War 1 by identifying which European
132 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (35.08 MB)
This activity will help students better understand the War of 1812. They will label, color, and answer questions on the blank map version or just color on the coloring page version. It's a great way to incorporate geography in your lesson.What's
143 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (26.74 MB)
This lesson covers a variety of topics including giving students a reality check about how much it costs to live on their own, credit card debt, car and student loans, creating a budget, how to write a check, how banks work, compounding interest and
98 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (20.06 MB)
Students will color and doodle as they take notes to learn about Manifest Destiny and the expansion of the United States between 1783 - 1853. These graphic doodle notes summarize the expansion of the United States from the Treaty of Paris of 1783
148 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (33.41 MB)
Students will learn about important places in the Ancient Egypt civilization as they label and color a map. It's also a great way to incorporate geography in your lesson.What's included:Blank Ancient Egypt map for students to label and color (1
122 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (14.58 MB)
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