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This 90-page Bat unit has a Non-Fiction book that uses photographs to support the detailed information. Loads of interesting facts about bats are discussed in the book. An 18-word Glossary is included for vocabulary work. Fact and Opinion teaching
299 ratings
Digital Download PDF (31.79 MB)
This non-fiction spider unit uses photographs to support the detailed information. Many spiders are discussed in the book, such as the American House Spider, Black Widow Spider, Brown Recluse Spider, & Fishing Spider. A glossary is included for
263 ratings
Digital Download PDF (18.61 MB)
This No-PREP homework product was designed to weave many skills together: speaking, listening, reading, & writing. Weekly assignments require each student to WRITE answers to specific questions and SHARE their answers orally to their
289 ratings
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Some students get a little bit stuck when it comes to recognizing those "tricky teens"! This set includes 9 colorful Bingo boards with the numbers 11-19 randomly placed on the boards. There are also the call out number cards, cover-ups, a Math
169 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (29.76 MB)
This best-selling 107-page Penguin packet has a Non-fiction informational book that has a LOT of information about PENGUINS! Engaging photographs support the text. It is LOADED with interesting facts about penguins! A 22-word Glossary, Vocabulary
179 ratings
Digital Download PDF (60.94 MB)
This singable teaches the life cycle of a monarch butterfly using colorful nature photos. Additional Extensions: Butterfly Life Cycle Chart, Butterfly Body Parts Chart & FUN art project. Pocket chart cards (pictures & words) are provided
139 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (43.42 MB)
This BEST SELLING Thanksgiving song retells the story of the first Thanksgiving. Your students will delight in learning while singing this song to the tune “Do You Know the Muffin Man?” 2 Beginning Readers, "The Thanksgiving Story" and "Here is
124 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (128.75 MB)
This Contraction game offers a variety of ways to use these adorable birds and nests to teach contractions. There are 20 sets of contractions to assist in teaching this concept. Perfect for a Literacy Center activity! This Literacy Center practices
125 ratings
Digital Download PDF (8.80 MB)
This open-ended frame writing will introduce your students to the fine art of persuasive writing. The new Common Core Standards have an emphasis on this genre of writing so let's get them started early! The blackline printable has a perplexed turkey
108 ratings
Digital Download PDF (30.21 MB)
This race-car themed product offers engaging ways to learn Upper and Lower Case letters. The students enjoy placing the race cars (capital letters) under the winning banners (lower case letters) while learning their ABCs. The literacy games are
87 ratings
Digital Download PDF (21.79 MB)
This 160-page unit has a Non-fiction book that uses real photographs to support the detailed informational text about Incredible Insects! It is loaded with interesting facts about insects and has been written to engage children! A Glossary,
84 ratings
Digital Download PDF (105.88 MB)
This song is a COMPLETE RETELLING of the traditional Gingerbread Man story! The children will LOVE singing this singable, especially the familiar chorus “Run, run as fast as you can! You can’t catch me! I’m the Gingerbread Man!” The singable is
94 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (122.38 MB)
This poem tells the story of Columbus sailing with his three ships and discovering a new land. It is an innovation of the familiar “1-2, Buckle My Shoe”. Other supportive resources are included. Some Common Core Connections include: *RL.K.2 With
81 ratings
Digital Download PDF (12.63 MB)
This 90-page packet is FILLED with resources that will enhance your Pirate themed unit! A Shared Reading Book, Beginning readers, Word cards, and Math BUMP games (and EDITABLE versions too!) are all included! Check out our PREVIEW to see everything
70 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (75.34 MB)
This packet may be used to spark excitement for a trip to the Zoo or to introduce Zoo animals. The file comes with pocket cards and MANY additional materials: Beginning Readers (fiction and non-fiction), 3 styles of writing paper, math mats &
72 ratings
Digital Download PDF (62.23 MB)
This Presidents' Day packet is loaded with Literacy and Math activities for teaching about Washington & Lincoln. Children enjoy singing about these American presidents while learning the differences between them. Historical paintings and
71 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (167.10 MB)
This 111-page packet has 3 Beginning Readers that can be used with any farm unit. Numerous Farm photos help to support the vocabulary and show the details of farm life. Additional learning activities for literacy and math centers are provided:
67 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (103.30 MB)
This dinosaur Literacy and Math packet has a fun count-down song that tells the story of five dinosaurs who munch away until slowly they all disappear. What happened to all the dinosaurs? Students use stick puppet to perform for their classmates.
61 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (75.81 MB)
This 80-page packet includes a Shared Reading Singable, 2 Beginning Readers in Color & B/W, sequencing activities, two Short A word games, EDITABLE cards, Life Cycle Charts, Math printables, writing papers and MORE! It also features a
77 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (86.76 MB)
This product has a fun pirate song that tells the story of Captain Patch and his crew of pirates. Children delight in singing this song (tune “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star). A Path game with word family cards AND EDITABLEcards, 5 stick puppets,
54 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (159.05 MB)
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We have been teaching for many many years and still LOVE it! We also LOVE to sing! We create SINGABLES that teach Early Literacy learning concepts and Common Core Standards using singable texts. Our Singables are sung to familiar tunes like "Itsy Bitsy Spider"or " Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" etc. They come with a "mini-movie" which displays the pages of the book with our voices singing along! Our students remember more and enjoy learning through music. We even wrote a song about Martin Luther King! Some of our Best Sellers are our Non-fiction thematic units like "Baffling Bats" and "Peculiar Penguins". These come loaded with Literacy and Math Center activities, resources, and printables. Also popular are our Learning Center games. We have some fun formats that kids love playing. Check them out! Jackie taught for 40 years and still LOVES it! She keeps going back! She has been a Special Education teacher, taught Grades 1, 3, & 4 and Kindergarten - her favorite grade! She was a mentor teacher and an Early Literacy coach. Kylene taught for 33 years and was a Early Childhood teacher, Reading Specialist, a multi-age and 1st grade teacher before becoming an elementary principal. She was also an Early Literacy coach. Their collaboration started as first grade teachers when they discovered they both loved creating children's songs and curriculum activities for literacy and math! Together they have taught at the university level for teacher extension classes in Early Literacy and presented many times at Reading and Kindergarten conferences and workshops.


Student-based learning with a focus on balanced literacy and hands-on math! We use lively activities (many involve songs!) that incorporate all learning styles & get our students engaged! We love to involve parents in their children's education so we also develop activities that connect home and school!


Both have been Teachers of the Year at their schools. Both have been involved in leadership in their district and helped win the California Distinquished School Award for each of their school sites! Jackie's school won 3 times in 10 years!


Jackie graduated with her B.A. from Western Michigan University & M.A. in Special Education from Oakland University (MI) before heading out to California to continue her teaching career. Kylene graduated with her B.A. from Humboldt State and her M.A. from Chapman University. Both have taken (and taught) numerous workshops that have helped build their deep understanding of balanced literacy!


Both Jackie and Kylene share a love of family and animals! Jackie has 2 spoiled miniature Schnauzers, Gracie Lou and Nelson! Kylene has a dog named Breia, lots of cats, and a pasture full of llamas....oh, and a hard-working hubbie named George! Both love to read and Jackie is an avid quilter and Kylene loves to garden!

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