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In this lesson, students will take a career interest survey and use the results to research possible future career paths. Learning Goals: Students are learning about the different college and career paths available to them. Learning this is
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Includes Spanish and English versions of the activity. In this lesson, students will take a career interest survey and use the results to research possible future career paths. Learning Goals: Students are learning about the different college and
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Seeing as it will be an evaluation year for me, I was in need of a formal lesson plan template to complete and submit to my administrator. Nothing was really working for me as a whole, but there were some quality parts to the resources I was finding
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Full disclosure: I do not speak fluent Spanish. I used Google translate to translate the EO version for my SO speakers. In this lesson, students will take a career interest survey and use the results to research possible future career paths.
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Students will conduct interviews of three (3) different people in their lives (in addition to a self-interview) that focus on their family history. The information they gather will be used to create a slide show presentation and short essay.
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Working in pairs (larger groups or individually works as well), students will research the people, places and events surrounding the Civil War and Reconstruction. Students will compile their findings in a timeline (how the timeline is structured is
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Students will use Google Slides to create posters using information they have researched on their chosen women from history. Each slide will contain: **Images: One (1) that shows the face; 2 - 3 additional images **NOTE: One can be a video **Birth
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In this activity: **Students will be able to identify lines in a published poem that are reflective of the topic (Cyberbullying). **Students will be able to create their own “found poem” (a poem using another poet’s words) that reflects the topic
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Learning Objective: Students will analyze various forms of primary and secondary sources related to the ways in which young people challenged the Jim Crow system of segregation and discrimination. Students will synthesize their analysis by writing
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I had to copy and paste from my classroom website to remember what I've taught! I began teaching 14 years ago at (essentially) the same site I still teach at. The kids are great, the staff is amazing, and I'm a creature of habit. Plus, it doesn't hurt to live close enough to walk... Especially on early meeting mornings! Over the years, I have taught: 5th grade; 6th and 7th grade ELA; 8th grade American History; Visual Arts, Grades K-8. I currently teach technology and am the site Tech Coordinator for my school, which basically means other teachers call me when their overhead isn't working. This year, I'm really focusing on helping my colleagues feel more comfortable integrating technology with their content to enhance their lesson plans.


Never teach to the textbook. There are so many resources out there, it's a shame to only rely on the text to learn about the world. Although my immediate objective is to remain in the classroom, my long-term goal is to one day be a technology coach who develops and shares lesson plans that enhance core curriculum through the use of technology. TPT is the first step in that process for me.


I'm a "fly under the radar" kind of teacher, so I don't have any awards under my belt (unless you count "World's Goodest Stepmom"). But I have presented, on both a small and large scale, on how to integrate technology effectively. The big ones are listed below (2007 was a busy year for me!), but I've also lead staff development meetings on numerous occasions: Presenter, Magnet Schools of America Conference 2007 (Diamond in the Rough; Using Technology in the Urban Classroom); Presenter, School-Wide Retreat 2007 (Using the iLife series in a regular classroom); Presenter, Middle School Principals Meeting, 2007 (Using technology to enhance core).


Honestly, I never really liked school. I was a high C/low B average student. I only ended up a teacher because my best friend was doing it and I figured "Summers off and a guaranteed job? I'm sold!" Summers off aren't nearly as fun as I thought they would be and that "guaranteed job" bit wasn't always the case (my fellow pink slip sisters, holla' atcha girl!), but I found that I was actually good at this stuff, so being a teacher gave me a sense of pride I didn't expect. I never wanted to be an administrator, even though I had parents telling me I should be. But my principal is really pushing me to take on more of a leadership role, and I appreciate that because it's pushed me out of my comfort zone. Then, in September of all times, my computer crashed and I lost everything. I know, I know... Tech person without a back up. Call it a lesson in the consequences of laziness. But it ended up being a good thing. I saw it as an opportunity to quit relying on the stale lessons I'd been teaching and start fresh. Plus, it's my evaluation year, so I really need to get this dog and pony show shining. I've been pushed out of my rut and I like it!


I love tattoos, my husband's beard, my stepson's laugh, my dog's cuddles, and my cat's ability to mind control. Less "love," more "jealous" of that last one... "Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are." - John Wooden

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