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"The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge" -Thomas Berger
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Looking for fun but effective labs, with easy set-up for you, the instructor? This sponge absorbency lab is just what you're looking for. The question - does an artificial sponge, or a natural one, absorb water better? - requires almost no set-up.
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Teaching your students about sponges (Phylum Porifera)? Worry no more - here is the presentation you need, covering all the important basics of this deceptively wonderful group of animals. Includes basic anatomy, reproduction, feeding and
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Help your students take control of their own learning through a webquest that promotes content-area reading. This activity covers food chains, food webs, and trophic pyramids, including energy loss through heat. This can be used as an introductory
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Introducing the seven characteristics of living things through a lecture with visuals, pictures, and an interactive quiz slide at the end to test your students' knowledge! Appropriate for grades 7-10, depending on your course content. This would be
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Have your students practice identifying independent, dependent, and controlled variables using a series of fun examples. Students use annotation techniques to single out scientific variables on six short example experiments, then get a chance to
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When teaching scientific vocabulary, it is extremely useful for students to have a resource that details prefixes, root words, and suffixes. If students understand the roots of a word, it makes them more likely to understand (and remember) the
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The Cornell note-taking format has been shown to be extremely beneficial for students. However, it can be difficult, especially for middle school and younger high school students, to set up the proper format every time. This simple notes template
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Simple but extremely useful, I put these cards out at my students' seats on the first day of school. The students have a chance to let the teacher know a little bit about them, from essential information (allergies) to fun facts (pets). Students
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I have been a teacher for 7 years, and a lover of education and science for my entire life. I'm enthusiastic about life science in particular - Biology, Zoology, Biomedical Science, Environmental Science, and more! I love helping students find their own enthusiasm and excitement for learning and questioning.


I love hands-on and minds-on learning activities that engage all types of learners. I also like cross-curricular activities, including topics such as art, language, social studies, history, and more into my science curriculum. I teach for the "aha" moment!


Published co-author of "Intraspecific preen oil odor preferences in dark-eyed juncos (Junco hyemalis)", Behavioral Ecology 2011 Published co-author of the SeaPerch Robotics Training Manual, 2017 Science/Health High School Department Head, 2015-present


BA in Biology, Hanover College, 2012 MA in Secondary Science Education, Ball State University, 2014 State Teaching License PLTW: Principles of Biomedical Sciences Certification


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