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Complementing "Me on the Map," the hands-on geography project "My Place in the World," has kids create a visual representation of how we fit into the world. Using a series of concentric circles to show the relative sizes of different geographic
388 ratings
Digital Download PDF (6.32 MB)
This hands-on geography and map activity teaches kids the continents and oceans of the world. Combining map skills, reading, handwriting, coloring, cutting, and spatial reasoning into one simple yet effective activity, kids learn the names and
309 ratings
Digital Download PDF (7.23 MB)
Teach your students the story and significance behind the Mexican flag in this lesson in Hispanic culture. This English language mini-lesson can be adjusted for different grade levels: * Younger grades (preK-3) can color the coloring sheet of the
119 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.77 MB)
This amazing Frida Kahlo lesson includes an authentic biography in English plus comprehension questions, a unique guided self-portrait lesson, and a beautiful coloring sheet of one of her most famous paintings. The self-portrait activity leads the
70 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.31 MB)
Diwali Lesson Plan: Diwali is the Festival of Lights celebrated in India. Teachers often include Diwali in "Christmas Around the World" or "Holidays Around the World" units because teaching multicultural celebrations can give us a glimpse into a new
83 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.50 MB)
Las Posadas: This bilingual minibook about Las Posadas in Mexico fits perfectly in a unit on Christmas around the world, or stands alone as a Hispanic culture lesson on Las Posadas. The story of Las Posadas, which is an event commonly celebrated
88 ratings
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Our Diversity Calendar is a month-by-month, thorough collection of holidays around the world, including multicultural festivals and religious celebrations! Teachers can create cultural awareness in their classroom, as they use the multicultural
43 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.95 MB)
These passport stamps and passport booklet are absolutely amazing!!! Perfect for an around the world unit, introduction to country studies, a Geography Fair, International Night, Social Studies Units, "Read Around the World" Passports, or Christmas
74 ratings
Digital Download PDF (68.11 MB)
As an alternative or an addition to Halloween activities, teachers can celebrate Day of the Dead with their students. This holiday also occurs at the end of October/beginning of November. Through a range of multicultural activities, crafts, and
53 ratings
Digital Download PDF (9.58 MB)
Celebrate Christmas, Hannukah, and more with this cheerful and fun stained glass window craft. With ten different designs to choose from, this inclusive activity fits well into a Holidays Around the World unit at school or home. In this activity
92 ratings
Digital Download PDF (0.96 MB)
Organize and decorate your class with 275+ bilingual classroom labels and signs (Spanish-English)! Do you work in a bilingual setting? Want to introduce Spanish as a world language into your classroom? Labeling common objects in Spanish and
27 ratings
Digital Download PDF (23.42 MB)
Spark up conversation with 48 conversation starters for beginner to intermediate Spanish speakers!Teachers may print, cut apart, and laminate these conversation starters, creating a valuable resource that can be used again and again in a variety of
29 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.78 MB)
Finally a country study/lesson on Mexico culture that is both authentic and culturally accurate! Let's break the stereotypes of poncho and sombrero-wearing Mexicans, and teach kids about the real Mexico. In this Mexico Minibook, students will get a
33 ratings
Digital Download PDF (0.86 MB)
Geography for Kids Bundle: we have combined our three best-selling geography for kids activities into one essential bundle! These hands-on activities are a fantastic way to introduce geography for kids who are still learning the basics. ACTIVITY 1:
38 ratings
Digital Download PDF (9.12 MB)
Three detailed, non-fiction (science) reading passages about three separate endangered species: Silky Sifaka Lemur, Roloway Monkey, and Cotton-Top Tamarin. Students begin by engaging in a power point that covers important terms (endangered species,
26 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.21 MB)
Diwali Coloring Sheets. These beautifully drawn coloring sheets of rangoli, a diya, and typical Diwali food are perfect to use with any age students. Diwali is the Festival of Lights celebrated in India. Teachers often include Diwali in
30 ratings
Digital Download PDF (0.35 MB)
A great back to school activity, students can choose their Spanish name from these extensive lists and use them the rest of the year. I finally came up with this pre-approved list so that my students could have many possibilities of appropriate
11 ratings
Digital Download PDF (0.38 MB)
This fun icebreaker is perfect at the beginning of the year, to help students get to know each other. A “human scavenger hunt” helps students- and their teacher- learn more about each other from a different perspective. The handout we've created
22 ratings
Digital Download PDF (0.55 MB)
This comprehensive Mexico unit in English is the single best resource for teaching about Mexico in your classroom! Combining activities and resources about Mexican history and geography, Hispanic culture, math, literacy, and art, this unit offers
17 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (143.24 MB)
HUGE endangered species unit with science, readings, math, geography, masks, power points, take action posters, info chart, and more! Through extensive interdisciplinary activities, students raise their awareness of environmental issues and what
24 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.71 MB)
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My name is Becky Morales, and my passion for teaching youth about the world began way before I started my own multicultural family. I have been teaching ESL since 1994, in public and private schools, in volunteer programs, for recent arrivals, for families, spouses, at the high school level, in community colleges, and university intensive English programs. I run diversity trainings in various settings, and have led several large scale teacher training programs. I organized and produced an International Club at our local elementary school to incorporate global and cultural learning for K-5 students. In an effort to share some of my experiences and ideas with teachers and parents, I recently published "The Global Education Toolkit for Elementary Learners" (Corwin, 2014). I have presented at NAEYC and TAEYC, Asia Society Global Learning Conference, Global Education Conference, National Council for Geographic Education, and local schools.


I am committed to 21st Century learning, global learning, cultural awareness, and world languages. I love using project-based learning that is language rich, student centered. I recently have been interested in the flipped classroom, educational technology, and global collaboration. My goal is to help prepare students to thrive in our interconnected world, by developing their creativity, compassion, digital citizenship and intercultural communication skills.


I won the John W. Price International Understanding Award at the University of Illinois for her work with international students on campus. In 2013 I was chosen as the Top Teacher Mom on Circle of Moms for my educational blog


BA in Spanish Education with a semester abroad in Spain and another semester in Ecuador; MA in Teaching ESL with a concentration in Cross-Cultural Communication from University of Illinois- Champaign. MA in School Counseling from Roosevelt University with a focus on immigrants in schools.


My web site,, shares activities to help young minds go global for parents and teachers. My book, The Global Education Toolkit for Elementary Learners, helps teachers incorporate lessons on global learning into their existing curriculum. My podcast, Language Latte, dives into current second language acquisition research, plus shares tips, recommendations, materials, methods, and more for world language teachers. My company One World Trek brings teachers to Mexico for cultural and language immersion travel during the summers. :)

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