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In this packet students create an all about me healthy body shape book. Directions are given for construction of the book through both words and illustrations. An optional idea for a fun cover is given, but the booklet can be made WITHOUT the cover.
622 ratings
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In this packet, students create a book that depicts Christmas customs from around the world. The countries included are the Netherlands, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States. There are several
373 ratings
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This is a shortened version of the story of Christopher Columbus written especially for our youngest learners. I use the story of Columbus as a springboard to a discussion of exploration and what it means to be an explorer. A full color original
261 ratings
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THIS RESOURCE CONTINUES TO BE REVISED AND DEVELOPED. PLEASE CHECK IN FROM TIME TO TIME TO CHECK FOR REVISIONS AND ADDITIONS. I think that it is important for young children to learn about the great culture of Native Americans. It is also important
339 ratings
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Where does our food come from? Does milk just show up at the grocery store? What grows on the farm? I have a passion for teaching kids that food does not start at the grocery store! I was inspired to write this unit when I asked my kinders WHERE
155 ratings
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In this packet, children create a book that depicts what happens to animals and people in the winter. A simple explanation for how winter comes to Earth is given as well as for the terms MIGRATE, HIBERNATE, and ADAPTATION. A full color book with
163 ratings
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Children will love following the step-by-step diagrams that show how to draw the birds that they can see in their own backyards! Children will learn that the food birds eat is related to their beak shape by participating in a fun science activity
151 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.58 MB)
In this packet, students learn that animals that lay eggs are called oviparous. Students follow step by step directions and paper cutting techniques to create a book that depicts an oviparous animal on each page as well as their eggs. There are
159 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.48 MB)
In this resource, students create a Big Book from construction paper, a group mural, a coloring book OR do all three activities! Children explore four ocean zones. They are TIDE POOL, THE SUNLIT ZONE, THE TWILIGHT ZONE, and THE DARK ZONE. The
76 ratings
Digital Download PDF (14.81 MB)
TOTALLY REVISED! Do polar bears and penguins live together? Do reindeer live at the North Pole? These questions are answered in this fun child-created book about the Polar Regions. Students use their beginning map skills to locate the Arctic Circle
107 ratings
Digital Download PDF (9.98 MB)
This packet is a great addition to your Jungle unit! Your students explore the rain forest, the savanna, river, and desert habitats. Beginning map skills are included as well as easy to follow directions for how to draw or cut from paper the
118 ratings
Digital Download PDF (16.29 MB)
In this resource, students create a book depicting the passion of Jesus from Palm Sunday to the Easter resurrection. A full color book written in simple terms is included and can be used as in introduction to the story. Students create a booklet
56 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.45 MB)
In this LETS MAKE A FIELD GUIDE butterfly and caterpillar packet, students use their observation skills to sketch caterpillars and butterflies. Included in this packet are directions and paper for how to create the field guide in 4 levels. A
68 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.32 MB)
In this resource, you will find everything that you need to teach fire safety as well as fun Fire Safety activities that can be put into a literacy center for Word Work. FIREFIGHTERS AND FIRE SAFETY BOOK – 15 PAGES The pages can be printed and
48 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.03 MB)
Thanksgiving is a great time to learn about the past and the present! In this packet, students create a Thanksgiving booklet that begins with the voyage of the Mayflower from England to the New World and ends with how we celebrate Thanksgiving
38 ratings
Digital Download PDF (13.06 MB)
Ahoy Mateys! Want to have some pirate fun with your students while still keeping the learning going? Blimey, then here is the packet for you! Included in this packet: Full color original Pirate Adventure story Step by step illustrations for
44 ratings
Digital Download PDF (6.87 MB)
Using basic pencil drawing and coloring techniques, students construct a VERY simple book that is perfect for the beginning of the school year! The sight words can, have, and I are repeated throughout the book as well as the word wonderful. These
37 ratings
Digital Download PDF (7.38 MB)
My students LOVE these Christmas writing prompts! In the excitement of Christmas, it is nice to have something positive in which to channel that excitement! Asking your students to follow a prompt and then draw and write about it is a great way to
16 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.47 MB)
In this resource, students create a simple book using primary and secondary colors. This is perfect for an Early Education classroom or for a beginning Art lesson. It also could be an easy review literacy center or Word Work for First Grade. A fun
14 ratings
Digital Download PDF (15.97 MB)
Girls love princesses and boys love dragons! What better way is there to get children excited about writing than to give them the opportunity to draw and write about their favorite subjects! Illustrating their own stories gets children involved in
24 ratings
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I taught second grade for 7 years in a small, rural school. After a short break to raise my children, I was offered a kindergarten position and am still there many years later and loving every minute!I can honestly say that I still jump out of bed each school morning eager to begin the day with my little ones!


I believe that it is the teacher's job to inspire, but after the inspiration, it is then the teacher's job to step back and let the learning begin. Most of my student's day is spent in small groups, but I also believe that much can be learned in a large group setting, too. It is my belief that children learn the best when they are creating, so we do a lot of drawing, cutting, painting, and gluing in my classroom! I love it when my kinders come to school saying "What are we going to make today, Mrs. Feeney?" I LOVE the love notes they write to me and I love the fact that they LOVE school! I am inspired by my students and cannot think of a better way to live my life.


2013 Women of Distinction Award presented by the Girl Scouts of Central Illinois


I have a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and have taken MANY graduate level classes in Curriculum design, curriculum mapping, guided reading instruction, gifted education, and math and science curriculum writing. I graduated from Southern Illinois University and my graduate courses have been taken at both the University of Illinois and Eastern Illinois University.


I have 3 grown children of which I am extremely proud! My husband is a corn and soybean farmer and I have formed some wonderful relationships with my colleagues at the parochial school in which I teach. I have been granted many blessings and for them, I am thankful! My daughter is an artist and has contributed her beautiful paintings to a few of my products. It has been fun to collaborate with her! Here is the link to my blog: Love Those Kinders I am a member of this wonderful collaborative blog... Blog Hoppin

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