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Klaus Rosmanitz
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"Working hard may not pay off at the beginning, but it always does in the end!".
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Native Americans or Indians were the first people to live in the New World. They had been living there long before the first Europeans arrived. This module consists of a total of 19 text and worksheets on Native Americans. Contents: -Family
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Your shirt was made in Mexico and your shoes in China. Your CD player comes from Japan. You can travel to Moscow and eat a Big Mac there and you can watch an American film in Rome. Today goods are made and sold all over the world, thanks to
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Ancient Egypt, one of history's first civilizations arose around the Nile River about 5,000 years ago. It lasted for over 2,000 years. This module consists of a total of 7 text and worksheets on Ancient Egypt. Contents: -People of Ancient
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The Vietnam War was a long-lasting conflict in Southeast Asia. It started after World War II and ended in 1975. More than one million Vietnamese soldiers and over 50,000 Americans were killed in the war. It also cost the lives of over two million
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A glacier is a mass of thick ice that stays frozen and can move slowly over land. During the Ice Age, which ended about 10,000 years ago, many parts of the world were covered with glaciers. Almost all of Canada and the northern parts of Europe, like
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The Arab-Israeli conflict is a struggle between the Jewish state of Israel and the Arabs of the Middle East. It has continued for many decades and there has been no peaceful solution so far. Contents : 11 pages Introduction -From the
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The human heart is a muscle that lies left of the chest . It has about the size of a fist . The heart is like a pump that sends blood around your body. The blood gives you the oxygen you need . Contents : 7 pages Parts of the heart Blood
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In the year 476 A.D. the Roman Empire came to an end and the next thousand years were called the Middle Ages. Life in Europe during the Middle Ages was very hard. Only a few people could read and write. The only hope for people was their
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An airport is a place where airplanes take off and land . Passengers get on and off planes, cargo and other goods are loaded and unloaded at airports. Air travel has become the main type of transportation over longer distances. This module
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Motion pictures � also called movies or films � belong to the most popular forms of entertainment today. Millions of people all over the world go to cinemas to enjoy an entertaining story and to see their favorite movie stars.
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Skiing is one of the most popular sports in the world. It is an activity that millions of people of all ages enjoy. There are three types of skiing: Alpine skiing, Nordic skiing and freestyle skiing. Contents : 16
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I have had over 30 years of teaching experience at a grammar school for 15 to 19 year olds in Deutchlandsberg, Austria. My subjects are English as a Second Language and Geography. I have spent many years teaching English Across the Curriculum in various subjects.


I am very interested in making English understandable for ESL students. Therefore all my materials have a vocabulary section which makes even difficult articles easy to understand.


Yet to be added


After spending my childhood in the United States I came to Austria with my parents and attended a grammar school . I studied English and Geography at the University in Graz, where I received a Master’s Degree in 1981.


I have been working in fields that connect classroom work and information technology, notably e-learning. I also engage in English Across the Curriculum, a project in which ESL students learn curriculum topics in English

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