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This interactive grammar notebook will cover material for a semester and includes interactive pieces for types of sentences, phrases, clauses, verbals, and more. The specific items address common core standards for seventh and eighth grades, but
256 ratings
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Wanting to switch up your grammar lesson plans, but aren't sure how? This is a starter pack for coloring sheets that incorporate grammar lessons. This will give you a 'taste' of how coloring sheets can work will older students, and allow you to
231 ratings
Digital Download PDF (106.21 MB)
Teaching ethos, pathos, and logos is paramount for older students. They should understand these famous persuasive techniques to better their speeches and papers. This bundle demonstrates examples of ethos, pathos, and logos and asks students to
135 ratings
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Freedom Writers, rated PG-13: the movie or film guide - 40 questions total! This guide has 35 questions for students to complete as students watch the movie. They are in chronological order. It also has five additional questions that require longer
105 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.24 MB)
NOTE: An eighteen-week (complete semester) outline for everything in this public speaking bundle is in the preview. Download to be sure this bundle will work for you! Teaching a speech unit or public speaking course can be complex because so many
86 ratings
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This bundle covers every aspect of the eighth grade common core standards for language: verbals (gerunds, infinitives, participles), mood in verbs (subjunctive, conditional, interrogative, imperative, and indicative moods), voice in verbs (active
94 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (130.56 MB)
This guide accompanies the movie "The Princess Bride." The movie is rated PG. The guide has 15 questions in chronological order of the movie and five critical questions, which allows for more sophisticated answers for older students. This guide
69 ratings
Digital Download PDF (0.48 MB)
Diversify grammar lesson plans with these coloring activities. Students will practice identifying grammar skills while matching codes to color flower sheets. This bundle includes TWELVE products for a discounted price. Students will identify
119 ratings
Diversify grammar lesson plans and engage students with these coloring activities. Students will practice their grammar skills while matching codes to coloring sheets. This bundle includes SEVEN products for a discounted price. This bundle is
116 ratings
This bundle covers every aspect of grammar and language for sixth, seventh, and eighth grades. This is the ultimate middle school grammar bundle for studying parts of speech, parts of a sentence, verbals, phrases, types of sentences, moods, voice,
92 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (278.23 MB)
This bundle covers every aspect of pronoun use and grammatical understanding listed in the convention section of language for sixth grade, plus other commonly reviewed materials like parts of speech and parts of a sentence. Included are OVER 100
80 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (136.88 MB)
This bundle covers the seventh grade common core standards for language: phrases, clauses, types of sentences, dangling modifiers, misplaced modifiers, and coordinate adjectives. It includes seven posters of the applicable standards, seven posters
76 ratings
To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee has thirty-one chapters. This product has a multiple choice quiz for each chapter. Each question has three possible answers. Answer keys included. Use the quizzes as a review, as a discussion starter, or as part
48 ratings
Digital Download PDF (0.15 MB)
Review simple, compound, and complex sentences with students using this coloring activity. Students will identify types of sentences while stretching their creativity. This grammar activity offers forty practice sentences! Included: • Two coloring
69 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.23 MB)
Verbals ( gerunds,, infinitive, participles) practice - with over 40 sentences for studying. This activity is for students who want or need extra practice. It is not analytical - this will help students recognize verbals: participles, gerunds,
71 ratings
Digital Download PDF (11.30 MB)
Phrases and clauses can look similar, and my students confuse them. I made these activities to clarify the differences in these units of words. If your students struggle to identify subjects and verbs, types of sentences, or punctuate phrases and
69 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (11.47 MB)
Stop piecing together grammar lesson plans and get lifetime updates! With this complete grammar curriculum, you will have a variety of activities that span diverse grammar lessons. This bundle includes notes, graphic organizers, quizzes, tests,
61 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (741.81 MB)
This guide accompanies the documentary "Poverty Inc." This documentary would be interesting for high school students. It is not rated, but I personally would rate it as PG. "Poverty Inc." covers the humanitarian aid system as it currently stands -
13 ratings
Digital Download PDF (8.95 MB)
Active and passive voice in verbs - worksheet and scramble - 40 sentences to practice. This activity is for students who want or need extra practice. It is not analytical - this will help students recognize active and passive voice in
40 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.38 MB)
A Separate Peace by John Knowles has thirteen chapters. This product has a multiple choice quiz for each chapter, ten questions for each quiz - 130 questions. Each question has three possible answers. Answer keys included. Use the quizzes as a
30 ratings
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I have taught for over a decade at four diverse settings. I began teaching at a "typical" high school in Illinois. I then taught for a year at an alternative school, grades 6-12. Throughout the past decade, I have instructed ACT prep (English, reading, writing) through a local community college. Today I teach freshmen and sophomores at a wonderful school in Illinois. After teaching a variety of students, my heart truly is with high school students. I also have written in the educational channel at Bright Hub and for the educational section at Everything Mom. My writing can also be found at PBS NewsHour.


I am very systematic. Organization and structure are key for a safe and productive learning environment. When students understand expectations, they are willing to strive to meet them. With my teaching materials, I have clear instructions and diverse activities. With the introduction of the Common Core, a need for valuable and diverse grammar activities came to the teaching community. I teach the bulk of my grammar assignments from literature, so students can learn grammar as a natural part of language arts. Students learn best if their teachers provide them with a variety of learning methods. Creating so many activities is time consuming, especially in a world where time is so short. I am so happy to provide and buy lesson plans, worksheets, and testing materials.


In over ten years of teaching, I have applied for and received five classroom grants. My master's research project was published in ERIC Digest.


BS--Southern Illinois University at Carbondale 2001 MA--Saint Xavier University 2008


Visit my educational blog: where I discuss ideas and tricks for the secondary English classroom. I am on Facebook too, where I will announce sales and specials!

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