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Original illustrations set these sight word noun picture and word cards apart from the rest. Your students will love the colorful pictures. There are many ways to use this product: on a word wall, as a matching game, or flash cards. You can cut out
81 ratings
Digital Download PDF (9.89 MB)
Superlatives: Big, Bigger, Biggest is a collection of activities to introduce students to comparatives and superlatives. Activities include: Sorting cards, class games, drawing activity, worksheets and story time fun. Can be used with or without
66 ratings
Digital Download PDF (0.59 MB)
This packet contains 109 commonly confused and misspelled words for vocabulary work in your classroom. There are 6 pages of word charts with definitions and example sentences, 6 pages of blank word charts, and the same word charts with definitions,
60 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.50 MB)
This complete lesson plan employs critical thinking skills about print advertising. Students identify persuasive language, images, biases, and stereotypes in ads and how they affect the consumer. This lesson plan includes vocabulary, group work and
32 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.20 MB)
Reading Informational Text - Common Core Aligned. The handouts, worksheets, and graphic organizers contained in this packet are appropriate for many kinds of informational reading. The examples used in explanations are from famous speeches, and I
34 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.13 MB)
Compound word activity for more advanced learners. Use compound words to write four kinds of riddles! Reinforce many language arts skills with a little humor. You can start the lesson by reading Rick Walton's "Once There was a Bull...frog" if you
29 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (8.68 MB)
Synonyms and Antonyms. This is a bundled package containing 32 synonym matching cards and 32 antonym matching cards. These products are available separately, but if you buy them together, you save money! Help your students learn synonyms, or words
25 ratings
ABC Writing Practice Book. This cute book is a great addition to your centers or as a daily warm-up activity. Each letter has a half-page with an illustration, upper case letters and lower case letters in solid type and dashed type for tracing, then
14 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.23 MB)
This Figurative Language Matching Card Game can be used in multiple ways in your classroom. You can use it as a Concentration style game, or use the cards face up if your students are new to the terms. Full instructions and variations included.
19 ratings
Digital Download PDF (9.40 MB)
Help your students learn synonyms, or words that mean the same thing, with these large, colorful matching cards. Print on heavy paper or laminate and use at a learning center or for a group activity. 32 cards. This product is also included in a
13 ratings
Digital Download PDF (6.50 MB)
This huge collection of 95 individual images of each of the common Sight Words is for personal and commercial use. The uses for these cute images by artist Brennyn Carmen go far beyond teaching the nouns. Use them for worksheets, borders, bulletin
12 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (10.88 MB)
Emotions and Feelings Writing Prompts. These writing prompts help students recognize and express their feelings and emotions. The original expressive cat clip art helps make these prompts simple and fun. There is one handout with a list of emotion
6 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.12 MB)
Help your students learn antonyms, or opposites, with these large, colorful matching cards. Print on heavy paper or laminate and use at a learning center or for a group activity. 32 cards. This product is also included in a money-saving
5 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.44 MB)
Practicing identifying sentence fragments in context with these interactive digital task cards. The platform is Boom Learning™. Each of the 14 cards contains a five-sentence paragraph. Students drag and drop the fragment in the zone. For a
2 ratings
Digital Download PDF (0.51 MB)
Match common idioms with their definitions with these interactive digital task cards. The platform is Boom Learning™. Original, engaging artwork on all 34 cards. For a playable preview, click here: Idiom Match Preview Boom Cards You can always
not yet rated
Digital Download PDF (0.49 MB)
Valentine Limerick Fun. These "Mad-Lib" style Valentine poems are a fun activity for your class, and also reinforce learning parts of speech and syllables. How to Write Limericks Compound Words – Writing Riddles Idiom Task Cards and
38 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.41 MB)
Sight words fun! This bundle contains 5 Boom Card decks. Each contains 19 sight word nouns, for a total of 95 words. Students will click on the picture that matches the word on each card. Original, engaging artwork on each card. For a playable
not yet rated
Digital Download PDF (0.51 MB)
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I have taught: Composition, Humanities, and Creative Writing, Literature and English. I have worked as a developer and writer of K-6 Curriculum.




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B.A. in English M.A. in English


Before I became a teacher, I spent twenty years as a freelance writer and editor, primarily for middle-grade readers. I am the author of a few dozen how-to children's books, young adult novels and many magazine articles. I used to write K-6 curriculum-based quizzes for a publishing company. I currently teach first-year college students. visit my blog at:

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