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Thesis statements: Writing a thesis statement can seem like an overwhelming task for many students. This packet includes informational handouts with ideas, explanations and worksheets to make the process easy. A complementary power point is included
311 ratings
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MLA Format - In Text Citations, Flow Chart, Rules, and Power Point Presentation. This MLA guide explains the rules for in-text citations for articles as sources. It contains this 15-slide Power Point: MLA Format in-text Citations Power Point It also
94 ratings
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Limericks are a great introduction to writing poetry. This is a complete limerick unit with a duplicate PowerPoint to support your lesson. There are lots of examples to analyze with your class, worksheets and handouts. Study form, rhyme and what
71 ratings
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Writing prompts for research papers and argumentative essays. This product contains forty topics for research or argumentative essays. Each half-sheet prompt contains a topic, questions to consider, and research ideas. They do not tell the student
72 ratings
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Run-on sentences Power Point presentation. Explain run-on sentences to your students with this engaging Power Point, featuring fascinating facts about doughnuts. Presentation includes explanation, examples and a practice exercise with answer
56 ratings
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Grammar and Punctuation Bundle: Grammar and Punctuation Resources Over 50% Savings! This huge bundle of my grammar and punctuation products are meant for middle and high school students who need to brush up on some of the most important grammar and
70 ratings
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Commas Power Point. This 42-slide Power Point has the 13 basic comma rules with clear examples and practice exercises for older students' review. The ice cream theme is fun and engaging for students. Corresponding handout / worksheet to this Comma
37 ratings
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Topic Sentences Power Point Presentation - Instruction, Examples, and Exercises This Power Point presentation will help you teach your students everything they need to know about topic sentences. It is complete with instructions, examples for each
34 ratings
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Subject-verb agreement Power Point. This subject verb agreement presentation will engage middle and high school students with its interesting fact-based sample sentences and photo illustrations. It has all the basics to master or review subject-verb
25 ratings
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This is a huge bundle containing all of my essay writing products at a big savings. It's a deal even if you've purchased a few of my essay products before - get the rest at a savings! As I add more products, I will add to the bundle. There are six
33 ratings
Figurative Language Power Point. This power point is a great tool to help you teach figurative language. Metaphor, simile, hyperbole, alliteration, metonymy, onomatopoeia, euphemism, allusion, oxymoron and personification each have a definition
28 ratings
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Clauses Power Point. This editable 15-slide power point presentation explains the following types of clauses: Independent clauses, dependent clauses, relative clauses, nonrestrictive, and restrictive clauses. Each has a clear explanation, followed
26 ratings
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Compound word activity for more advanced learners. Use compound words to write four kinds of riddles! Reinforce many language arts skills with a little humor. You can start the lesson by reading Rick Walton's "Once There was a Bull...frog" if you
29 ratings
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Apostrophes Power Point. This Power Point reviews all the apostrophe rules with examples and ends with an exercise to check for understanding. This product is part of a money-saving pack bundled with 20 other great grammar and punctuation
18 ratings
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Sentence fragment Power Point presentation. Explain sentence fragments to your students with this engaging Power Point, featuring fascinating facts about carrots. Presentation includes explanation, examples and a practice exercise with answer
23 ratings
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Semicolons Power Point Presentation. Take the mystery out of this commonly misused punctuation mark. Semicolon usage is clearly explained in this Power Point with explanations, examples, and quizzes. This product is part of a money-saving pack
15 ratings
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Idioms Power Point Presentation. Teach your students idioms with this power point presentation. It has clear explanations and examples, and practice defining idioms. Great to spark interaction and discussion. This product is part of a money-saving
21 ratings
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Quotation, Paraphrase, and Summary. Power Point Presentation, handouts and exercises. Learning when and how to use quotes, paraphrase, and summary is essential for writing research papers. This Power Point and coordinating handouts explain the
20 ratings
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MLA Format - In-text Citations. This Power Point presentation goes through the basics of in-text citations for articles in a logical way with clear examples. This product will be updated as the Modern Language Association updates its guidelines.
8 ratings
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Passive voice and active voice are demystified in this Power Point presentation. Passive and active voice are clearly explained with examples and an exercise/quiz. This is a stand-alone product, or you can pair it with my worksheets and quizzes or
7 ratings
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I have taught: Composition, Humanities, and Creative Writing, Literature and English. I have worked as a developer and writer of K-6 Curriculum.




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B.A. in English M.A. in English


Before I became a teacher, I spent twenty years as a freelance writer and editor, primarily for middle-grade readers. I am the author of a few dozen how-to children's books, young adult novels and many magazine articles. I used to write K-6 curriculum-based quizzes for a publishing company. I currently teach first-year college students. visit my blog at:

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