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This is a Google slides resource for you to check your students understanding of your daily lessons. You can share it with your students in Google Classroom or Microsoft One Drive, or you can print it, if you’d like. Use these 20 tickets as
161 ratings
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This highly engaging Google Slides video webquest teaches students how to be citizens in a digital world. Students will think twice about posting personal information online after completing this activity. They will be encouraged to consider their
77 ratings
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This sociology lesson is a concrete way to demonstrate Symbolic Interactionism, Functional Analysis, and Conflict Theory. It introduces and explains the three main sociological perspectives to students. Plus, the documents are now editable, so you
38 ratings
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These materials will help you implement a literary analysis essay with your students. It includes an outline template for a four-paragraph literary analysis, a peer-editing worksheet, and a rubric. This is also a part of my money saving Writing
26 ratings
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This resource allows you to guide your students through analyzing primary sources and understanding the difference between primary and secondary sources. Here’s what you’ll get: - Primary vs. Secondary Sources PowerPoint (Editable) - Cloze Notes to
66 ratings
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This activity can be used to introduce or review triangular trade. Students use evidence from primary and secondary resources to understand the parts of triangular trade. Here’s what you get: -2 different versions of the foldable graphic.
54 ratings
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Foldable graphic organizers are great organizational and review tools for any subject—social studies, math, science, English….This set comes in an editable PowerPoint format as well as a PDF. This is a set that I use for various purposes in my
40 ratings
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The Looking-Glass Self is one of those abstract Sociological concepts that can be difficult for high school students to understand. This lesson guides them through it by encouraging them to relate it to their own lives. They will watch film clips
31 ratings
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Parts of Speech Task Cards and Activities make for a great introduction to English Grammar Study. Students learn the parts of speech in a hands-on way with these materials. Here’s what you get: 1. Implementation Page with a link to Grammar
47 ratings
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This package helps students to understand and identify subjects, predicates, direct objects, and indirect objects. The activities are self-guided, enabling the teacher to facilitate rather than instruct. The worksheets are perfect for visual
37 ratings
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Most introductory sociology courses require a discussion on deviance and conformity. This activity fits nicely into such a unit. This activity requires students to create a crime scrapbook, use other students’ crime scrapbooks to analyze and
31 ratings
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Scavenger hunts are great ways to get students out of the classroom and into the world. Get students to analyze how the socialization of gender and age are reflected in consumerism. This scavenger hunt and “after the hunt” activity encourages
23 ratings
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This package contains a lesson over memory and forgetting for a psychology class. You will find: -Memory and Forgetting Questionnaire -Memory and Forgetting Activity with URL & QR Codes -TED Talk Film Guide and Link to The Fiction of
30 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (4.09 MB)
Guide your students on a tour of the history of Halloween. Students will walk around the classroom, summarizing information that is posted on the walls onto their timelines. Then they will complete a “Halloween Word Search.” At the end of class,
38 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.59 MB)
These activities and handouts will engage students and illustrate important concepts during a lesson on Sensation and Perception in a psychology class. Here’s what you get: Lesson Plans Perception Sensory Walk Chart Perception Sensory Walk
19 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.93 MB)
There is no better holiday than Halloween for a sociology class. The costumes alone provide a perfect opportunity to analyze gender socialization, sexism, racism, cultural bias, and social psychology. This activity includes: - A lesson plan - A
22 ratings
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Newly updated with more editable resources! Buy this bundle, which includes 13 additional pages of lesson plans and activities than you will get if you buy the products sold separately, and save big. This common core aligned interactive notebook is
49 ratings
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This common core aligned interactive notebook is a great way to get your students involved in the curriculum in a hands-on way. It is an excellent organizational tool, which saves time in class by keeping everyone on the same page. My students
35 ratings
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This package includes 20 tickets out the door that can be implemented in any subject. The tickets encourage students to reflect on daily lessons before they leave the classroom. Students will rate the lesson, come up with their own questions, and
44 ratings
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This primary source analysis lesson on the Zimmerman Note is perfect for any study of World War I. Students will watch a film clip, analyze the document with an APPARTS Foldable Graphic Organizer and questions, practice “cracking codes” with two fun
33 ratings
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I have over 15 years of experience teaching middle and high school. I currently teach world history, psychology, and sociology and have taught U.S. history at the high school level. I have taught English/language arts at both the middle and high school levels. In pursuit of my specialist degree, I conducted field research on generative grammar. I have created many units and activities for history, sociology, composition, grammar, and literature that are aligned to the Georgia Performance Standards; however, upon request, I am happy to edit activities to suit individual needs.


I manage a standards-based classroom that is highly structured and routine driven. With that basis, I plan from a "whatever works" strategy that is student-focused, creative, and, above all, engaging. I endeavor to nurture a safe and collaborative atmosphere.


The letters and visits I get from former students. My biggest ever honor is when they come back and say, "I majored in sociology because of your class." Wow.


2005, ED.S. in Educational Leadership, Samford University 2002, M.ED. in English Education, Georgia State University 2000, B.A. in history and English, Georgia State University


My husband and I have been married for 15 years and are both educators. We have subjected our ten-year-old son to endless documentaries and trips to museums and libraries for which, we hope, he will someday be grateful. I read and write fiction whenever I can. Stone Mt photo 32_zps6k10qkpa.jpg Connect with me! My Blog Facebook Pinterest Twitter email: leah@leahcleary.com

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