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This interactive alphabet MINI notebook is intended to supplement your teaching for letter recognition and phonetic awareness. It is intended to be assembled over a period of multiple days (or even weeks if you prefer to do the coordinating pages as
366 ratings
Digital Download PDF (35.26 MB)
124 CVC puzzles for your literacy centers! These CVC word family puzzles are great for fast finishers and working with words during your literacy centers. Two differentiated formats of CVC puzzles are included. Picture and CVC Word Prompt
310 ratings
Digital Download PDF (31.78 MB)
Students will have fun practicing their letter recognition skills with these fun alphabet I Spy! coloring pages! It will also build their letter recognition between different fonts. Students will "Spy" the letters and color them to uncover a hidden
238 ratings
Digital Download PDF (6.07 MB)
Your students will love reviewing telling time to the hour, to thirty minutes, to fifteen minutes and to five minutes with this set of time clip cards. Telling time can be a difficult task for young learners, but review will be very enjoyable with
178 ratings
Digital Download PDF (27.62 MB)
5 Math Centers for learning numbers 1-20 Counting to 20 Math Centers Included: Three-part matching cards (numeral, word, picture) Memory matching game (picture/word & numeral) Flash Cards (formatted for back to back without requiring back to
138 ratings
Digital Download PDF (33.42 MB)
This rainbow bear preschool mega pack is full of fun ways to use rainbow bear counters for learning. You can use the pack without rainbow bear manipulatives, but it makes it even more fun if you have them. Preschoolers will practice patters, colors,
100 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.65 MB)
Students will learn all about 3D Solid Shapes through a fast-paced, fun game! This game reinforces student knowledge of solid shapes through representations, "real life" pictures, definitions and names. Students will learn to recognize the
113 ratings
Digital Download PDF (19.35 MB)
This life-size frog number line is intended to help students actualize number lines in their minds. They will get practice with number order, counting forward, counting backward, more than/less than terminology, missing addends, missing subtrahends,
116 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.37 MB)
This exciting interactive math mini-book is a great way to review numbers 11-20 with your students. It provides many examples of formats to show numbers. Hands, dice, base ten blocks, pictures (array), tally marks, addition problems, number lines
140 ratings
Digital Download PDF (6.26 MB)
Build phonetic awareness with this CVC medial vowel sound, Slap-Jack style game. Students will learn to recognize vowel sounds through pictures and reading CVC words which will build stronger readers and spellers. This is a modified form of the old
122 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.03 MB)
Comparing numbers to the millions and thousands place values with a card game that is great for a partner math center. Students will get lots of practice with place value and inequalities through a fast-paced, fluency building game. 8 Unique sets
83 ratings
Digital Download PDF (12.76 MB)
Beginning sounds will be fun to learn with these 10 centers and activities. Students will practice beginning sound recognition with puzzles, matching, card games, play dough mats, sorting mats, BINGO games and more! A great addition to your word
112 ratings
Lots of opportunities to build fluency with the 15 unique division "war" card games to use in you math centers. Partners will work together to learn basic division facts while playing a fast-paced, engaging game of inequalities. These games are
91 ratings
Digital Download PDF (18.07 MB)
Students will learn punctuation through a fast-paced, fun game! This is a modified form of the old favorite "Slap Jack." The difference is that there is a center pile in addition to the player piles. The card turned over in the center pile
127 ratings
Digital Download PDF (10.85 MB)
An engaging partner game for building fluency with decimal place value. Students will compare between numbers with decimals and decide which has the greater value. 9 Unique sets of decimal place value cards with varying skill levels: 9 Unique sets
84 ratings
Digital Download PDF (11.71 MB)
11 different beginning blends and digraph activities for literacy centers. Lots of ways to differentiate and build understanding of blends. Over 120 pages of activities! Leveled puzzles, clip cards, sorting mats, play dough mats, matching cards,
95 ratings
Digital Download PDF (74.40 MB)
12 Sets of Differentiated Kindergarten Math Centers and printables to provide center activities and independent activities for the entire year! Due to the high level of differentiation this is also a great resource for preschool, pre-k and 1st grade
78 ratings
Vocabulary review card game for 24 landforms. A "Slap Jack"-style, fast-paced, unique approach to reviewing vocabulary for your landforms unit. Includes landform word cards, definition cards, and picture cards. Teacher instructions: Print on card
69 ratings
Digital Download PDF (6.84 MB)
Students will have fun practicing their phonetic awareness skills with these fun sticky letters for letter/sound recognition. Two versions are provided for maximum versatility! Print in color and laminate for a center. Simply laminate the whole
79 ratings
Digital Download PDF (9.39 MB)
Practice Alphabetical Order with this engaging and slightly competitive "War" card game.Students will work together to decide whose word comes first in alphabetical order as they try to win all the cards. 12 Unique sets of cards with varying skill
72 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.44 MB)
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I have been homeschooling for 10 years. I have four daughters currently in school. I create lessons for grades Pre-K through elementary and also provide a variety of activities for preschool children with special needs as I create them for my own preschooler.


I love teaching activity-based lessons and using games that cover subject content thoroughly, but enjoyably.




Associates Degree in Christian Education with a minor in Music Theory.


I currently homeschool my four daughters and love it! We are in our 10th year of homeschooling While homeschooling, we traveled to 44 of the United States, 3 Canadian Provinces and 4 other countries and continue to add to that list as time passes. We have recently returned to the U.S. to live and love having access to even more ways to make learning hands-on. After several years of trying to fit our learning/teaching styles to the pre-written curricula and being unsatisfied, I began to make learning materials to supplement. We found that many curricula lacked the hands-on learning experience and that they were very textbook heavy. As I firmly believe that children learn through action and not being stuck behind a desk, these frustrations led me to create the engaging games and activities that you will find in my shop. I focused on activities that could be used more than one time without being 'boring' to my children. This is the reason that most of my resources are in color rather than black & white, though I have tried to make that option available when appropriate. I hope that you will enjoy these activities and, more importantly, that your students will benefit from their use.

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