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Create a four pocket writing folder for your students to use. This product includes the 5 steps of the writing process on each pocket including ★Pre-Writing ★Drafting ★Revising ★Editing ★Publishing Each of the four pockets of the writing folder
176 ratings
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This unit will help your students to summarize non fiction articles using the GIST strategy. This is a six week series of lessons helps students to focus on writing a non fiction summary. Help student to understand how to pull the main idea and
168 ratings
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4/5 Combined Unit - First Nations and Early Europeans and Early Societies 500BCE - 1500CE This product is meets the expectations of the New Grade 4 and 5 Ontario Revised Curriculum: This product is designed for the New Ontario Revised
134 ratings
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Complete grade 4 project based inquiry unit for Physical Regions This inquiry unit covers everything that you will need to meet the expectations for the People and Environments strand of the updated Ontario curriculum. This inquiry unit focuses
100 ratings
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Help students learn about the different forces of load, tension, and compression and how this impacts structures all around them. Through hands on, minds on lessons, experiments and STEM projects this unit will get your students engaged in
74 ratings
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textRocks and Minerals Unit: Interactive Notebook and Research Project This is a Interactive Notebook Inquiry unit that is designed to teach students about Rocks and Minerals. It meets both the Ontario Curriculum for Grade 4 and Next Generation
97 ratings
Digital Download PDF (13.49 MB)
Complete grade 4 project based inquiry unit for Pulleys and GearsThis inquiry unit covers everything that you will need to meet the expectations for the Understanding Structures and Mechanisms strand of the updated Ontario curriculum. and the
57 ratings
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Help students identify the theme by finding the main message of classic Aesop fables supported by text details. Students will learn how to construct an open response answer. Included is the unit plan with 8 detailed lessons. Lessons include
87 ratings
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In this hands on, minds on unit both grades will be engineers exploring and building things. The 4s will look at how pulleys and gears are used in our daily lives to make work easier. They will learn the science behind both of these simple
64 ratings
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Get all of my Differentiated Daily Math pages in this one-stop bundle. With this purchase you will get all Differentiated Daily Math Units. These units are ideal for grades 4 & 5 classrooms. They allow you to differentiate for students who are
62 ratings
Meet ALL of your students math needs with these Differentiated Daily Math Pages for Patterning These pages are unique because they use a common page for all students, but allow you to increase and decrease the complexity of the task. One page can
36 ratings
Digital Download PDF (7.45 MB)
This is a new addition to my Grade 4 Social Studies unit. Just have students cut out the question cards and this game is ready to use. Use this to review the Physical Regions of Canada from the PEOPLE AND ENVIRONMENTS:POLITICAL AND PHYSICAL REGIONS
31 ratings
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These are my daily math pages that I use in my classroom as the basis for my daily math practice and open ended math lesson. These can be used as bell ringers, or homework, or daily practice. There are 30+ double sided daily math sheets to help
42 ratings
Digital Download PDF (10.06 MB)
These long range plans are the fully editable version of my best selling long range plans for an Ontario 3/4 split grade classroom. This product is fully editable and created to make creating your long range plans simple and easy. These plans
18 ratings
Digital Download PDF (0.09 MB)
If you are looking for easily differentiated Bell Work math pages that easily cover your curriculum, are familiar each day to increase student mastery and serve as the beginning of your three part math lesson plans then these are Differentiated
40 ratings
Digital Download PDF (6.66 MB)
As teachers, we want to build a community in our classrooms. This can be accomplished with the Kudos Club. With this form of classroom management, you are focusing on positive reinforcement of individuals and the class. Your class works together.
3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th
44 ratings
Digital Download PDF (71.43 MB)
Use these daily math sheets for Measurement (Area, Perimeter and Length) every day in your class. These pages can be used as bell work or as the basis of your three part lesson plan for math instruction. Using this pages student practice important
27 ratings
Digital Download PDF (10.12 MB)
CHASE - Math Problem Solving Strategy If you need a simple and easy way to teach your students how to solve word problems in the upper elementary grades (Gr. 3-5) look no further. This is a strategy that I developed to help my students read,
21 ratings
Digital Download PDF (6.92 MB)
Be a STAR Student goal cards that integrate both reading and writing goals onto one board. The cards use I can statements to help students meet curriculum standards in student friendly language. Package includes Instructions on classroom set
17 ratings
Digital Download PDF (6.56 MB)
Teach all of your students to find the location of objects on a grid using maps and coordinates. Have them translate, reflect, and rotate objects. All of this will help you to differentiate easily with these differentiated daily math pages. These
3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th
10 ratings
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I am an Ontario teacher with 12 years experience. I have taught grade 3-5 and have also been an itinerant ESL teacher. I have both reading and ESL specialist training.


I am a always looking to improve my practice as a teacher. This results in new ideas of student inquiry, student centered approaches, differentiated instruction, and targeting learning styles of students. I believe that the teacher is the leader in the classroom and guides students through their own inquiry. In my classroom students sit in groups from day one. We work as a team to make things run smoothly. Students work where they are comfortable even if that means under my desk, in a closet, or laying on the floor. I try to use technology as a tool to bring the world into my classroom. I love my job!!


It is an Honour when people write you to tell you what a difference that you made for a student. I always post these where I can see them and they are worth more to me than any trophy. "I have never come across a teacher yet, whom cares so much about her students and always goes above and beyond, your compassion is truly admirable" -Parent "When I feel that I can not do it you lift me up..." - Student "this class is full of children that are in a much better place because of you" - Educational Assistant "I am a better me because of you" - Student


CYW Diploma Contemporary Studies Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Education Reading Specialist ESL Specialist


I am a wife to a wonderful husband, and mother to two beautiful girls and one very busy boy.

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