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Patience + Perserverence = Progress. Sow the seeds of knowledge.
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I just saw that today is National Cheeseburger Day. (Sept. 18) This quick writing activity comes complete with a vocabulary page (pictures of cheeseburger related items with the word written underneath), writing templates with the words first,
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This product is a combination of social studies, geography, science, and language arts/writing. It involves high interest informational reading,map skills, and opinion writing. Students will be introduced to 9 towns that have the word "love" in
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Information about Memorial Day and Veterans Day is presented in an easy to read, organized format. How many names were these holidays given? Why were the dates chosen? When did the ideas for these holidays begin? Did the whole United States always
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This is a very explicit, step by step tutorial that uses Microsoft Power Point Basic Shapes to make customized shamrocks. Every step is accompanied by images that demonstrate the steps. Once the original is done, you can re-size, re-shape, fill
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The activities in this product are meant to be student-centered and implemented in centers. Of course, you may deliver the activities in this product as teacher-directed as well- for the whole class, in a small guided group, or with an individual.
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Provided within are 3 "yumtivity" (food crafts) projects that can be perfect gifts for Mother's Day. Make one and save the others for future Mother's Day celebrations! One of the projects involves a little baking and the other two are no-bake. The
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Crafting provides ample opportunities for learning. A craft activity engages the learner in creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, hand/eye coordination skills, following directions, reading informational text, expository text exposure, and
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These apple themed crafts are coupled with sequencing activities, measurement tasks, position & size vocabulary, and , of course, following directions! Students can proudly "own" this assignment with a tangible project result. They must use
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This crafts for learning is STEAM-ing with engineering, math, language arts, art,and physics for elementary aged kids. This project-based product combines all of the elements of any STEAM or STEM initiative. There are two leaf spinner projects, each
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Your students will have fun learning about symmetry in conjunction with triangle Christmas tree and 3D wreath construction. This language infused project provides opportunities for students to use their skills in reading, writing, technology, art,
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Students should know the purpose of Veterans Day and are probably familiar with general terms such as "soldiers" and "military". This resource takes their knowledge a step further by informing the students of WHO we are honoring and the roles the
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This resource contains 50 student pages for the study of Washington and Lincoln from birth to presidency. There are 23 Reading/Information cards, maps, 2 Venn diagrams,and 13 Task Cards for 19 tasks. Many of the tasks are compare/contrast using
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I am a veteran teacher of 25+ years. The majority of my teaching was done in the Shelton Public Schools. I taught grades K, 1, and 2 as a regular education teacher. If I had to choose, I would say that first grade was my favorite grade level, but I really enjoyed them all. Also, I worked as a special education collaborative teacher for grades K-6. From a teacher's perspective, that job had so many benefits that it's hard to list them all. Not only was the population broad and diverse, but I also had the rare opportunity to witness grade transitions and see how students "phased into" the next grade level. It was interesting to see how students adapted to and met the expectations of the next grade and how their new teachers facilitated this change. As the director of a 5-town Head Start program, I learned many administrative, organizational, problem solving, and people skills. I met the challenge of this job and made a positive impact on the program, but I really missed the kids! I wrote a discretionary grant which awarded our program with the funds to start a "homeschool type" branch of the existing organization. This was a pretty new concept at the time! I was an Odyssey of the Mind coach for 2 years. My responsibilty was to guide and be a facilitator for a group of 5th and 6th graders.It was one of the most interesting jobs I've had. Our groups had to select one problem from a group of given problems and solve it by thinking "outside of the box". The solutions were presented as a "performance" to a group of judges. It took several months for the creative solutions to be worked out. I started a young childrens' line of clothing called "Little Yarns". Each outfit featured a character that I made up and the outfit came with a matching cloth book. Of course the main character of the book was the one on the outfit. Both clothing and books sported braided yarn--as suspenders on the outfit and as a binding on the book. My latest venture is a product called the Color Coded Multiplication program. It is a revolutionary way of memorizing the multiplication facts. The CCM combines the memory power of color, best teaching methodologies, and associative learning for amazing results. Great for "balancing out" those curriculums that are top heavy in concept but have little time for fact memorization. Very helpful to those who are struggling with fluency of the multiplication facts. Being sold at my website:


"Balanced Teaching". I like to balance out my lessons with a variety of activities and methodologies. Nothing is more boring than teaching the same way day after day. Children are the center of the universe while I'm teaching, so doing whatever I possibly can to help them feel comfortable and safe, welcomed and wanted, inspired and ready to learn is my teaching style.


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Undergrad: BS Education Masters Degree: Education


Happy to be a member of a really nice family. Happy to have my mom and great sisters. Happy when I'm teaching, volunteering with the literacy group, gardening, bike riding, meeting with the women's business group, hiking, enjoying nature, listening to music, dancing to music, exercising, reading, traveling, creating art, developing educational materials,meeting with my best friends........... Life is full of blessings!

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