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The lesson is highly differentiated and focuses on allowing the student a degree of choice as to which tasks to complete. The lessons starts with a DO it Now activity which has two options for the students to choose, an easy and a harder, this
3 ratings
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The lesson start by establishing what the student know already about distance time graph. The lesson then moves onto modelling how to calculate speed from several examples on the graph. As an AFL opportunity there is an inbuilt hinge point question,
not yet rated
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The lessons below are rated outstanding by the school. The lessons are highly differentiated and learning is directed via AFL. Lesson 0 - entry test and Admin for module Lesson 1 - forces basics Lesson 2 - contact and not contact forces Lesson 3
not yet rated
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The lesson start by looking at variety in plants, this case study in the venus fly trap. There is then a hinge point question to decide the starting point for the SOLO taxonomy task; this starts with basic key word match up and finishes with
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This lesson is designed to bring the fun back into a potentially dry subject. The lesson uses worms (sweets) to demonstrate how harmful and beneficial mutations alter the chances of reproduction. The lesson includes several thinking for learning
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This is a constructive observation/ practical lesson that offers the student the choice of task as to gain a better response and effort from the child. The lesson starts with a review of how homework help exam performance, it then moves on to the
5th, 6th, 7th, 8th
not yet rated
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The lesson is aimed at early Grade 5,6,7 as a foundation to later progress. The Do it Now task is a review and identification of forces that should have been learned in previous lessons. The experiment is then demonstrated for the students before
not yet rated
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Overarching concepts in biology. The lesson requires microscopes and slides, it focuses on identify the difference between prokaryotes and Eukaryotes. The AFL component is a 10 mark hinge question this lead to a differentiated outcome depending on
not yet rated
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The lesson requires microscopes and slides, it focuses on making comparisons between plant and animal cells and assesses this in a 6 mark question, this is to be self-assessed with and mark scheme (foundation and higher lessons attached as a
not yet rated
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The lesson starts with a presentation focus to ensure the students show pride in their work. It then moves in to introduce the main cells of the lesson: cilliated epithelial, sperm and egg. After a brief introduction to these there is a ten minute
not yet rated
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This is a whole lesson including tasks and presentation. Over arching concepts in biology. The lesson is part of a series of lessons that cover topic one of the module. There is a focus on a creature called Demodex, a parasite that lives in 17% of
1 rating
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This Outstanding format is a great way to engage student is self assessment rather than the meaningless and superficial marking that arbitrarily occurs 3-4 times per semester. Make formative assessment count! The lesson start by a think - pair -
not yet rated
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The lesson requires a print out of some of the slides to enable the students to gain the information in a engaging and discovery led way. The students develop their ideas with a differentiated activity before attempting the same exam question to
not yet rated
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The lesson requires microscopes and slides, it focuses on identify key organelles in prokaryote cells. There is a differentiated activity to help the students build ideas, this focuses on the dangers as well as key organelles in bacteria. This is
not yet rated
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The lesson is a maths for biology focused lesson which involved a series of calculations for magnification (3 levels of differentiation) followed by a hinge point question leading into a series of calculations on scale and perceived size. The
not yet rated
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The lesson starts by getting student to make the link between amylase and sugar. Three Key definitions are reviewed before a table and colour scale is given out. The students then experiment with amylase, the method made clear. They then demonstrate
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Enzymes higher level lesson based around nutrition (written by Nutrition major) The lesson start with a key word match up to overcome difficulties in language. This is followed by a video with questions to provide an active watch for the students.
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Listed here are 10 Biology Lessons that make up this Outstanding bundle. Save yourself 15-20 hours of work and give your students the best education. Lesson 1: Microscopes Lesson 2: Eukaryotes and Prokaryotes Lesson 3: Organelles in eukaryotes
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5 years of teaching experience teaching 3 sciences.


Promotion of metacognative strategies, curriculum implementation, advanced AFL techniques, Teacher led


MSc, BSc, PGCE, QTS, Lead Teacher of Key stage 3, Lead Teacher of Science, AFL in STEM expert


MSc in Curriculum Development, BSc in Environmental science and Nutrition, PGCE secondary science education QTS AFL Leeds University Certified


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