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"An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail." - Edwin Land
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"Welcome to the McEnglish Store. May I take your order?" "Uh. Yeah. Can I get an essay done in the Hamburger style?" Add a creative flair to your next essay with the "How To Write an Essay - Hamburger Style" lesson plan. The lesson includes a
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**Updated 2017*** Updates include reorganized lessons, detailed sequence for each lesson, literacy strategies, and a suggested calendar. Help your students tap into their creative potential and craft the best story they've ever written! In this
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Conflict is a crucial element in making stories interesting and engaging. In this Common Core aligned lesson, your students will learn the various types of conflict and how to create their own engaging conflict. This lesson includes: - a
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Put a unique twist on the standard autobiography writing assignment with this Common Core Aligned project! Students will use Google Earth to create a digital tour of their lives and present their tour to an audience. This project helps strengthen
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New from the McEnglish Store - Punctuation Blitz! This PowerPoint is a quick, effective way to teach the most commonly used punctuation marks including end punctuation, commas, semicolons, colons, apostrophes, quotation marks, parentheses, and
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In this creative, Common Core aligned lesson, your students will be learning about the differences between static and dynamic characters, and creating their own authentic character. Students will create a character and develop a personality for
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Wouldn't it be great if there was a machine that would create the perfect school project for your students every time you wanted? Until that day comes, use this project to help your students master persuasive language and propaganda by creating a
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Take the guesswork out of your student's proofreading! This easy-to-follow flowchart will help students improve their ability to proofread sentences. The chart provides an easy method for identifying fragments and run-ons. It also promotes sentence
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An overview for a vocabulary movie project. Students will be using vocabulary in context to write a script and then either perform the script as a play in front of the class or film the movie and create a video to be shown to the class. This
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Help your students understand the value of editing their writing with this lesson that is sure to get your students hungry for knowledge, as well as delicious desserts! This Common Core aligned lesson includes: - A PowerPoint that explains the
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I have taught junior high English for the past 8 years. My class focuses primarily on writing and grammar.


A blended environment mixing the advantages of technology with brick-and-mortar classrooms.

HONORS/AWARDS/SHINING TEACHER MOMENT Developer of the Year Enhancing Education through Technology Peer Coach


B.A. English - Westminster College - 2008 M.S. Education - Duquesne University - 2010


I knew I was meant to be a teacher in first grade. I had turned to a classmate and started a conversation. The teacher, attempting to chide me, asked if I wanted to come teach the class. Instead of a subdued "No" as most kids would have responded, I enthusiastically said, "Yes!" and went to the front of the room. While I can't remember the contents of my "lesson," the teacher did tell my mother that I did good job. I've wanted to teach ever since.

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