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How do you help students develop a growth mindset? Give them the opportunity to set goals, track their data growth, and reflect. This paperless customizable technology resource gives your students a digital journal and digital data binder to use
479 ratings
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Want to get started using digital resources in your classroom? Help your students gain the background technology skills they need to learn and complete online assignments with this Introduction to Google. Students work to earn their "Google
442 ratings
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Students write a correct complete sentence while responding to picture prompts for writing sentences. This digital resource in Google Slides let's students look at full color photographs while responding. This resource contains: •a teacher
282 ratings
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Students will practice writing complete sentences by restating the question. This interactive digital resource in Google Slides drag words from the question to create answers. Then students type their own answer stems. Two versions are available
257 ratings
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Digital compare and contrast graphic organizers take students through the process of writing a compare and contrast parcagraph. Compare and contrast characters, settings, and events using piece of literature. My students loved filling out the Venn
198 ratings
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Digital graphic organizers take students through the process of writing dialogue. Students learn to use correct capitalization and punctuation with several opportunities to apply the use of quotation marks during creative writing activities. My
148 ratings
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Improve memorization and help students multiply fluently with this digital Google Slides Resource by focusing on repeated addition and other multiplication strategies. Fun, self paced, differentiated multiplication practice motivates students to
141 ratings
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PEMDAS is a common acronym for the Order of Operations. This digital resource for the Google classroom, is scaffolded to encourage independent learning. Students practice progressively more challenging order of operations problems including
85 ratings
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This digital interactive math resource for your Google classroom helps your students learn to multiply multi-digit numbers using the standard algorithm. There are four levels: Two Digit by One Digit Multiplication, Three Digit by One Digit
89 ratings
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Students write a correct complete informational paragraph while responding to picture prompts. This digital descriptive writing resource in Google Slides guides students through the writing process while they look at full color photographs. This
69 ratings
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Digital interactive lesson and practice for Dividing Decimals. Based on my Dividing Decimals Powerpoint, this interactive Google Slides resource allows students to work at their own pace. This works well for whole class or intervention. A Google
64 ratings
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Digital graphic organizers take students through the process of writing an opinion paragraph. Opinion Writing Prompts and Opinion Writing Graphic Organizers are organized into 5 Google Slide Decks. One deck has a blank for the prompt so you can
84 ratings
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5 strategies for comparing fractions are covered in this digital Google Slides resource. Compare Fractions Using Models Compare Fractions with a Common Denominator Compare Fractions with a Common Numerator Compare Fractions using Half as a
74 ratings
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Digital interactive lesson and practice for Simplifying Fractions. This interactive Google Slides resource allows students to work at their own pace. Simplify Fractions with Prime Factorization, Greatest Common Denominator, and Mental Division.
66 ratings
Digital Download PDF (17.60 MB)
Digital interactive lesson and practice for Adding Fractions with Different Denominators. This interactive Google Slides resource lets students work at their own pace. Students review adding simple fractions and then move step by step into adding
63 ratings
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Help students understand the three variables in elapsed time: missing start time, missing stop time, and time that's passed. This helps students understand how to tackle elapsed time word problems. First, students practice figuring out how many
59 ratings
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Bell ringer with a positive quote of the day for students to respond to. This digital resource in Google Slides allows students to choose a prewrite template to fit their response to a quote a day. Students write a paragraph in response to a quote
27 ratings
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Use ratios to solve real world math problems with this digital Google Slides resource which contains digital task cards. Students find the discounted price of an item given the original price and a percent off. Students also find the percentage
34 ratings
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Students write a complete sentence correctly while responding to picture prompts. This digital resource in Google Slides lets students look at full color photographs while responding. After you've introduced the activity, this could become a bell
32 ratings
Are your students fluent in addition facts? Students will add within 5, add within 10, make ten, and add within 20 using several strategies in Google Slides. Animated directions allow students to work independently on Part Part Whole, Number
29 ratings
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I began teaching in 1998. Currently I am a K-6 Intervention Specialist, a member of my school's leadership team, and a mentor teacher. I've taught K-6. Most of the years were spent in 1st and 2nd grade. I especially loved teaching phonics so I became a trainer. I spent some summers traveling and training teachers to teach Success for All and FUNdation Reading programs. I'm a creative problem solver. I love tracking data to help meet student needs. I have been a member of my school's leadership team for many years. This has given me the opportunity for a lot of wonderful professional development. As a member of the leadership team, I lead daily grade level collaboration times, help present to our staff, and organize our school schedule. I have also been a BTSA Support Provider for new teachers at our school.


I believe all students can learn. I focus on having challenging yet obtainable goals and a positive classroom environment. As an intervention teacher, I help my students become goal oriented. We set a goal, take a pretest, work towards that goal and then take the post test. I love the confidence meeting a goal can give students. I also love when they tell me it was easy or they had fun. I want them to love learning as much as I do. I love to incorporate technology. Recently, I've fallen in love with creating resources for the Google Classroom.


I have had the honor of being nominated as teacher of the year for the district.


I have a BA in Psychology from UC Santa Cruz. I received my Multiple Subject CLAD Credential from CalStateTEACH. I continue to seek professional development whenever the opportunity arises.


Check out my blog for freebies and ideas: I've opened a separate store for my photos called Dollar Stock Photos. Check them out:

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