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Great value Activity Book with more than 400 pages of worksheets and activities using Google Maps, Google Earth and Google Street View. Covers a range of topics, subject areas and skills. All self-guiding, challenging and very original. Now
15 ratings
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Google Earth is an amazing tool. There are a few ways students can navigate around in Google Earth. They can use the on-screen controls to pan and zoom around the globe. They can type in a latitude and longitude, and the camera view will zoom in
11 ratings
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A challenging topic, but one that needed to be discussed in my class. The worksheets cover both sides of the debate about gun control and the right to bear arms, and students are encouraged to develop their own opinions. The worksheets created a
5 ratings
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Cross country road trip that follows the original Oregon Trail across northern US, stopping in all the major towns, cities and landmarks. Various activities to do at each site. The activities cover a range of cross-curriculum fun at each point and
9 ratings
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More than 50 pages of Blackline Masters for upper primary/lower secondary students. All worksheet activities are completed with the fabulous Google Earth application which is free to download on to your PC or Mac from
3 ratings
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Great fun pack that investigates the types of Pranks, Hoaxes and Scams that are carried out in a variety of circumstances - on the web, in the classroom, in the news and so on. Students identify the differences and get an understanding that this is
1 rating
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The ability to construct and confidently present a speech to any audience will always be one of the most sought after skills required in any form of employment. Any student needs to master the skills to speak confidently, and this pack of worksheets
not yet rated
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The ability to speak in public is one of the hardest things that anybody can endure, but it is so much easier if you can adopt some powerful techniques that others use to make their speech memorable and at least survive on the stage. Young people
1 rating
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This engaging pack is an Integrated Case Study with 50 pages of student activities comparing a traditional indigenous lifestyle with the student's own lifestyle. It reviews aspects of self and society that were studied in the early years of
not yet rated
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I had worked as teacher in a remote Aboriginal community in the north west region of Australia, and here I have collected by photos and stories to show students how life is the same and different to their own. Topics covered: Our Camp The
not yet rated
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Something original! Calling all budding linguists - this pack of 18 worksheets will challenge the Middle School student looking for something original. The theme of the worksheets is how sounds are articulated in the mouth, and how each point of
not yet rated
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Being really funny means you need to have a humor attitude. These worksheets shows Middle School students how to develop a humor attitude. The worksheets highlight the difference between being the 'class clown' or local 'nitwit', and focusses on
not yet rated
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I have had fun in a variety of educational settings, including teaching in remote communities in Central Australia, Principal of primary schools in South Australia and Victoria, and lecturer to tertiary students in Melbourne. Loved it all.


I have seen so many learning styles and my approach to teaching is reflected in the materials here.


Nothing to report here!


BA(Hons)Aboriginal Languages, ANU Dip Ed, Monash University M.Ed(Admin)Adelaide University


My classes cover a wide range of topics and they all come from the kids. We explore humour, online technology, social networking, social issues, and more. Wherever the kids take me is where we go. The Activity packs represent our wide ranging classroom work I am keen to share any work that I do with my class that is current and impacting our world today. Hope others share my enthusiasm. If not, all packs attract a 100% Money Back guarantee - if there is anything at all about this pack that disappoints or was not as expected, please get back to me and your investment will be completely refunded - no issue at all.

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