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World Religions Investigation and Comparison Centers Activity This is a complete centers activity for the investigation and comparison of the major world religions. Students will visit each center to see vivid images and to read concise
187 ratings
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Need a Behavior Contract for your Classroom Management Plan? Looking for a Behavior Contract that was created for Middle or High School Students? Use this tried and true Behavior Contract for Middle or High School Students to transform your
121 ratings
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9-11 Centers or Response Group Activity Set up your classroom into 6 Centers or organize your class into 6 Response Groups to allow students to collaboratively investigate the events of 9/11. This 44 page activity set provides resource cards on
117 ratings
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Practice primary source analysis as you introduce the Propaganda of the Holocaust. This versatile activity allows students to analyze propaganda from Nazi Germany before and during the Holocaust. Includes images, text, and more with clear
40 ratings
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Student Teacher Survey for End of Unit or End of Year Did your students learn enough? Did they enjoy learning in your class? What activities did they most enjoy? Are you looking for an effective tool to use in planning your next year? This
69 ratings
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Need a fun assessment or review? Looking to check student understanding AND have students practice critical thinking and application skills? Create Board Games! This powerpoint provides the prompts and directions to guide students through
50 ratings
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Want to introduce your students to Important African Americans? Hoping to bring diversity to your classroom studies? Looking for a way to address Black History Month or want Bio Cards to display on a bulletin board? This 22 page activity set
42 ratings
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Take your students on a 2-3 day walking tour around the world to see how Christmas and other Winter Holidays are celebrated. Introductions, key topics, and vivid images help students to make comparisons between their own celebrations and those of
38 ratings
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Need a great lesson for Women's History Month? Want to create a bulletin board on Important American Women? Looking for the perfect resource on Important American Women that you can use over and over?! This 26 page activity set includes
36 ratings
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As you begin your teaching career, one of the most important tasks you must complete is the creation of your Teaching Portfolio. This will be your professional folder that well represents what you will be as a classroom teacher. Many universities
104 ratings
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I created this survey to provide myself peace of mind at the end of each unit. It asks students to evaluate their own effort and work ethic within the unit (usually 3-4 weeks). Students are asked about their reading, study habits, and class
30 ratings
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These 5 Social Media based templates allow your students to research or create reports using the formats with which they are most familiar! Use with any assigned topics, vocabulary terms, concepts, or people. Can be used in any subject area or
50 ratings
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Teaching a Science or Social Studies class and want to introduce the Important American Scientists and Inventors? Looking for Great American Scientists and Inventors to put up on a bulletin board? This 26 page activity set includes everything you
28 ratings
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Holocaust Study Package Teaching about the German Holocaust before and during WWII can help students to identify and better understand how hatred, discrimination, and propaganda can influence entire populations to participate in atrocities. Use
26 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (65.82 MB)
This 4-page activity allows students to bring the events of the Holocaust into modern times for analysis and comparison to modern day hate-group activities and genocides. Includes links for reliable content information and a mapping activity as
22 ratings
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Studying the German Holocaust in preparation for a reading lesson? Looking to introduce the key events of the Holocaust in a Social Studies class? Want a single resource that can be used to address the major developments of the
12 ratings
Digital Download PDF (118.12 MB)
This set includes a Daily Lesson Plan Template and a Unit Plan Template. Both are fully editable. Daily plan template allows inclusion of standards, objectives, program of studies, daily activities, bellringers, exit slips, modifications and
105 ratings
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This activity challenges students to investigate and categorize 15 different people significant in the Holocaust. Students will work in pairs or small groups to identify the people, their backgrounds, and their impact on the Holocaust. They
11 ratings
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Teaching Civics and looking for a lesson on the Duties and Responsibilities of American Citizenship? Want a fun and engaging lesson for your Government students on our rights and responsibilities as American citizens? This is a great lesson for a
20 ratings
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Learning about the presidents can be fun with this 44+ card President's Scavenger Hunt. Each clue card asks a question about each of the 44 presidents that students research to answer. Includes student response handouts, wrap-up activity
15 ratings
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Over the last 15 years, I have taught all Social Studies areas and in a few ELA classrooms. My experience ranges from teaching grades 6 through 12, and I have had all levels of classes, including Special Education collaboration and gifted and talented. I have also taught on an advanced curriculum team, AP courses, and honors/advanced classes at the middle and high school level.


Multiple-Intelligences with many interactive and group-based activities. I also love using centers, even at the high school level! It works!


National Holocaust Memorial Museum Teacher Facing History and Ourselves Teacher Disney Teacher of the Year Semi-Finalist KY Teacher of the Year Semi-Finalist Who's Who Among American High School Teachers


Bachelors of Arts in History and Secondary Education with a major in History and a minor in Psychology, Sociology, and Women's Studies Masters of Arts in Secondary Social Studies Education, Curriculum and Instruction Numerous trainings and classes in areas of focus for my Social Studies classroom


I love teaching! And now that I am an established classroom teacher, I love sharing my knowledge and skills with new teachers. My book and blog, A Lesson Plan for Teachers, aims at helping new teachers settle into the classroom with ease and also helps them to overcome the obstacles that most new teachers face as they begin in our sometimes challenging profession!

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