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Visit the 1920s or Roaring 20s with this interactive Walking Tour or Gallery Walk Activity. Take your students on a walking tour to discover the major events, developments and changes of the Roaring 1920s in America. Includes: 121 slides on the
117 ratings
Digital Download PDF (39.87 MB)
Columbian Exchange Trade Route Activity Are you looking for an engaging activity on the Columbian Exchange Trade Route? Allow students to travel from Europe to Africa to the Americas as they draw items from each location that were traded on the
104 ratings
Digital Download PDF (66.96 MB)
Investigate the Five Themes of Geography with this interactive centers activity. Each center invites students to further investigate one of the themes (Location, Place, Movement, Regions, Human-Environment Interaction) through mapping, reading, and
74 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (7.06 MB)
Teaching the Scientific Revolution? Students can investigate the beginning and major contributions of the Scientific Revolution with this Discovery Centers activity on the significant scientists of the period. This interactive resource allows
77 ratings
Digital Download PDF (91.54 MB)
Gilded Age Immigration Activity Are you teaching about American Immigration during the Gilded Age? Want a fun and engaging lesson filled with all the core content on the Gilded Age? This activity covers the New Immigrants of the Gilded Age in
47 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (2.37 MB)
Want a fun activity for teaching about the Silk Road and the Chinese Han Dynasty? Visit the Han Dynasty and allow students to investigate the different locations involved in the Silk Road Trade Route with this easy to implement lesson
49 ratings
Digital Download PPT (2.05 MB)
Take your students on a walking tour or gallery walk to discover the ways of life of the earliest humans from the Paleolithic (Old Stone) Age to the Neolithic (New Stone) Age and the Neolithic Revolution. Students can investigate the early humans,
34 ratings
Digital Download PDF (129.30 MB)
World Religions Card Game Included are 36 terms or concepts on the 5 Major World Religions. I cut each in a strip, laminate the cards, and pass them out to my students as a review game. The students must take their card and match with their
54 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.72 MB)
Ancient Civilizations Archaeology Dig Activity Are you teaching an Ancient Civilizations course and want a fun, engaging way to get started? Need to introduce your students to the Ancient Civilizations in a memorable way? This activity is
55 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.85 MB)
Need a fun assessment or review? Looking to check student understanding AND have students practice critical thinking and application skills? Create Board Games! This powerpoint provides the prompts and directions to guide students through
53 ratings
Digital Download PPT (0.14 MB)
WWI Trench Warfare Activity Powerpoint with images of trench warfare during World War I and quotes from All Quiet on the Western Front allows students to see and hear WWI from a different perspective. Can be done as simple experiential exercise
43 ratings
Digital Download PPTX (5.16 MB)
African Kingdoms in the Middle Ages Activity This is a complete lesson on the African Kingdoms. It includes center or investigation cards on the origination and location, wealth, leadership, and decline of Ghana, Mali, Songhai, the Eastern
45 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.60 MB)
Introduce your students to the most significant people of the Renaissance with this Meet and Greet Activity. Allow students to use the provided biography cards or to research online as they create Biographical Poems for their assigned person
41 ratings
Digital Download PDF (21.75 MB)
Looking for a fun way to teach Imperialism and its ethnocentric effects? Watch Avatar and let your students make the comparison between real historic events and the fictional movie set in the future. Avatar Viewing Guide with Age of Imperialism
24 ratings
Digital Download PDF (0.23 MB)
Students will take a walking tour (Gallery Walk) of the Industrial Revolution to learn about the changes and developments that took place from 1750 to 1900. From changes in the family structure to industrial developments to inventions and the
60 ratings
Digital Download PDF (14.88 MB)
Teaching the Age of Exploration? Want a fun and engaging lesson on the Explorers that sailed to America and the New World? Try this Explorers to America and the New World Task Card Set! Use this task card set on the American Explorers to
42 ratings
Digital Download PDF (6.28 MB)
Looking for a fun and engaging resource on the French Revolution? Want the French Revolution to come to life for your students? A Walking Tour or Gallery Walk of the French Revolution takes students to 20 different locations to learn about the
40 ratings
Digital Download PDF (50.33 MB)
This activity requires students to evaluate components of the Radical Republican and President Johnson's Reconstruction plans. Students are given a grading rubric and are asked to justify their grading on each issue. This activity can be printed
35 ratings
Digital Download PPTX (0.09 MB)
Looking for a fun way to reinforce the content on the Ancient Egyptians? Building a Pyramid Ancient Egypt Group Project is the tool! This project guides students through the process of completing a content-strong pyramid model to further research
25 ratings
Digital Download PDF (32.76 MB)
Take your students down the Silk Road Trade Route to learn about the Han and other Chinese Dynasties in your studies on Ancient and Medieval China. This interactive lecture provides the basic details on the dynasties of China and involves students
27 ratings
Digital Download PPT (1.33 MB)
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Over the last 15 years, I have taught all Social Studies areas and in a few ELA classrooms. My experience ranges from teaching grades 6 through 12, and I have had all levels of classes, including Special Education collaboration and gifted and talented. I have also taught on an advanced curriculum team, AP courses, and honors/advanced classes at the middle and high school level.


Multiple-Intelligences with many interactive and group-based activities. I also love using centers, even at the high school level! It works!


National Holocaust Memorial Museum Teacher Facing History and Ourselves Teacher Disney Teacher of the Year Semi-Finalist KY Teacher of the Year Semi-Finalist Who's Who Among American High School Teachers


Bachelors of Arts in History and Secondary Education with a major in History and a minor in Psychology, Sociology, and Women's Studies Masters of Arts in Secondary Social Studies Education, Curriculum and Instruction Numerous trainings and classes in areas of focus for my Social Studies classroom


I love teaching! And now that I am an established classroom teacher, I love sharing my knowledge and skills with new teachers. My book and blog, A Lesson Plan for Teachers, aims at helping new teachers settle into the classroom with ease and also helps them to overcome the obstacles that most new teachers face as they begin in our sometimes challenging profession!

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