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This back to school activity is a must have for any history or social studies class! Start the first day of school, or the first lesson, with “WHY” because students always want to know why? Why am I learning about history? Why do we have to study
104 ratings
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To better understand the basic information within the U.S. Constitution, students will browse through this primary source document and find the main ideas regarding the 7 Articles and 27 Amendments. Included are 17 questions about the articles and
91 ratings
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Everyone loves logic puzzles, riddles, and critical thinking. As featured in the TpT newsletter, expand your students' brain power with this set of Brain Teasers to use as brain breaks for your classroom! What's Included: • 30 different Brain
144 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (74.22 MB)
Oregon Trail here we come! This interactive activity about westward expansion gives students a glimpse of what life was like on the Oregon Trail and it is definitely #oneofmyfavorites! By rolling dice, keeping track of supplies, and following a
130 ratings
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This Current Events Summary is an excellent tool for students to get involved with the news and the current events of the week. A simple writing format helps students find, summarize, and write opinions about current news stories and current
71 ratings
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Make Civics exciting and practical for students using this Legislative Branch, Social Studies Simulation. Students will participate in writing bills for their school, community, or state while learning the various stages within the lawmaking
64 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.89 MB)
This primary source lesson will help students better understand one of the most important documents of all time: The Declaration of Independence. After becoming familiar with the Declaration from your textbook or another source, students will be
49 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.32 MB)
The Declaration of Independence was really just a big "break-up" letter written by colonists to the King of Great Britain. This historical document was written to convince the world of the King's abuses and let everyone know that the colonies no
48 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.20 MB)
I am so excited for you and your students to travel the Oregon Trail! With over 140 slides containing historical photos, maps, trail paintings, emigrant journal entries, interactive dice, and informational summaries on each of the 17 trail stops,
47 ratings
Digital Download PPT (93.76 MB)
Constitution: The Articles, Primary SourceOverview:This is a great way to study and know the information contained within the United States Constitution. To better understand the layout and information within the United States Constitution, students
30 ratings
Digital Download PDF (14.81 MB)
Economics: Costs, Benefits, and Opportunity Cost" Overview: This is an economics reinforcement activity on costs, benefits and opportunity cost. Students will evaluate the costs and benefits in given scenarios in order to make the best decision.
29 ratings
Digital Download PDF (19.24 MB)
It's the National Anthem! Whether it's social studies, english, or music class, this mini-unit is perfect for any study on the Star Spangled Banner (or the War of 1812). This bundle includes a fun, introductory whole-group PowerPoint-style quiz, a
41 ratings
Digital Download PDF (19.97 MB)
Overview: Everyone loves riddles, logic puzzles, and critical thinking. Expand your students' brain power with this set of Brain Teasers that can be used as brain breaks. What's Included: • 30 different Brain Teasers in 2 great formats! (worksheet
36 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (61.53 MB)
Overview Students will create a PowerPoint, video, or project about a President of their choice. This project explains what students must research, and includes a grading rubric for the teacher. Students will research both personal and executive
34 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.41 MB)
Overview: "Let's Get The Party Started!" This presidential election simulation is an excellent way for students to comprehend all aspects of political parties, and the campaigns needed to elect a presidential candidate. Teacher will divide class
24 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.32 MB)
The Star Spangled Banner! We sing it every game, what does it really mean? Written by Francis Scott Key during the War of 1812, the lyrics to the U.S. National Anthem will be analyzed and rewritten by students to gain a better understanding of this
46 ratings
Digital Download PDF (36.73 MB)
Overview: With all 3 volumes included in this bundle, at 90 questions total, you'll have more than a semester's worth of daily bell-ringers! Everyone loves logic puzzles, riddles, and critical thinking. Expand your students' brain power with this
28 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (200.81 MB)
CNN 10 is the perfect source for students to stay informed on current events. This set of graphic organizers is an excellent way to analyze and summarize the current events of the day using CNN 10 - or formerly known as CNN Student News. These
17 ratings
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Are you looking for a way to make economics enjoyable or maybe just want to improve classroom management? Classonomics is an interactive classroom economy that will boost student engagement and help reinforce the major concepts of a market economy.
35 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.38 MB)
President's Day is almost here! Do your students know all the Presidents? They will after watching this Mister Harms original of THE PRESIDENTS SONG! Watch and sing through the first and last names of all 45 presidents from George Washington to
37 ratings
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I have been teaching middle school and high school social studies since the beginning of the millennium (2000). I have taught courses in American History, Economics, Psychology, Government, Ancient World History, Western Civilization, and more.


Student engagement. High-quality content. Hands-on activities. Diversified learning. Group collaboration.....This is the goal, but ultimately I desire to make learning fun for my students while helping them become rooted in truth, growing in freedom, and prospering in life!


Teacher of the Year - 2009-2010


I am a fourth generation teacher. My Great-Grandfather taught in a one room school house making $35/month. My Grandmother started in a one room school house then outgrew that to become a lifelong teacher (I even had her as my 3rd grade teacher). Both of my parents were career teachers and now I get to teach another generation of students. I have a degree in History with a licensure in Social Studies Education.


From the rural plains of Minnesota, I get to teach in the school I grew up going to. I love to learn and teach!

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