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These 4 back-to-school activities are my favorite icebreakers at the beginning of the year. They are perfect for the first day of school or anytime during the first week. All activities are available in French or English for the varying levels of
57 ratings
Digital Download PDF (10.74 MB)
Newly revised! This NO PREP resource pack includes notes and directions in French and English and a variety of exercises for the imparfait / passé compose. From basic conjugation to determining the correct tense and paragraph writing, this packet
45 ratings
Digital Download PDF (13.94 MB)
Need a fun way to get to know your students on the first day of school? These all about me speaking cards are perfect for your secondary student and they come in French and English! Follow up the activity with a printable form that students turn in
37 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (11.65 MB)
This resource pack has everything you need to begin teaching the French subjunctive. It is great as a review or for students learning for the first time! The packet includes: * expressions that use the subjunctive * notes in French and English *
32 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.90 MB)
32 questions for practicing the FUTUR SIMPLE! Want to get your French students speaking in the futur tense? These speaking prompt cards are always a favorite in my class. Each page contains 4 questions, each inside a decorative border. There are 32
30 ratings
Digital Download PDF (6.82 MB)
Newly revised!Writing prompts for French class is a list of 124 great writing prompts for intermediate to advanced students of French. Included in this resource is a list of questions for you to keep or print and give to students to keep in their
22 ratings
Digital Download PDF (9.72 MB)
64 Questions for practicing the French imparfait! Want to get your students speaking in the imparfait? These speaking prompt questions are always a favorite in my class. Each page contains 4 questions, each inside a decorative border. There are 64
25 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.50 MB)
This French advice columnist writing project using the subjunctive is an activity that I created so my AP students could practice writing structures using the subjunctive. There are 4 letters, all written to Amélie, who works for the advice column.
21 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.29 MB)
44 Questions for practicing the French subjunctive! Want to get your French students speaking in le subjonctif? These speaking prompt questions are always a favorite in my class. Each page contains 4 questions, each inside a decorative border.
16 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.56 MB)
Want to get your students speaking in the conditional? These speaking prompt question cards are always a favorite in my class. Includes 68 different speaking prompts! Each page contains 4 questions, each inside a decorative border. There are 24
24 ratings
Digital Download PDF (6.21 MB)
These French puzzles, printables, and speaking activities are just what you need during the busy holiday season. Activities require NO PREP from you, and are great for building a winter/Christmas unit, adding enrichment for fast workers, or for
27 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (20.85 MB)
Are you looking for a complete resource to help you teach, reinforce, and assess the French imparfait? This newly revised BUNDLE is full of practical and thorough notes and exercises, fun speaking activities, games, task cards, a dialogue
34 ratings
These 20 printable verb chart pages are designed to help students keep notes as they progress through their verb tenses. Includes: ❂ Large, basic verb chart. I laminate a class set and use them as wipe-off boards for whole group practice. ❂
20 ratings
Digital Download PDF (7.53 MB)
This French imparfait dialogue assignment is the perfect speaking assessment for your French unit! Students have to write, memorize, and present a conversation in French using the imparfait and 10 new vocabulary words. A 0-5 point speaking
11 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.25 MB)
Do you need a fun game to play with your French students to review their future tense verbs? Your kids will LOVE practicing with Scoot! This game is great for any age, because even teenagers who sit still all day long in class want and need to move
15 ratings
Digital Download PDF (11.26 MB)
If you are teaching si clauses in French and want a fun way to practice si clauses with the imparfait and the present, you'll want to check this out! The sentence clauses are a mix of the imparfait/conditionnel and the présent/futur simple. This
18 ratings
Digital Download PDF (9.26 MB)
If you need a fun way to assess your students' use of the imparfait, you and your students will LOVE this project! Quizzes and tests are great for assessing memorization, but my Quand j'étais petit project will help your students put these new
23 ratings
Digital Download PDF (10.52 MB)
This French future tense project will make a great speaking and writing assessment for your futur simple unit. Students are asked to research a place that they are interested in visiting and create a PowerPoint using the future tense to describe a
18 ratings
Digital Download PDF (6.89 MB)
Need an easy way to get your French students in groups? These grouping cards are perfect for your class! You get a large variety of cards so you can form groups or 2, 3, 4, or 5. You even get 5 editable cards to add your own touch!This is a great
18 ratings
Digital Download PDF (22.98 MB)
Do you need a fun all about me French project for the present, imparfait, and future tenses? If so, then you will this project! This is great at any time of the year after your students have learned the imparfait and the futur simple. I like to
9 ratings
Digital Download PDF (20.11 MB)
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12 years as a French classroom teacher, teaching ages 12-18.


I believe kids learn best through as much immersion as possible, so I like to teach as much in French as I can, from day one. I've taught traditional FSL and also immersion, and I pull from those experiences as I create resources. As a teacher who did not like (or did not have!) textbooks, I created most of my own units for many years. Because my lessons were fun, the kids loved to learn, and they learned so well! I love project based learning and learning through real life experiences. I'm the mom of a child with ADHD who NEEDS to move, so I strive to create resources that will be effective and fun for a variety of learning styles.


The best honor I have ever received is when my students reach out to me after graduating from high school or college. Knowing I have made an impact on someone is the highest honor I could receive. I love to hear that my students have continued to study French in college! When I taught high school, my students won the citywideFrench trivia competition at a local university several years in a row, and each year, I had numerous finalists and several winners in poetry performance at the same university.


I grew up in the U.S., but I spent part of my high school and college years in Europe. In college, I planned to be an English teacher in France, but when I got married, I came back to the U.S. where I've been teaching French and English ever since.


I've now got a store specializing in ESL and English materials! Check it out here :

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