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Sometimes a student just needs to calm down while building a monster and coloring for a bit before they are able to clearly express what made them so angry. This resource is designed for just that. Included are three types of monster eyes and six
26 ratings
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All too often I have boys come into my office upset because of something that happened that caused them to lose their cool, or get in trouble for how they responded to the situation that angered them. Sometimes they act out in anger intentionally,
28 ratings
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In Loving Memory, Dealing With the Loss of a Pet (Memory Book) Half Page and Full Page Memory Book Color and Black & White Included Dealing with the loss of a special friend can be hard for our little ones. This resource attempts to ease
24 ratings
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Help little kids understand and control big emotions with these fun and engaging calm down sliders! Students are challenged to look at different situations that may upset them, decide on a calm down strategy that may work and think of what they
18 ratings
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When visiting my new school, I was amazed by how many students did not know the previous counselor, what their responsibilities were, or what services they provided. I decided I wanted the students to know who I am and what I do so that they feel
13 ratings
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Are you conducting a classroom guidance lesson or have a need in your class to discuss Bullying Prevention? Need an intro activity? An icebreaker? A pretest/posttest? Look no further! These fun, colorful, Quiz, Quiz, Trade Cards are perfect to help
10 ratings
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Good Choice vs. Poor Choice Carrot Card Sort This interactive game is the perfect way to teach Kindergarten through Second grade students to identify the differences between good and poor choices. Included in this download: 72 Carrot Cards (36
4 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.21 MB)
Sometimes kids need help remembering how super they are. Remind children of their unique qualities by having them answer this question: What’s your superpower? Are they kind? Do they make others feel good about themselves? Are they a good
7 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.17 MB)
Emotions Bundle Five engaging and interactive activities designed to get to the root of how students feel! Click on the preview for more images! Included in this download: 1) Emotions, Let's Start Talking About Them 2) Discussing Emotions, the
6 ratings
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This pack includes six Self Affirmation Activities/Resources. This includes everything you need to help students learn how to build themselves up. Included: Foldable Activity - This interactive foldable, which contains a secret compartment,
9 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.85 MB)
Sometimes a student just needs to let go of their worries while building a monster and coloring for a bit. This resource is designed for just that. Included are three types of monster eyes and six monster body templates with various types of
11 ratings
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This is the Super Saver Deal! All individual activities are posted, please check them out if you would like additional information! This Describing Emotions Bundle includes six useful games and resources that can be used in small groups or as
4 ratings
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The Empathy Building Game Help students recognize and understand how other people would feel in a given situation. Have students “walk a mile” in other people’s shoes while answering one important question; How do you think they would feel? Two
1 rating
Digital Download PDF (5.29 MB)
Promote academic, social, and career development of all students with these functional and playful Monthly Check-in Sheets that together create a Year-in-Review Book for students. This is a perfect resource if you are a counselor with multiple
2 ratings
Digital Download PDF (6.02 MB)
The Cause and Effect Game 30 Question Cards and a Cause and Effect Chart Included. Simply Print, Laminate, and Cut. Students learn to understand that other people’s actions can have an impact on their emotional state. Students also learn that
not yet rated
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This Back to School Pack is jammed with 12 must have resources for Elementary School Counselors in August. Included is everything you need to survive and thrive in the first month school. Please click the green preview button for a more detailed
1 rating
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The Sliders Game! Students match the 28 slider scenarios with the correct emotion the scenarios would evoke. they slide the slider portion until the emotion showing matches the emotions the situation would evoke. There is more than one possible
not yet rated
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The Discussion Game! Students remember and discuss how they have handled emotional situations in the past. Game Rules: One at a time, students pick a card. They tell a story based on what color card they choose. If they chose: Yellow chameleon,
1 rating
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Hurricanes can be extremely traumatic. They leave our students in a wake of chaos and uncertainty. After Hurricane Irma hit my state, many of my students were left suffering. To help identify students who may need some extra help coping, I created
3 ratings
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*PreK-5th Grade Elementary School Counselor *Special Education/Student with Disabilities Study Abroad in Poland. *Body Image Coordinator and Peer Counselor *Leadership Conference Trainings *Diversity Summit Trainings *Three years as a Lab Assistant in the Infant Development Lab studying how infants learn before they can verbalize language.


Hands on. I love making it interactive to keep the kids interested and active. I love to challenge their current ways of thinking.


Florida Gulf Coast University Hall of Fame


Florida Gulf Coast University, Fort Myers, FL Educational Leadership, Ed.D. In Progress University of Massachusetts Boston, School Counseling M.Ed….. Florida Gulf Coast University, Honors College, Fort Myers, FL Psychology B.A.


Previous and/or current positions: Gifted and Talented Program Chair, School Equity Coordinator (504s), Leader in Me School Contact, Choosing Excellence School Contact, ESOL Contact

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