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Here is a great way to review some of the basics about atoms: element names and symbols, atomic numbers and masses, number of protons, neutrons and electrons and the number of atoms in a molecule. And your students get to color! They’ll love
251 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (1.99 MB)
Are you teaching how to name and write the formulas for compounds? You’ve got to check this out! This is part of my Naming Compounds Bundle AND my cost-saving, amazing Chemistry Bundle! This is a review tarsia puzzle for naming compounds and
82 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (1.43 MB)
Are you teaching the Cell Cycle and Mitosis? You have got to check this out! This gem of a resource can be used in at least 3 ways: ★ As a spinner ★ As a puzzle ★ As a note in students’ notebooks or binders This is because there are 10
95 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.89 MB)
Tired of the boring old worksheet? Check out this fun and engaging worksheet on significant figures! Your students will want to finish their work to see the hidden image. Trust me, even high school students still LOVE to color! Pair this with
99 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (7.64 MB)
This Naming Compounds Spinner is a sure-fire way to help your students with chemical nomenclature! This is part of my Naming Compounds Bundle AND my cost-saving, amazing Chemistry Bundle! The top layer asks the students 3 questions to help them
81 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (4.77 MB)
Are you teaching Chemistry? Look no further – Mrs. Brosseau’s Binder has what you need! I’ve bundled my Chemistry resources with a 20% discount. As I add more Chemistry resources to my store I will update this file with those resources. As
75 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (133.34 MB)
Review the causes of Earth's seasons with this creative doodle note graphic organizer. This note includes multiple ways of visualizing how the energy received by Earth from the Sun changes throughout its revolution. The PDF file contains 2
59 ratings
Digital Download PDF (6.86 MB)
Here is a great way to review some of the basics about ISOTOPES: isotope names and standard atomic notation, atomic numbers and masses, number of protons, neutrons and electrons. And your students get to color! They’ll love this! This is part of
53 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (0.90 MB)
Use this Domino Puzzle to help students review the organelles of plant and animal cells, their definitions and functions. This is great review for Biology classes! I’ve included the organelles puzzle in two sizes. The one page puzzle is great
51 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.44 MB)
Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion Doodle Notes. 4 pages of doodle notes covering: • an overview of Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion and Inertia • Newton’s First Law: The Law of Inertia with examples • Newton’s Second Law: The Law of Motion with an examination of
54 ratings
Digital Download PDF (12.26 MB)
This is a great PowerPoint and note to introduce the Big Bang theory to secondary students. The professional PowerPoint corresponds directly with a 2-page student note. Students will fill in the blanks while enjoying the presentation with
36 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (4.86 MB)
Use this Domino Puzzle to help students review common terms related to Chemistry and the Periodic Table of Elements. I use this puzzle with my Grade 9 & 10 Science classes for the Chemistry unit and is great review for older grades too! I’ve
42 ratings
Digital Download PDF (0.77 MB)
Are your students bored with Bohr-Rutherford Diagrams? Do they need to focus more of their attention to atoms and chemical families? These coloring pages and puzzles are a great way to practice some of these fundamental Chemistry concepts. If you
31 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (7.06 MB)
Get ready to relax for 3 days, because your lesson is planned, your presentation is ready and your notes and homework just need to be photocopied :) This great teaching resource includes a PowerPoint presentation file, corresponding notes and
42 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (7.21 MB)
Review the causes of solar and lunar eclipses with this creative doodle note graphic organizer. Also includes total and partial solar eclipses, causes of the red (blood) moon and the reason we don't see eclipses each lunar cycle. The PDF file
40 ratings
Digital Download PDF (8.36 MB)
This bundle includes 12 days worth of lessons and activity ideas for teaching the scientific method through inquiry. If you’re teaching the scientific method or a unit on scientific inquiry check out this incredible bundle of resources! This has
41 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (28.53 MB)
Energy Doodle Notes. 3 pages of doodle notes with practice problems covering: • Kinetic Energy and the Work-Energy Theorem • Gravitational Potential Energy • The Law of Conservation of Energy You will receive the 3 pages of doodle notes in PDF
38 ratings
Digital Download PDF (11.17 MB)
I LOVE Astronomy! One of my life's missions is to help more people understand the wonders of space and appreciate the Earth. I hope this Astronomy Doodle Notes Bundle will find a home in your classroom and spark curiosity and excitement in your
49 ratings
Digital Download PDF (47.29 MB)
Looking for fun worksheets or review pages for your Classifying Matter lessons? If so, then look no further! This resource consists of two “hidden image” coloring pages and one puzzle page. If you like this style of worksheet, you will love my
34 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (0.52 MB)
Give your students a different spin when teaching and reviewing the phases of the moon! After years and years of teaching students with the same old moon phase diagram, I know students who struggle need a different view of the relationship between
38 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.96 MB)
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I have been teaching high school Science, Physics and Math since 2009. While studying in my undergraduate program, I developed math competitions and trained students Grade 7-University to compete in national competitions. I have also worked as a Lab Coordinator for University Calculus, a Teaching Assistant for University Math courses and a Research Assistant.


I love to have fun in class! I love teaching and reviewing through games. You'll find cooperative learning structures and academic conversations being used in my classroom. I love to share my experiences with my students - especially when it comes to Physics. I've accomplished a lot of activities on my "Physics Teacher Bucket List": skydiving, bungy jumping and even driving a tank!
Mrs. Brosseau's Physics Bucket List


During my undergraduate studies I was awarded a prestigious NSERC research grant and my work on queueing systems was published in the International Journal of Mathematics in Operations Research. I was the Putnam Mathematics Competition winner at the University of Windsor in my final year of undergrad.


I have a B.Math (Honours) degree, a Minor in Physics and a B.Ed through the Concurrent program. I graduated with Great Distinction. I have additional qualifications in Special Education, Religious Education and an Honours Specialist in Mathematics. I am a Google Certified Educator (Level 1). I am currently pursuing my Professional Master of Education.


I married the incredibly smart, funny and handsome Mr. Brosseau in 2012 and we welcomed our two little Brosseau Sprouts to the world in August 2014 and June 2016. When I begrudgingly retire I want to live on a blueberry farm.

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