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Thanksgiving food persuasive writing / Opinion Writing for CC W.1 W.2 Includes three tiered versions to address the abilities of all learners Follows common core standards while allowing kids to have fun with holiday activities!
142 ratings
Digital Download PDF (0.17 MB)
Comparing Numbers with < > = greater than less than equal to 1.NBT.3 Compare two two-digit numbers based on meanings of the tens and ones digits, recording the results of comparisons with the symbols <, >, and =. Over 40 pages...
151 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.41 MB)
1.MD.1 Comparing Objects by Length and Measuring Using Non Standard Units Built To Teach Common Core Standard 1.MD.1 Also supports 1.MD.2 and 1.NBT.3 CONTAINS ACTIVITIES TO… • Describe given objects as taller/shorter or longer/shorter than other
176 ratings
Digital Download PDF (0.93 MB)
c, ch, t, th, s, sh, k, qu, and wh Individual and mixed practice Picture sorts Read and illustrate decodable digraph words
118 ratings
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Flip Flop Facts: Teaching the Commutative Property in Grade 1 This mini unit is 100% Common Core Aligned to CC Standard 1.OA.3. These materials can be used to teach and review the concept of turn around facts. What's Included? - use of the
128 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.78 MB)
1.G.3 Partitioning Circles and Rectangles aligns perfectly with the Common Core Standard CC 1.G.3. After the use of these materials students will be able to meet the following learning targets: Learning Targets: - I can partition (divide) a circle
98 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.93 MB)
14 pages of Bar Graphs, Tally Charts, Pictographs All of the independent work you need for your kiddos to master graphing in grade 1 for the common core. 1.MD.4 CC Common Core Aligned for first grade graphing standards varying levels of
61 ratings
Digital Download PDF (0.89 MB)
Place Value with Expanded Notation for Hundreds, Tens, and Ones. Aligns to Common Core CC NBT.1, NBT.2. The focus for these activities is grade 1 and 2. 100s, 10s, 1s practice for 1st and 2nd graders with: - 1 Place Value Game with 6 options for
55 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.42 MB)
The Associative Property of Addition in Grade 1, Common Core aligned to CC Standard 1.OA.3. This mini unit is meant as review and practice with adding multiple addends and adding in any order. Students use doubles, making 10, and more common 1st
58 ratings
Digital Download PDF (0.16 MB)
I've been teaching nonfiction text features every year, BUT never with electronic features! The CC introduced this into my teaching. I wanted text and electronic feature posters that matched the common core standards. I also wanted the formats and
47 ratings
Digital Download PDF (6.64 MB)
6 Word Work Games to go with ANY WORD LIST... I use these same games all year long with all of my word study spelling lists. Word work, phonics, spelling, whatever you call it-- This game will help! Practice reading and spelling words with these
45 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.69 MB)
Syllable Sorts for CC RF.2 Includes: 9 picture set pages and 5 sorting mats to make up this syllable sorting packet... Use to teach practice sorting words with 1-4 syllables. Varying levels of difficulty: Varies from sorts that are 1 and 2
44 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.49 MB)
The Classroom Labels Mega Pack is perfect for primary, ESL, special education, and reading classrooms. Create that print rich environment with these labels. Use to label your classroom, add to your word wall or teach new words to English language
43 ratings
Digital Download PDF (14.23 MB)
+10 and - 10 for Grade 1 ... 1.NBT.5 Adding and Subtracting 10, Plus and Minus 10 These materials will help your students build towards +10 and -10 using mental math. The place value and number sense skills needed are all included in this set of
44 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.81 MB)
Number Formation Posters with rhymes for numbers 0-9. Each is on 8.5x11" printable color poster. Didn't create the rhymes... Just put them in to poster form with visuals! Enjoy!
28 ratings
Digital Download PDF (0.29 MB)
Teach students long and short vowel sounds with this giant pack Includes: - vowel sound anchor chart poster in 2 sizes - student reference chart - student desk strips - 10 picture sorts (2 sorts for each vowel [initial and medial sound])
40 ratings
Digital Download PDF (6.26 MB)
This phonics activity --- similar to BOGGLE --- uses common word families. Each page lists the target phonetic pattern (CVCE, CVVC, all the way to r-controlled vowels and dipthongs). Students use the given sounds to spell and write words using the
38 ratings
Digital Download PDF (0.80 MB)
Use and Reuse Roll and Read Phonics Game Boards provide activities that your students can repeat again and again. I like to send these home for homework, use in literacy stations, word study review, or as an option for early finishers. This Common
49 ratings
Digital Download PDF (0.42 MB)
"Strategies for Addition" Posters are chevron themed with lime green and navy as the main colors. Over 20 posters are included including... - count on - use fingers - doubles - doubles plus 1 - fact family - flip flop facts / commutative property -
29 ratings
Digital Download PDF (19.57 MB)
Non Fiction Reading Mega Pack Featuring… just right books, text features, electronic features, student notebook, corresponding nonfiction book. OVER 60 PAGES! Contents: -- “How do I know if a non fiction book is just right?” poster set ($.99
33 ratings
Digital Download PDF (9.82 MB)
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