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I put six of my STAAR Revising and Editing passages in one bundle with 6 connected prompt pages and 26-line paper for expository composition practice. This product includes almost every STAAR objective for editing and some revising objectives
95 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (5.51 MB)
This bundle includes 1 through 4 of my daily practices. There are 11 practice paragraphs with 12 questions for a lower per question cost. Don't purchase this bundle if you have already purchased 1-4 of my separate daily practices. Daily
69 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.61 MB)
This STAAR practice has an Alamo theme. The kids seem to be very interested in Texas History, so I thought…Why not turn history into a writing STAAR practice? The questions focus on "following and supporting sentences”. TEKS: 4.18Aii There
50 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.17 MB)
This STAAR practice about real life superheroes has questions that cover transition words and sentences. TEKS: 4.20Aviii This has been used in multiple 4th grade classrooms. Transitions seem to be especially difficult for kids. I thought a
41 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.37 MB)
I am so happy to add weeks 1-4 of my STAAR Writing Weekly Practice Series to Mrs. Ray's Realm Teacher's Pay Teachers store. When I prepare my 4th graders for the Writing STAAR test, I begin with the end in mind. This product and the others that
43 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.24 MB)
I bundled all four of my Text Feature passages into one. Included are the following passages and text features: Powerful Penguins: Titles, Subtitles, Headings, and Subheadings The Other Black and White Bear: Bolded Words and Maps Towers in the
61 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.47 MB)
This short passage is designed to help your students with dreaded context clues. This is the second in a series of dinosaur-themed context clue passages. This resource is included in my Giant Lizard Context Clue Bundle. Included in this product: -A
33 ratings
Digital Download PDF (0.84 MB)
I created this passage about penguins to help my kids understand text features. This product covers titles, subtitles, headings, and subheadings. The students will use the informational passage about penguins with the text features (titles,
33 ratings
Digital Download PDF (0.79 MB)
In this editing passage about students getting stuck inside a snow globe, the kids will enjoy a fun day in the life of a fourth grader in December. The passage covers capitalization, punctuation, sentence structure, coherence, and spelling.
44 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (2.12 MB)
I created this passage about the Titanic to help my kids understand text features. This product covers diagrams, charts/tables, maps, and information boxes. The students will use the informational passage about the Titanic with the text features
31 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.34 MB)
This short passage is designed to help your students with dreaded context clues. This is the first in a series of dinosaur-themed context clue passages. This resource is included in my Giant Lizard Context Clue Bundle. Included in this
23 ratings
Digital Download PDF (0.72 MB)
If your kids have trouble with using context clues like mine do, then this passage is for you. I created this high-interest and challenging passage about recycling to help the students with inferring word meaning using clues from the text and using
23 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.03 MB)
This was an assessment created and used in a fourth grade Texas classroom to teach character relationships and text analysis. We used the book My Rotten Red-Headed Older Brother by Patricia Polacco for this assessment. It includes the following
19 ratings
Digital Download PDF (0.53 MB)
I created this product to help my kids learn the basic vocabulary for 4th Grade geometry. This product includes 2 anchor charts with the term, definition, illustration, and example of the following words: point, line, line segment, plane, ray,
14 ratings
Digital Download PDF (0.87 MB)
Here are four short daily practices for revising and editing STAAR covering the following: (4 mini passages and 5 questions) plural nouns subject verb agreement compound sentences organization Please do not purchase if you already purchased my
27 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.41 MB)
I wrote this passage about the Coastal Plains of Texas to help my students with nonfiction summary in a multiple choice format. I integrated a Texas theme because they generally seem to enjoy Texas History, which will motivate them to read the
32 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.38 MB)
My students were having a difficult time with input/output tables. I decided to create this workstation using spinners to determine the rule for the input/output. 4th Grade TEKS/CCSS: 4.5B; 4.5A CCSS.Math.Content.4.OA.A.2;
17 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.00 MB)
This STAAR Practice Passage includes questions on superlative adjectives, singular and plural nouns, irregular verbs, and adverbs. The charming story about a girl who loves her kitchen will hook the kids into this editing passage. This product
24 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (1.33 MB)
If your students have trouble with homophones in their writing, then try this test formatted homophone practice! Check out my There, Their, and They’re Freebie to see what this product is all about! Includes: Anchor Charts: There, Their,
18 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.46 MB)
I wrote this passage to mainly test knowledge of conjunctions and compound sentences. If you've noticed, many of my practice passages have this theme. It has proven to be a difficult concept for my students. There are also a few topic/conclusion
17 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.13 MB)
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