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Are you in need of a quick behavior contract that will help your student focus to improve behavior that as disruptive to learning? This set is simple and customizable for your situation and helps students focus on their responsibility and being
200 ratings
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Are you looking for a positive behavior system that is simple to use, encourages good behavior, and one that you can print or customize to fit the need in your classroom and school? Look no further! These behavior cards are great for use with
55 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (34.75 MB)
This version off my student of the month program is COMPLETELY EDITABLE! This set is for teachers who wish to change the name of the program, add their own logos, mascot images and change the color and customize the wording on items they choose.
23 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (31.40 MB)
Do your students sometimes get excitable and have difficulty concentrating? Do students need reminding of proper behaviors close to the holidays? Use these behavior tickets as gentle reminders. Step 1: Recognize positive student behaviors.
25 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (30.90 MB)
Are you looking for a positive behavior management program that is fun and one that sneaks in coin counting skills? This set of coin point charts is designed for you! It is also editable so you can customize it for your class or for individual
28 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (49.93 MB)
This behavior set is designed to teach students of all ages how to say, "I’m sorry." Little problems can be kept little if students say, these simple two words and you can focus on teaching and not spend time dealing with behavior conflicts among
22 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (121.46 MB)
These simple to use yet HIGHLY effective behavior incentive tickets are hidden inside plastic Easter Eggs. They will energize your homework turn-in rate OR improve behaviors late in the spring, just when students need a motivator. The egg basket
17 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (33.13 MB)
This is a simple to use positive behavior program that allows students to take accountability for their own actions. The program asks students to “Stop and Think” of their behavior and how they will act differently next time. Students will fill
8 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (38.71 MB)
Christmas is coming...your students are getting restless...behaviors are beginning need reminders more often...what to do? Use the Holiday Bonus Box and Grouch Box to improve classroom behaviors! Students draw a coupon and the rewards are super
16 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (40.39 MB)
The Wise Owl Student of the Month is an effective behavior program designed to recognize and improve behaviors for ALL students. There are 12 "Wise Owl Traits" that focus on traits that help students become successful learners. Some students
8 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (79.05 MB)
Are you looking for positive behavior programs that work and get kids excited about doing th right thing? This set is a collection of my 9 favorite behavior products that are "must-haves" for the classroom. These work programs WORK and keep
12 ratings
This is a fun behavior incentive program designed to help improve behaviors the week before Halloween. There are four reward tickets per sheet of paper and lots of options to personalize this set. See below for exact details and see the
7 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (103.74 MB)
This is a fun NO PREP Thanksgiving themed behavior incentive program designed to help improve behaviors during November. It's a simple classroom management tool. When you see students doing the right thing, they get to choose a ticket from the bag.
2 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (34.11 MB)
The Proud Panda Student of the Month is an effective behavior program designed to recognize and improve behaviors for ALL students. There are 12 "Proud Panda Traits" that focus on characteristics of successful learners. This Proud Panda program
1 rating
Digital Download ZIP (94.11 MB)
This is a simple and fun classroom rules poster that focuses on the rule of respect. If you think about it, this one little word, "respect," really covers all of the other classroom rules. There are two versions for you to choose in PNG format.
12 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (11.16 MB)
Give students a visual reminder of the noise level in your classroom with this noise level chart or noise meter in 4 designs. Choose which design you prefer, attach the arrow with a brad and students will know your expectations instantly. Simple,
2 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (10.02 MB)
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I love teaching intermediate grade students! I've taught mostly grades 4, 5 and blended classes plus 6th grade, middle school math, 1st grade, high school at-risk computers, and served as our district's K-12 Academic Achievement Specialist.

I'm now retired from 34 years teaching in Oregon's public schools and am passionate about helping other teachers by sharing what worked for me. I've taught blends and large class sizes of 30+ students, so the independent projects and activities I developed got students focused and gave me time to teach curriculum to students in the other grade level.


I give students choices using projects, activities, and hands-on materials and integrate technology everywhere possible to get the highest results.

Students rise to our expectations, so we must teach each child as if he or she is gifted and talented. Expect a lot, get a lot!

Students should not have to ask, "When are we ever going to use this?" If you teach with real life applications, they will KNOW.


• Disney Teacher Award Honoree, 2006
• Microsoft's First Worldwide Innovative Teacher
• Intel Innovative Teacher, 2005
• JASON XV Teacher Argonaut, Panama, Dr. Robert Ballard's Expedition Team, 2004
• Mount Vernon Teachers Institute Recipient from Oregon, 2010
• Mount Vernon Lesson Plan of the Year, 2010
• OnPoint Credit Union Excellence in Education Award, 2011
• Featured in the book, One-On-One with America's Most Inspiring Teachers, 2011
• Featured in the book, Teaching with the Internet K-12: New Literacies for New Times, 2004
• Redmond Wal-Mart Teacher of the Year, 2003


• Master of Arts in Teaching
• Bachelor of Arts Elementary Education
• Standard Elementary Teaching Certificate
• Mathematics Endorsement through Algebra I
• Reading Endorsement


I live on in Oregon on a 10-acre farm in Oregon with my husband and our sixth Golden Retriever. Our only daughter is a Physical Therapist in New England. I enjoy family times, kayaking, traveling and camping, quilting, reading, and exploring the great outdoors.
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