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Give your students the math reference materials that help them instantly! These math helper charts are jam-packed with academic content to help your learners be successful. NEW! The set now also includes international math helper pages with
359 ratings
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Ultimate 4th grade math word wall that includes 264 math posters and CCSS words (but not tagged CCSS on the posters) so these can be used in any context! This set includes all of the 4th grade math vocabulary words you will need! Learning the
219 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (33.09 MB)
These spinner flash cards a "cool" size of 0-12 multiplication facts that older kids will actually use! Save paper and cutting time with this color themed spinner triangle flash card set. All 0 to 12 multiplication math facts for each factor
129 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (31.07 MB)
This mega set includes every 5th grade math word you might need! The set includes 498 definitions in color word wall posters specifically designed to be highly visible by students from across the room. It includes all of the words fifth graders
167 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (145.15 MB)
Are you looking for lots of 4th grade prompts to assess each of the Common Core Standards? These make great assessments and there's 5 prompts per standard to give you multiple opportunities. This 4th grade math journal is so much more than a
94 ratings
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Help students learn the vocabulary of math with these math operations posters in two formatting choices (see the product preview). The Math Word Wall set of posters is titled: Math Operation Words and has operation words listed on separate pages
51 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (23.92 MB)
4th Grade Math Domains Included: OA: Operations in Algebraic Thinking + NBT: Number and Operations in Base Ten This is part 1 of a 2 part bundled set of yearly math vocabulary PowerPoint slideshows and word wall posters with a daily student
84 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (111.11 MB)
Math word wall with definitions for 246 words that 3rd graders need. These meet CCSS standards but they're NOT tagged on the posters so they can be used in any district! You'll also get PowerPoint slideshows for the poster definitions. All 3rd
76 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (178.75 MB)
Use these quick and easy math assessments to help you determine students' math skill levels. Each test has an answer key to save you time. These are great to use with your Math RTI groups, too! Tests for addition, subtraction, multiplication,
45 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (24.00 MB)
Let's be honest! This set gets students multiplying every day for the 12 days before Christmas break! Each worksheet has 24 multiplication problems and 2 addition problems to be solved but students will think they're just having fun! Students use
61 ratings
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See the preview for 5 FREE prompts from the unit!!! This journal is so much more than a collection of word problems. These journal prompts ask students to defend their answers, list the steps they took to solve the problem, make their own
46 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (33.61 MB)
Are you looking for a fun and creative way to review multiples and common multiples and integrate art at the same time? Maybe you are looking for no-prep meaningful math lessons to leave for a substitute or to use as a Valentine's Math center?
36 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (12.93 MB)
This set, Set 1, includes these 3 full products: Click each link to see more detail. • 5th Gr. Math Vocabulary PowerPoint Slideshow + Posters {OA} Operations & Algebraic Thinking • 5th Gr. Math Vocabulary PowerPoint Slideshow + Posters
40 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (120.08 MB)
Students need to know the steps in multiplication strategies and this set shows 6+ different methods of multiplying. This multiplication strategy posters and slide show set makes a perfect addition to your math word wall and math centers. Use the
26 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (39.98 MB)
Are you looking for fun Christmas Math and Christmas math coloring worksheets that are creative and a great way to review multiples and common multiples during December? Maybe you are looking for no-prep meaningful holiday season themed math
35 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (48.59 MB)
If you want older students to really use flash cards to practice math fact, they have to be cool! These spinner flash cards are small and students will "spin" their way to math fact mastery! This bundle includes the addition/subtraction set AND
13 ratings
4th Grade Common Core Math Posters & Slideshow Set: CCSS-M Measurement & Data The set includes a PowerPoint slideshow with math vocabulary slides and word wall posters. Also included is a student activity where students write and draw
16 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (144.93 MB)
1/29/15: New vocabulary words added: bill, cent, change, coins, dime, dollar, gap, nickel, overlap, penny, quarter & tape diagram. 3rd Grade Common Core Math Posters & Slideshow Set: CCSS-M Measurement & Data The set includes a
13 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (101.64 MB)
5th Grade Common Core Math Posters & Slideshow set: CCSS-M Number & Operations in Base Ten The set includes a PowerPoint slideshow with math vocabulary slides and word wall posters. Also included is a student activity where students
18 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (58.32 MB)
3rd Grade Common Core Math Posters & Slideshow set: CCSS-M Operations & Algebraic Thinking The set includes a PowerPoint slideshow with math vocabulary slides and word wall posters. Also included is a student activity where students
17 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (15.51 MB)
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I love teaching intermediate grade students! I've taught mostly grades 4, 5 and blended classes plus 6th grade, middle school math, 1st grade, high school at-risk computers, and served as our district's K-12 Academic Achievement Specialist.

I'm now retired from 34 years teaching in Oregon's public schools and am passionate about helping other teachers by sharing what worked for me. I've taught blends and large class sizes of 30+ students, so the independent projects and activities I developed got students focused and gave me time to teach curriculum to students in the other grade level.


I give students choices using projects, activities, and hands-on materials and integrate technology everywhere possible to get the highest results.

Students rise to our expectations, so we must teach each child as if he or she is gifted and talented. Expect a lot, get a lot!

Students should not have to ask, "When are we ever going to use this?" If you teach with real life applications, they will KNOW.


• Disney Teacher Award Honoree, 2006
• Microsoft's First Worldwide Innovative Teacher
• Intel Innovative Teacher, 2005
• JASON XV Teacher Argonaut, Panama, Dr. Robert Ballard's Expedition Team, 2004
• Mount Vernon Teachers Institute Recipient from Oregon, 2010
• Mount Vernon Lesson Plan of the Year, 2010
• OnPoint Credit Union Excellence in Education Award, 2011
• Featured in the book, One-On-One with America's Most Inspiring Teachers, 2011
• Featured in the book, Teaching with the Internet K-12: New Literacies for New Times, 2004
• Redmond Wal-Mart Teacher of the Year, 2003


• Master of Arts in Teaching
• Bachelor of Arts Elementary Education
• Standard Elementary Teaching Certificate
• Mathematics Endorsement through Algebra I
• Reading Endorsement


I live on in Oregon on a 10-acre farm in Oregon with my husband and our sixth Golden Retriever. Our only daughter is a Physical Therapist in New England. I enjoy family times, kayaking, traveling and camping, quilting, reading, and exploring the great outdoors.
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