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Are you looking for a biography research report that puts students in charge of their learning? Students "become the person" during the culmination event wax museum or classroom speech with this fun biography project. Students gain access to my
475 ratings
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The classroom economy program runs all year and will be the backbone of your classroom each year and students absolutely LOVE it! This set includes just about everything you'll need to run a real life classroom economy and teach decimal addition
352 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (19.46 MB)
This state research project puts students in charge as they become the tourism director and convince others to visit their state. At the “Passport to the USA” celebration event, students collect state stamps and glue them into their passports.
290 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (214.93 MB)
Students LOVE this Oregon Trail simulation and beg for more time to play! The best part is, student wagon groups move their wagons by playing math probability games and using cooperation and teamwork skills! Sneaking in math and group work is a
251 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (11.35 MB)
“If You Traveled West in a Covered Wagon” by Ellen Levine, published by Scholastic (ISBN 0-590-45158-8), is a great non-fiction book for students to read to accompany your Oregon Trail unit. Students enjoy the colorful photos and easy to read text
167 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (8.45 MB)
This 151 page set includes all materials needed for students to write a story and publish a 22+ page book as if they were traveling the Oregon Trail. There’s lot of components to this fun and motivating project so keep reading! See the 5 page
137 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (62.88 MB)
This set has 2 weeks (10 days) of quilt block fractions math coloring fun in worksheet, manipulative, and SMART Board interactive formats. A SMART Board is NOT needed to use the lessons but is sure is more exciting for students if you're lucky to
81 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (19.41 MB)
This ready-to-go ABC's of the Oregon Trail book writing project is fun for students and it showcases what students have learned about the Oregon Trail and life along the rail. The project material are fully editable so you can customize it to fit
55 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (5.73 MB)
Are you looking for some writing paper for projects that need a special old fashioned looking border? This paper is perfect for your colonial studies and Oregon Trail or pioneer projects. I looked high and low and ended up making my own bordered
23 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (19.62 MB)
“…If You Lived in WILLIAMSBURG in COLONIAL DAYS” by Barbara Brenner, published by Scholastic (ISBN 0-590-92922-4), is a great non-fiction book for students to read to accompany your Colonial unit studies. Students enjoy the easy to read, colorful
32 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (8.98 MB)
This set of 12 days of math, language and geography activities is designed as a December daily morning starter, fast finisher activity, or absent student packet. It makes also makes a perfect center or set of worksheets for entire class. It
26 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (4.10 MB)
Are you looking for a fun way to teach area and perimeter with an added bonus of learning about the history of America's first president, George Washington and his Mount Vernon home, too? This set includes 119 pages of math and social studies
36 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (25.61 MB)
Here's some final copy writing paper for projects that need a special border to make the finished product super special. The set includes 16 pages of special bordered papers perfect for use with your colonial unit studies. They would also be great
22 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (1.67 MB)
This is the ultimate set of social studies reference pages ready to print and glue onto a file folder to make an incredible lap book "office" type reference tool for students in grades 3-5. Laminate the pages or glue them into student journals or
22 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (49.91 MB)
This is a 50-slide PowerPoint slideshow of Mount Vernon and the estate grounds. You get a great overview of the entire estate grounds and some of the exhibits in the museum. I also created a set of PDF posters that can be printed for your wall
14 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (130.31 MB)
If you want students to show mastery of a concept, use an ABC book format! Students will love demonstrating knowledge using this project. This set of ABC book masters contains three choices of styles. There's a black & white, a grey set, and
15 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (0.71 MB)
Looking for lessons using math that are different and challenging? This fun week of activities is themed around Mount Vernon, George Washington, and ordering colonial meals using British pounds shillings, and pence. It's is PERFECT to use during
10 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (4.26 MB)
Writing poetry should be fun and with these forms it IS! These five poetry forms allow students to use their creativity to demonstrate content area knowledge. This set includes five poetry forms complete with directions, a student example, and a
7 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (14.53 MB)
Help students learn to identify the U.S. states on the U.S. map with this set of all 50 states with task cards AND interactive digital task cards via “Boom Cards™”! The bundled set gives you the paper set for your classroom AND digital access to
8 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (81.43 MB)
Help students learn the capitals of all 50 states with task cards AND interactive digital task cards via “Boom Cards™”! Go paperless with this fun digital set and collect student data at the same time! Both the paper and e-version of these cards
6 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (73.44 MB)
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I love teaching intermediate grade students! I've taught mostly grades 4, 5 and blended classes plus 6th grade, middle school math, 1st grade, high school at-risk computers, and served as our district's K-12 Academic Achievement Specialist.

I'm now retired from 34 years teaching in Oregon's public schools and am passionate about helping other teachers by sharing what worked for me. I've taught blends and large class sizes of 30+ students, so the independent projects and activities I developed got students focused and gave me time to teach curriculum to students in the other grade level.


I give students choices using projects, activities, and hands-on materials and integrate technology everywhere possible to get the highest results.

Students rise to our expectations, so we must teach each child as if he or she is gifted and talented. Expect a lot, get a lot!

Students should not have to ask, "When are we ever going to use this?" If you teach with real life applications, they will KNOW.


• Disney Teacher Award Honoree, 2006
• Microsoft's First Worldwide Innovative Teacher
• Intel Innovative Teacher, 2005
• JASON XV Teacher Argonaut, Panama, Dr. Robert Ballard's Expedition Team, 2004
• Mount Vernon Teachers Institute Recipient from Oregon, 2010
• Mount Vernon Lesson Plan of the Year, 2010
• OnPoint Credit Union Excellence in Education Award, 2011
• Featured in the book, One-On-One with America's Most Inspiring Teachers, 2011
• Featured in the book, Teaching with the Internet K-12: New Literacies for New Times, 2004
• Redmond Wal-Mart Teacher of the Year, 2003


• Master of Arts in Teaching
• Bachelor of Arts Elementary Education
• Standard Elementary Teaching Certificate
• Mathematics Endorsement through Algebra I
• Reading Endorsement


I live on in Oregon on a 10-acre farm in Oregon with my husband and our sixth Golden Retriever. Our only daughter is a Physical Therapist in New England. I enjoy family times, kayaking, traveling and camping, quilting, reading, and exploring the great outdoors.
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