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This is the ultimate set of 128 (and growing) character traits and virtues posters! It has every trait you need to teach character education. Best yet, if you need a word, just ask! There are 150 pages of PowerPoint Slides and posters and the
82 ratings
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Students need reminders of strategies that good readers use. This set of 8 posters in 4 font choices and colors is written in first person voice so students can ask themselves the questions as they read. The poster set is great for helping with
82 ratings
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Are you looking for the ultimate third grade math vocabulary word wall that included ALL of the words you need? This is it! This 3rd grade math poster set covers all Common Core words (plus more) AND includes a bonus student ABC activity booklet
91 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (64.50 MB)
Help students learn the vocabulary of math with these math operations posters in two formatting choices (see the product preview). The Math Word Wall set of posters is titled: Math Operation Words and has operation words listed on separate pages
51 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (23.92 MB)
Help students understand the genre definitions with these posters and example book lists. There are 10 genre posters with definitions and 10 book lists. Also included are some 3 choices of word wall poster titles and there's a bonus reading
46 ratings
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Help students find the SWEETNESS in poetry! Teaching poetry vocabulary can be SWEET with this set of poetry vocabulary posters and slideshow designed to help students understand the language of poetry. You'll get 33 poetry definition posters
56 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (47.17 MB)
These science inquiry process posters remind students of the steps in the science method. There are 5 different scientific process posters in color and also black and white in PDF format. There are 19 pages of PDF materials included. Most of the
45 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (7.50 MB)
Don’t hand-write your schedule and objectives! Save time! Post your objectives and class schedules in style with these colorful, cute, multi-bordered posters in turquoise/blues. Posters will be easily readable from a distance (font size 72-98).
34 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (0.81 MB)
If you teach math financial literacy, you might want to check out this set of 82 financial literacy word wall posters and PowerPoint slides. Move the slides into the order you need with the PowerPoint set. This set helps students learn the
15 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (153.66 MB)
Don’t hand-write your schedule and objectives! Save time! Post your objectives in colorful rainbow colors with graphics. Posters will be easily readable from a distance (font size 72-98). This set can be laminated and posted on a bulletin board
20 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (0.82 MB)
Post your daily schedule on your word wall or bulletin board so you and your students know the routine. This set has 216 pre-made posters or use the editable set to add some more! It's also got 40 times ready to print and use! The posters print 2
18 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (212.34 MB)
This is a set of 4th grade "I Can" statements for Common Core math written in student friendly language.. The set is in full page AND half page size format AND is listed by cluster as well as specific standard so you choose the set that works
13 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (15.36 MB)
Are you searching for a set of math vocabulary words that contains ALL words you need for grades 3-5 including financial literacy words? This set has got you covered! If the word isn't there, I'll add it! Words were researched and fit the Common
19 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (113.84 MB)
This is a simple to use positive behavior program that allows students to take accountability for their own actions. The program asks students to “Stop and Think” of their behavior and how they will act differently next time. Students will fill
8 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (38.71 MB)
This is a set of Roman numeral posters for your wall and a set for your student journals. 30 Posters of each style (with and without graphics) in color and also in black and white: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18.
6 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (80.29 MB)
Teach students to self-assess their mastery and "Climb the Ladder of Mastery." This simple 5-point rubric helps students assess their learning. This poster set uses a 5-point scale and comes in full page size and also in 4 per sheet size to fit in
9 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (46.99 MB)
This is a set of 3rd grade "I Can" statements for Common Core math. The statements are written in student-friendly language and are ready to post on your wall. The set is in full page AND half page size format AND is listed by cluster as well as
7 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (31.14 MB)
This Power Point slideshow is all about the gardens George Washington grew at Mount Vernon. The slideshow is also created as a PDF full page mode so you could show it full screen that way or used as posters. This slideshow is included in another
4 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (11.02 MB)
This colorful 28 slide PowerPoint slideshow and poster set includes needed vocabulary definitions to study ecosystems, food chains and food webs for grades 3-5. Vocabulary Included: carnivore community consumer decomposer ecosystem food chain food
2 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (90.05 MB)
This is a cute jungle themed set of character traits posters that spells out PRIDE: (with several title options) P - Perseverance / Persevere R - Respect / Respectful I - Integrity D - Dependable / Dependability E - Empathy /
3 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (60.27 MB)
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I love teaching intermediate grade students! I've taught mostly grades 4, 5 and blended classes plus 6th grade, middle school math, 1st grade, high school at-risk computers, and served as our district's K-12 Academic Achievement Specialist.

I'm now retired from 34 years teaching in Oregon's public schools and am passionate about helping other teachers by sharing what worked for me. I've taught blends and large class sizes of 30+ students, so the independent projects and activities I developed got students focused and gave me time to teach curriculum to students in the other grade level.


I give students choices using projects, activities, and hands-on materials and integrate technology everywhere possible to get the highest results.

Students rise to our expectations, so we must teach each child as if he or she is gifted and talented. Expect a lot, get a lot!

Students should not have to ask, "When are we ever going to use this?" If you teach with real life applications, they will KNOW.


• Disney Teacher Award Honoree, 2006
• Microsoft's First Worldwide Innovative Teacher
• Intel Innovative Teacher, 2005
• JASON XV Teacher Argonaut, Panama, Dr. Robert Ballard's Expedition Team, 2004
• Mount Vernon Teachers Institute Recipient from Oregon, 2010
• Mount Vernon Lesson Plan of the Year, 2010
• OnPoint Credit Union Excellence in Education Award, 2011
• Featured in the book, One-On-One with America's Most Inspiring Teachers, 2011
• Featured in the book, Teaching with the Internet K-12: New Literacies for New Times, 2004
• Redmond Wal-Mart Teacher of the Year, 2003


• Master of Arts in Teaching
• Bachelor of Arts Elementary Education
• Standard Elementary Teaching Certificate
• Mathematics Endorsement through Algebra I
• Reading Endorsement


I live on in Oregon on a 10-acre farm in Oregon with my husband and our sixth Golden Retriever. Our only daughter is a Physical Therapist in New England. I enjoy family times, kayaking, traveling and camping, quilting, reading, and exploring the great outdoors.
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