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★★★★★ This sex education unit has been tried and tested with my own class of special needs students! These Health lessons are organized, detailed, and the step-by-step directions make them easy to teach!This is a bundle of 10 standards-based
Special Education, Health, Life Skills
6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th
PowerPoint Presentations, Lesson Plans (Bundled), Activities
W.9-10.1, W.9-10.4, RST.9-10.1, RST.9-10.2, RST.9-10.3, RST.9-10.4, RST.9-10.7
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I have my Masters of Education Degree and my National Board Certification in Health. I've been a K-12 Physical Education teacher for over 30 years and have been certified and teaching Health for over 19 years. I'm also certified in Language Arts. Over the years I've taught junior high P.E. and Reading, Elementary P.E., 9th Grade English, 9th Grade P.E., Aerobics, and 9th Grade Health. I've been at my current job - high school 9th Grade Health - for 18 years.


The purpose of each of my health units was inspired by an awesome website called "Above the Influence." (google it and check it out!). I used these themes: 1. ABOVE THE CROWD (pressure to fit in) 2. ABOVE THE STRESS (pressure to relieve stress in harmful ways) 3. ABOVE THE INFLUENCE (pressure to use drugs) 4. ABOVE THE PRESSURE (pressure to be sexually active) 5. ABOVE THE HYPE (pressure to be perfect) 6. ABOVE THE CONTROL (pressure to judge, bully, hate, 7. ABOVE THE CONTROL PART II (Pressure to have unhealthy nutritional habits) 8. ABOVE THE PRESSURE (pressure to make dangerous decisions) 9. ABOVE THE PAST-(overcoming childhood hardships) My curriculum was designed to help teens grow in the confidence to say "I will" to the healthy choice, even in the face of extreme pressures and challenges. It was created to help teens build their self-esteem and embrace the realization that they each have the power to engineer just who they want to be.


1) Received "Distinguished" rating (32/32) on my "5 Dimensions of Learning" Teacher Evaluation, June 2014 2) "Top 5 High School Seller" on TPT since 2012 3) Creator of the best selling Health curriculum and the best selling P.E. curriculum on the whole TPT website!! The Best Health Curriculum The Best P.E. Curriculum 4) "Teacher of the Month" in my school district - March 2014


See my "Experience" section


Check out my own website where I have over 80 health lessons in a variety of topics for FREE and for sale, and also have free tips of the month, awesome survey links, and enriching articles: The Best Health Lessons Also, be sure to check out my website where I have many FREE classroom and teaching tips of the month, FREE surveys each month, and enriching articles new every month: The Best Health Lessons Here are links to my “full semester / full year” Curriculums: The Best Health Curriculum: A Complete Semester of Health Lesson Plans The Best Health Curriculum Re-formatted for 3 Grade Levels in a Sequential Program The Best P.E. Curriculum: A Complete Year-Long 6th – 12th Grade P.E. Program Independent Study Health Curriculum

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