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Fast Food and Nutrition Lessons-★★★★These are fun "unhealthy versus healthier" fast food choices lessons and includes an art project too! This resource is a student favorite! They have so much fun with this informative restaurant group
64 ratings
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Health Lesson-★★★★How Alcohol Affects the Body Art Activity. This project is a great way for your students to see how hard alcohol is on the growing body. It's a fun art project with an important message! This is also one of my "BEST-SELLING"
52 ratings
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Health Lesson-★★★★Life Stories Project-Overcoming Hardships and Sharing Your Story. This 3-Day Project will have your students sharing personal stories you never realized they had, and ones they've possibly never shared before!
58 ratings
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STOP BULLYING-★★★★"Making Your Voice Count." This lesson is not about trying to change the bully. It's all about helping the 85% of students who aren't bullying other students to realize THEIR VOICES COUNT and to use their voices to try and stop
48 ratings
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Art Projects-★★★★12 Engaging, Editable Art Projects for ANY Curriculum. ADD SOME FUN AND CREATIVITY TO YOUR STUDENTS' LEARNING! See these hands-on, engaging projects. These 12 art projects can help students get engaged in whatever curriculum you
44 ratings
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Health Lesson-★★★★Media Literacy and the Dangers of Tobacco Ad Appeals. This is one of my student's favorite art projects!! Many teens have had tobacco education for years so this is a fresh approach to reiterate the negative effects of the
14 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (109.36 MB)
Health Lesson-★★★★Anti-Drug Posters-A Favorite Art Project With a Message. This "tried and true" poster project is always a favorite with my 9th grade students. They come up with the most creative posters, and strong the message can impact teens
11 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (100.55 MB)
Health Lesson-★★★★Sex Education Pressure Lines + Assertive Refusals. This Common Core aligned lesson teaches students the importance of coming up with assertive refusal lines to sexual pressures. My students have fun designing these assertive,
10 ratings
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Arts & Crafts Task Cards-★★★★Projects for Classroom, Homeschool, + Parents Dear Teachers, Moms, Dads, and Homeschool Parents of PreK - 3rd Graders: ARTS and CRAFTS = LEARNING! Or much more elequently put by Albert Einstein, "Play is the
4 ratings
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Self-Esteem Lesson FREE-★★★★This Health lesson is "Improving Self-Esteem Through Positive Self-Talk." The proven #1 way to build your own positive self-esteem is through thinking positive thoughts about yourself.
42 ratings
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Get Fantastic Art Projects From Your Students-★★★★ Art Project Rubric and More! This FREE resource has great art project ideas for all 4th - 12th grade teachers of ANY subject. This resource includes an art rubric that is generic enough that you
6 ratings
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Healthy Lessons-★★★★If you work with teens, you'll be able to use this ***FREE*** bundle of 7 activities from my #1 Best-selling Health Curriculum:PowerPoints, surveys, art project, test template, video links and more! Why not download it FREE and
17 ratings
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Raise the Level of Student Effort on Art Projects and Get My "Art Rubric" FREE! ★This motivating idea is to MAKE YOUR ART PROJECTS COMPETITIONS and post winners on a bulletin board in a prominent place in your school! Full teacher directions, art
1 rating
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Sharp resolution photo with "worst foods" list added! FREE. Spread the message!! Included in both JPG and PNG. Best Regards, Mrs. S. Check out other resources: 1 to 4-Week Health Units: Nutrition Unit (My #1 Selling Unit!) Drug Unit Alcohol
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I have my Master's of Education Degree in "Instructional Technology, and my National Board Certification in Health. I've been a K-12 Physical Education teacher for over 30 years and been certified and teaching Health for over 19 years. I'm also certified in Language Arts. Over the years I've taught junior high P.E. and Reading, Elementary P.E., 9th Grade English, 9th Grade P.E., Aerobics, and 9th Grade Health. I've been at my current job - high school 9th Grade Health - for 18 years.


The purpose of each of my health units was inspired by an awesome website called "Above the Influence." (google it and check it out!). I used these themes: 1. ABOVE THE CROWD (pressure to fit in) 2. ABOVE THE STRESS (pressure to relieve stress in harmful ways) 3. ABOVE THE INFLUENCE (pressure to use drugs) 4. ABOVE THE PRESSURE (pressure to be sexually active) 5. ABOVE THE HYPE (pressure to be perfect) 6. ABOVE THE CONTROL (pressure to judge, bully, hate, 7. ABOVE THE CONTROL PART II (Pressure to have unhealthy nutritional habits) 8. ABOVE THE PRESSURE (pressure to make dangerous decisions) 9. ABOVE THE PAST-(overcoming childhood hardships) My curriculum was designed to help teens grow in the confidence to say "I will" to the healthy choice, even in the face of extreme pressures and challenges. It was created to help teens build their self-esteem and embrace the realization that they each have the power to engineer just who they want to be.


1) Received "Distinguished" rating (32/32) on my "5 Dimensions of Learning" Teacher Evaluation, June 2014 2) "Top 5 High School Seller" on TPT since 2012 3) Creator of the best selling Health curriculum and the best selling P.E. curriculum on the whole TPT website!! The Best Health Curriculum The Best P.E. Curriculum 4) "Teacher of the Month" in my school district - March 2014


See my "Experience" section


Check out my own website where I have over 80 health lessons in a variety of topics for FREE and for sale, and also have free tips of the month, awesome survey links, and enriching articles: The Best Health Lessons Also, be sure to check out my website where I have many FREE classroom and teaching tips of the month, FREE surveys each month, and enriching articles new every month: The Best Health Lessons Here are links to my “full semester / full year” Curriculums: The Best Health Curriculum: A Complete Semester of Health Lesson Plans The Best Health Curriculum Re-formatted for 3 Grade Levels in a Sequential Program The Best P.E. Curriculum: A Complete Year-Long 6th – 12th Grade P.E. Program Independent Study Health Curriculum

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