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Reading Skills Practice with Pigeon: Impossible and The Passenger Two short, approximately 15 minute lessons to introduce and or review inferring and predicting and or tone, mood, and plot in preparation for deeper analysis of texts. Includes
154 ratings
Teach Students the Research Paper Writing Process! Includes PDF presentations and more than 50 pages of resources including assignment sheets, rubrics, information sheets, and examples. This is a bundle of all my other MLA research paper writing
81 ratings
Start out on the right foot! High school students should have a syllabus just like their college counterparts. By introducing students to this concept early they will be better prepared later in life. Syllabi also function as a sort of contract
79 ratings
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An annotated bibliography helps you make sure your students are reading their source material. This pack contains 4 assignment sheets which allow you to choose whether to require one paragraph or 2 paragraph annotations and to choose either a
52 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.88 MB)
Point of View Task Cards This set of 15 cards reviews the three basic points of view- 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. It also asks students to identify whether each selection is written in a subjective or objective point of view. Each selection is from a book
68 ratings
Digital Download PDF (6.77 MB)
Inferring and Predicting Practice with Pigeon: Impossible A short, approximately 15 minute lesson to introduce and or review inferring and predicting in preparation for deeper analysis of texts. Includes worksheet to accompany video- made to be
59 ratings
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Research does not come easy to high school students. This product helps your students organize their research notes, learn to paraphrase, summarize and quote. It Includes my Writing Techniques #2 pdf presentation on how to summarize, paraphrase,
42 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (9.52 MB)
Shakespeare's Sonnets 18 & 130 Perfect for Valentine's Day or Sweetest Day, or any other time you'd like to teach about Shakespeare's love poetry. This product includes a fact sheet about English sonnets, and two pages for each sonnet: Sonnet
26 ratings
Digital Download PDF (10.32 MB)
The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe Task Cards This set of 25 task cards ask students to examine multiple literary elements, respond to the text, and form their own opinions about The Raven. Included is a full page (front and back) copy of The Raven and
43 ratings
Digital Download PDF (9.90 MB)
Students conduct line by line close reads of Keats' and Shelley's poems Ozymandias and Ode on a Grecian Urn. Included is a "cheat sheet" that explain how to read poems critically. Perfect for Test Prep, British Literature courses, or a poetry unit.
32 ratings
Digital Download PDF (6.56 MB)
Mood, Tone, and Plot Practice with The Passenger A short, approximately 15-20 minute lesson to introduce and or review tone, mood, and plot in preparation for deeper analysis of texts. Includes worksheets to accompany video- made to be cut in
32 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.14 MB)
Bundle of Close Reading Poetry Resources for Middle & High School This is a bundle of some of my best close reading materials for poetry. Perfect for differentiation and reviewing of skills! Answer keys are provided! These resources can be
41 ratings
Six tic-tac-toe boards of activities that can be used with any novel. Designed for a class which reads independently every night with the intention that they'd complete a tic-tac-toe board a week based off of what they were able to read in that
27 ratings
Digital Download PDF (0.08 MB)
Included in this packet are worksheets, graphic organizers, and basic assignment prompts that begin to address the expectations of The Common Core for both the 9-10 and 11-12 grade bands. This packet focuses on the ELA Reading Literature
25 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.77 MB)
Appreciating Frost's "The Road Not Taken" Included are assignment sheets for "The Road Not Taken." The full text of the poems is included on the sheets. The questions following the poem are specific to the standards for the grade levels. Use as
28 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.01 MB)
These cards are designed to get your students reading and analyzing poetry for its literary elements. Students are asked to use poetry anthologies and or their textbooks to find specific features in poems. This will expose your students to new
22 ratings
Digital Download PDF (8.33 MB)
Writing Your Story This product contains a two part PDF presentation on narrative writing in general and on literacy narratives and memoirs in particular. I have provided three levels of note taking sheets to accompany the presentation. Level A
23 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (19.77 MB)
Casey at the Bat Close Reading Handouts Included are assignment sheets for "Casey at the Bat." The full text of the poems is included on the sheets. The questions following the poem are specific to the standards for the grade levels. Use as needed
4th, 5th
31 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.11 MB)
Is Grammar a Mystery to Your Students? Help them use clues to figure out the rules! This set of task cards has students going beyond grammar worksheets to examine the differences between correct and incorrect sentences to help guide them to
18 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (4.03 MB)
31 pages of teaching tools for Code Name Verity. Vocabulary lists and worksheets, charts to keep track of characters and allusions, and comprehension questions for the entire novel. Also included are research projects and topics for consideration.
12 ratings
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I have experience teaching 7-12th grade students with my focus being high school. I am currently teaching research and writing at a community college. Most of my experience has been in alternative settings and or urban settings with either non proficient, special education, or reluctant learners.


I like to be as creative as possible. My goal is to get students excited about learning which at times is easier said than done. I find hands on and whole class activities are a great way to keep students engaged. But, I also believe in high standards, and preparing my students for college and career as much as possible.


Nominated as teacher-counselor of the year 2011-2012.


BA in English from Xavier University and an MA in English from John Carroll University!


I review young adult literature at YA Lit The Good The Bad The Ugly

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