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Looking for supplemental materials?! Explore maps... PIRATE STYLE! This 69 page supplemental resource packs in a lot of foundational, BASIC map skills in fun, interactive, developmentally friendly ways! Use a hula hoop, Silly Bands, and rumpled up
1428 ratings
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Make connections to classroom life and make it stick! Teaching government and the Constitution to young students can be precarious and abstract, but it doesn't have to be! This thirteen page file includes resources to supplement your existing
697 ratings
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Research doesn't have to be lifeless! Invigorate it with a WAX MUSEUM! If you're like me, you're tired of spinning your wheels when it comes to research projects. You want something more than the typical elementary school reports! Having my
705 ratings
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Get your little globetrotters excited about landforms with this engaging bundle! Use the posters to introduce landforms to your students, and have them make their own Globetrotter's Guide to Landforms. Don't feel limited by the clipart, blank
528 ratings
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Are you looking for ways to spice up your elementary economics unit? This supplemental file includes several vocabulary posters with picture cues, lessons, and printables that bring economics to life in a kid-friendly way. Check out the preview
498 ratings
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Looking to add a little POP to your community study? This 113 page supplemental file is jam-packed with resources to help spruce up your existing communities unit! :) It contains eye-catching posters, literature suggestions, worksheets, a
293 ratings
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When life gives you lemons, teach about economics! In today's world, there's no denying it. We need business-minded students to matriculate into a fast-paced global economy. This 89 page supplemental file is meant to enhance your Social Studies
239 ratings
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America is a country of immigrants. People left everything behind to start a new life in a new land. This lesson encourages students to think critically about what they would bring with them if they were moving to another country & share with the
151 ratings
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Reinforce the idea of civic responsibility with your kiddos! Encourage your students to think about our laws, the reasons they exist, and consequences for infractions through this activity. Use the planning sheet to help students prepare a poster
141 ratings
Digital Download PDF (0.73 MB)
Set the stage to engage! This unit is a great way to organize a classroom or school-wide election! Students will conduct playground polls, run polling centers, campaign and learn what it's really like to vote in an election--- hands on! :) Please
222 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (186.22 MB)
Excavate wonderful words and expand vocabularies! Goodbye drab dictionary drills, hello pure DINO-mite! If you are looking for a fresh and engaging way to practice dictionary and thesaurus skills, look no further! Check out the preview for a closer
152 ratings
Digital Download PDF (18.23 MB)
Step right up ladies and gents! Get ready for a three-ringed review lesson that is sure to engage even your most reluctant kiddos! All you need are three hula hoops (or large circles cut out of paper) and the contents of this unit!
122 ratings
Digital Download PDF (9.98 MB)
This packet combines a study on communities (particularly community helpers) with some additional practice with drawing conclusions. :) It's just one way to "kill two birds with one stone" in a really fun, kid-friendly way. The file contains
113 ratings
Digital Download PDF (32.41 MB)
This file contains 27 flap books to enhance your Social Studies instruction. They can be used as formative assessments to gauge your students' understanding of economics, map skills, landforms, communities, government, and cultures. Simply have
110 ratings
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I love Social Studies, but our curriculum is so dry and outdated that I find myself creating a lot of activities from scratch to engage them! This activity has students take a look at the Star Spangled Banner as they learn about patriotism.
63 ratings
Digital Download PDF (10.65 MB)
Use this document with your kiddos as part of any "Making Connections" mini-lesson! You can teach one type of connection at a time and have the whole class make the same kind of connection, or you may choose to allow the students to circle the
36 ratings
Digital Download PDF (0.58 MB)
For some reason, the thumbnail is kind of distorted, but the printable is CLEAR. Just fyi. Use this FREE printable to learn more about culture and making inferences! :) Tie into a real experience with a trash can filled with artifacts and create
13 ratings
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Use this center to practice helper style! :) Enjoy! Amanda (One Extra Degree)
24 ratings
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I currently teach third and fourth grade gifted kiddos, and I enjoy every second of it! Over the past eleven years, I have absolutely fallen in LOVE with my job! I am extremely passionate about teaching and creating, and I enjoy being able to share that passion with others!


I believe that teaching stretches far beyond the content areas. First and foremost, I work on establishing strong relationships with my students based on trust, mutual respect, and empathy. I realize that I am educating little people, and that even little people have problems that occasionally distract them from learning. I embrace this, and strive to meet their emotional and academic needs while at school. Sometimes we all need a pat on the back or a supportive smile to get us through the day. Beyond that, I take a child-centered approach to learning. I feel that if I say or do too much I am, in fact, inhibiting the students’ learning. My instruction is very much interactive, hands-on, authentic, and tailored to meet each individual student's needs as much as possible. I want the students to think intently and critically to find solutions, reflect on their learning, and gain independence. My role is to facilitate this learning and encourage them along the way. I provide the opportunities and then support as they complete assignments to ensure that every child feels a level of success and confidence in my classroom.



I have a Masters in Literacy Curriculum and Instruction, a reading endorsement, and a gifted endorsement. I also work as an adjunct professor at a local university, and I love it! *Ultimate Goal: I would like obtain my Doctorate and perhaps work as a professor or Literacy Coach.


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