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Teach character traits in a tasty and tangible way! This is a tasty lesson your students are sure to remember, and it addresses the Common Core too! Teaching character traits can be difficult, because students require prerequisite knowledge of
1584 ratings
Digital Download PDF (120.25 MB)
Looking for supplemental materials?! Explore maps... PIRATE STYLE! This 69 page supplemental resource packs in a lot of foundational, BASIC map skills in fun, interactive, developmentally friendly ways! Use a hula hoop, Silly Bands, and rumpled up
1428 ratings
Digital Download PDF (69.05 MB)
Word Work Made Simple...and FUN! Word Work is such a critical part of any literacy framework. The beautiful thing about these centers is that they can work for ANY spelling/vocabulary list, and can be easily adapted each week simply by adding a new
883 ratings
Digital Download PDF (165.22 MB)
Help students understand the poet's craft! This 62 page packet includes everything you need to launch a poetry unit in your classroom! It includes resources to teach poetry through the use of mentor texts and examining the author's craft or
759 ratings
Digital Download PDF (103.94 MB)
Research doesn't have to be lifeless! Invigorate it with a WAX MUSEUM! If you're like me, you're tired of spinning your wheels when it comes to research projects. You want something more than the typical elementary school reports! Having my
705 ratings
Digital Download PDF (48.80 MB)
Introduce chapter books with flair! This unit is so much fun to teach! Freckle Juice is a great introductory chapter book to use with your class! It's easy to relate to, funny, and non-threatening! If you're looking for a way to get your students
593 ratings
Digital Download PDF (39.15 MB)
The PERFECT Reader's Workshop tool! Give your sticky notes a purpose AND a home! Do you LOVE using sticky notes to teach reading comprehension?! Are you looking for new resources to facilitate literature circles or assess students formatively?
648 ratings
Digital Download PDF (21.22 MB)
Get your little globetrotters excited about landforms with this engaging bundle! Use the posters to introduce landforms to your students, and have them make their own Globetrotter's Guide to Landforms. Don't feel limited by the clipart, blank
528 ratings
Digital Download PDF (63.92 MB)
Are you looking for ways to spice up your elementary economics unit? This supplemental file includes several vocabulary posters with picture cues, lessons, and printables that bring economics to life in a kid-friendly way. Check out the preview
498 ratings
Digital Download PDF (34.23 MB)
A great STEM project! Simulate what real engineers do! This 77 page unit is a different take on the more traditional Inventors unit. It takes kids through the Engineering Design Process as they complete a Whatchamacallit Workshop and create an
376 ratings
Digital Download PDF (48.92 MB)
Transform your kids into generalization GURUS! Teaching generalizations is TOUGH! It's such a complex and abstract concept for our little ones to grasp, so I've created materials that go beyond seatwork and worksheets. This bundle includes
373 ratings
Digital Download PDF (47.48 MB)
Learning has never been SNOW much fun! This comprehensive week-long unit contains everything you need to launch an engaging and thought-provoking study of Snowflake Bentley! To see it in action, check out my blog post Snowflake Bentley: One Week
336 ratings
Digital Download PDF (182.56 MB)
A fun and engaging center activity! Just add books! Have students use character cards cards to practice reading texts. The Common Core (RL 2.6) asserts that, beginning in second grade, students should be able to acknowledge differences in the
360 ratings
Digital Download PDF (19.38 MB)
Looking for new ways to engage your kiddos while learning about reading strategies?! Music is a powerful memory device, and it's fun too! This zip file contains eight original songs to sing your heart's content! It contains a 20 page pdf file with
359 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (49.01 MB)
Synthesis made SNAZZY and SIMPLE! This 24 page packet will help teach your students that they are synthesizing when their thinking grows and changes. It takes an abstract concept and simplifies it through the imagery of nesting dolls. You can use
290 ratings
Digital Download PDF (36.16 MB)
A comprehensive Owl Moon cross-curricular resource! This engaging unit includes lesson plans, extension ideas, comprehension activities, fluency practice, vocabulary activities, phonics activities, writing resources, nonfiction resources, science
286 ratings
Digital Download PDF (35.87 MB)
Help your students identify as writers and launch Writing Workshop with STYLE! This 172 page file is full of ideas to help launch your writing workshop! It contains 5 original mini-lessons designed to help your students see themselves as real
372 ratings
Digital Download PDF (63.76 MB)
Looking to add a little POP to your community study? This 113 page supplemental file is jam-packed with resources to help spruce up your existing communities unit! :) It contains eye-catching posters, literature suggestions, worksheets, a
293 ratings
Digital Download PDF (17.77 MB)
When life gives you lemons, teach about economics! In today's world, there's no denying it. We need business-minded students to matriculate into a fast-paced global economy. This 89 page supplemental file is meant to enhance your Social Studies
239 ratings
Digital Download PDF (48.33 MB)
Add RIGOR to your weekly morning work routine! Are you looking for a way to enrich and challenge your students? Are you always trying to find ways to infuse more rigor and creative thinking into your lessons? This weekly morning work file contains
207 ratings
Digital Download PDF (30.50 MB)
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I currently teach third and fourth grade gifted kiddos, and I enjoy every second of it! Over the past eleven years, I have absolutely fallen in LOVE with my job! I am extremely passionate about teaching and creating, and I enjoy being able to share that passion with others!


I believe that teaching stretches far beyond the content areas. First and foremost, I work on establishing strong relationships with my students based on trust, mutual respect, and empathy. I realize that I am educating little people, and that even little people have problems that occasionally distract them from learning. I embrace this, and strive to meet their emotional and academic needs while at school. Sometimes we all need a pat on the back or a supportive smile to get us through the day. Beyond that, I take a child-centered approach to learning. I feel that if I say or do too much I am, in fact, inhibiting the students’ learning. My instruction is very much interactive, hands-on, authentic, and tailored to meet each individual student's needs as much as possible. I want the students to think intently and critically to find solutions, reflect on their learning, and gain independence. My role is to facilitate this learning and encourage them along the way. I provide the opportunities and then support as they complete assignments to ensure that every child feels a level of success and confidence in my classroom.



I have a Masters in Literacy Curriculum and Instruction, a reading endorsement, and a gifted endorsement. I also work as an adjunct professor at a local university, and I love it! *Ultimate Goal: I would like obtain my Doctorate and perhaps work as a professor or Literacy Coach.


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