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It's a TIME-SAVER, and it's EDITABLE! This is my absolute favorite management tool, and it has significantly cut down on the time it takes to prepare for a substitute, especially on days when I am basically keeling over! Having two surgeries in
3178 ratings
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Add PIZZAZZ to your poetry unit! This resource includes 78 printable pages that can be used to launch poetry centers in your classroom as each skill/strategy is introduced through a mini-lesson. The centers are designed to reteach and reinforce.
1668 ratings
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Teach a beloved children's classic with a fresh twist! Charlotte's Web is a well-loved, widely read text...for good reason! This CCSS correlated file can be utilized to address reading strategies in meaningful ways as you navigate the text. It
1573 ratings
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Mini anchor charts with sentence stems and concrete models! What's Included: Determining Importance Poster Inferring Poster Metacognition Poster Questioning Poster Schema Poster Synthesizing Poster Visualizing Poster © One Extra Degree
1139 ratings
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Make connections to classroom life and make it stick! Teaching government and the Constitution to young students can be precarious and abstract, but it doesn't have to be! This thirteen page file includes resources to supplement your existing
710 ratings
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Cultivate responsible, goal-driven, reflective students through data tracking! Data Folders allow students to set goals, monitor progress, and practice graphing skills for an authentic purpose. Additionally, they help foster responsibility and help
831 ratings
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Study Van Allsburg in an authentic, engaging way! It's no secret. Chris Van Allsburg is an insanely talented writer, and students can learn a TON about writing through this comprehensive author study. Although several printables are included, many
540 ratings
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PURPOSEFUL classroom decor that goes with any theme! PERFECT for a FOCUS WALL! Help your kiddos learn how to discern the difference between various literary genres with this genre poster pack! Beef up your Focus Walls with the 16 posters, create a
604 ratings
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Introduce chapter books with flair! This unit is so much fun to teach! Freckle Juice is a great introductory chapter book to use with your class! It's easy to relate to, funny, and non-threatening! If you're looking for a way to get your students
604 ratings
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Looking for a way to engage your readers in thoughtful reflection? This 190 page resource contains a wide variety of flap books to utilize within an interactive journal. Each flapbook is available in color AND black and white. Essentially, all
644 ratings
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Are you looking for ways to spice up your elementary economics unit? This supplemental file includes several vocabulary posters with picture cues, lessons, and printables that bring economics to life in a kid-friendly way. Check out the preview
499 ratings
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Who says vocabulary instruction has to be boring?! ENGAGE your students in wordplay, and watch them fall in LOVE with words! My students LOVE words! They love collecting them, searching for them, and talking about them! This kind of enthusiasm is
519 ratings
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Employ a concrete model to cement the concept! The STORY ROLLERCOASTER! Are you trying to find a clever way to teach your students about the structure of fiction? Help your students remember story elements with this poster/handout set! What's
407 ratings
Digital Download PDF (49.42 MB)
A great STEM project! Simulate what real engineers do! This 77 page unit is a different take on the more traditional Inventors unit. It takes kids through the Engineering Design Process as they complete a Whatchamacallit Workshop and create an
378 ratings
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Transform your kids into generalization GURUS! Teaching generalizations is TOUGH! It's such a complex and abstract concept for our little ones to grasp, so I've created materials that go beyond seatwork and worksheets. This bundle includes
373 ratings
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Anchor students' understand of fluency with fluency anchor charts! Use these fluency posters to teach your kiddos about the components of fluent reading. They are visual, concrete models of each element of fluency to help your readers become more
375 ratings
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Build critical thinking skills with the Metacognition Tool Kit! This 34 page file is jam-packed with posters, handouts, and hands-on manipulatives to help your students grasp the sometimes difficult concept of metacognition. This packet addresses
411 ratings
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Cement the concept with a concrete model! Are you trying to find a clever way to teach your students about the structure of fiction? Help your students remember the background, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution of the plot with
315 ratings
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Creative and meaningful journal prompts with multiple-step directions! Merge reading AND writing instruction with this rigorous resource! A perfect addition to Interactive Notebooks! This packet was created in response to previewing new assessments
440 ratings
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A fun and engaging center activity! Just add books! Have students use character cards cards to practice reading texts. The Common Core (RL 2.6) asserts that, beginning in second grade, students should be able to acknowledge differences in the
362 ratings
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I currently teach third and fourth grade gifted kiddos, and I enjoy every second of it! Over the past eleven years, I have absolutely fallen in LOVE with my job! I am extremely passionate about teaching and creating, and I enjoy being able to share that passion with others!


I believe that teaching stretches far beyond the content areas. First and foremost, I work on establishing strong relationships with my students based on trust, mutual respect, and empathy. I realize that I am educating little people, and that even little people have problems that occasionally distract them from learning. I embrace this, and strive to meet their emotional and academic needs while at school. Sometimes we all need a pat on the back or a supportive smile to get us through the day. Beyond that, I take a child-centered approach to learning. I feel that if I say or do too much I am, in fact, inhibiting the students’ learning. My instruction is very much interactive, hands-on, authentic, and tailored to meet each individual student's needs as much as possible. I want the students to think intently and critically to find solutions, reflect on their learning, and gain independence. My role is to facilitate this learning and encourage them along the way. I provide the opportunities and then support as they complete assignments to ensure that every child feels a level of success and confidence in my classroom.



I have a Masters in Literacy Curriculum and Instruction, a reading endorsement, and a gifted endorsement. I also work as an adjunct professor at a local university, and I love it! *Ultimate Goal: I would like obtain my Doctorate and perhaps work as a professor or Literacy Coach.


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