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If you’re looking for a way that give kids the opportunity to see what it’s like to have the financial responsibilities of an adult, this Project-based Learning Simulation is it! In this financial literacy unit, kids will confront the challenges we
109 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (139.83 MB)
Math Games Galore Bundle is a collection of my favorite math computation, order of operations and place value games. Math Games Galore includes: PEMDAS Order of Operations Bowling Computation Game, Let's Roll 'Em, It's About Time- A PEMDAS
104 ratings
Factors of 100 is a week-long unit that creates a natural bridge from building arrays to establishing patterns with factors and multiples on a 100s table. Students are motivated to find all the factor pairs, as they self-check their work and make
95 ratings
Digital Download PDF (11.01 MB)
Protractor Practice-Crack the Code BUNDLED! is the perfect way to give your class that much needed practice reading protractors. In addition to the four separate resources listed below, this bundle also includes an additional puzzle, available here
99 ratings
PEMDAS Computation Bowling Game is a fun order of operations math game and an opportunity for students to gain math fact fluency while practicing building multi-step equations. It’s geared for 5th-8th grade and can be used in several different
74 ratings
Digital Download PDF (6.23 MB)
Hi~Lo Place Value Game is a quick place value game. It's been a popular go-to activity in my math class where students build five and six-digit numbers one digit at a time. Hi Lo can be played as solitaire, in small groups or with an entire class.
63 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.02 MB)
100s Chart Math Puzzle has 5 new puzzle choices added! This makes a great center or homeschool activity where students reassemble the 100s chart, challenging their visual-spatial awareness. Each color-coded puzzle is cut into twenty pieces. The
84 ratings
Digital Download PDF (9.14 MB)
Protractor Practice- You Name It! Crack the Code is a fun, yet challenging activity that is loaded with mental math and problem solving opportunities. 25 problems are included and 19 of those are needed to crack the code. Students will need to
77 ratings
Digital Download PDF (6.00 MB)
Number Line Challenge Activities offers preK-2nd grade students the chance to practice using number lines through a variety of activities with a variety of different number lines. Challenges are different for each grade level and within the grade
90 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.32 MB)
Protractor Practice Now Try This! Crack the Code includes TWO fun activities, loaded with mental math and problem solving opportunities beyond the usual reading of the protractor starting with 0º. These puzzles include linear measurement, as well
60 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.96 MB)
FDP Number Line - Built with Equivalent Fractions, Decimals & Percents is a two-part unit that may be used as an activity or as an assessment to show understanding. It also makes a good pre-assessment. The first part has students working in
37 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.93 MB)
This engaging math activity is a fun way for students to get computation practice adding and subtracting mixed numbers and common fractions. They’ll enjoy the challenge and feedback is immediate through solving the puzzles (quotes from The Phantom
45 ratings
Digital Download PDF (20.73 MB)
Naming Ordered Pairs- CRACK the CODE now has 2 fun puzzles, each with 26 different ordered pairs to be named, one for each letter of the alphabet. However, not all of the letters are needed to Crack the Codes. Feedback is immediate by solving the
44 ratings
Digital Download PDF (12.47 MB)
Author Study Newsletter is a great way for students to connect their favorite stories to the author that wrote them. This culminating project has the student reading five books from a favorite author, in a contracted timeline worked out between you
41 ratings
Digital Download PDF (10.25 MB)
This cool math practice activity is loaded with mental math and problem solving opportunities. This puzzle includes computation problems using exponents, distributive property and a couple decimals thrown in for good measure. Ways to use Crack the
32 ratings
Digital Download PDF (10.75 MB)
3-Digit Addition & Subtraction Practice ~ Crack the Code! is a fun and engaging way for students to get computation practice with 3-digit numbers. They’ll enjoy the challenge and feedback is immediate through solving the puzzle (a quote from The
36 ratings
Digital Download PDF (11.41 MB)
Protractor Practice- 0s & 5s Crack the Code is another fun activity that is loaded with mental math and problem solving opportunities. This puzzle includes acute & obtuse angle measures that end in 0’s & 5s, as well as a fraction/decimal
31 ratings
Digital Download PDF (6.05 MB)
3-Digit Addition Practice: Crack the Code! is a fun and engaging way for students to get computation practice with 3-digit numbers. They’ll enjoy the challenge and feedback is immediate through solving the puzzle (a popular quote from
34 ratings
Digital Download PDF (11.55 MB)
Escape the Time Machine is a fun geometry challenge for kids to review angle measure rules for triangles and quadrilaterals, as well as the relationship between transversals and parallel lines! This exciting time travel ESCAPE adventure begins
18 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (108.25 MB)
In this project-based learning unit, kids focus on animal adaptations and their habitats. Animal RAFT Research Unit is a two-week Language Arts-Science animal research unit that allows students the opportunity to use their research by applying it to
25 ratings
Digital Download PDF (12.65 MB)
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I have over 20 years in the classroom; the majority of those in 6th grade, with some of the earlier years in 5th and 5/6 multiage settings. My goal is to help students realize their potentials and that learning is actually a life-long endeavor.


I believe children learn best through real-life, hands-on experiences, preferably in a problem-based situation when possible, where the teacher is a facilitator of that learning. Active learning sparks curiosity and creativity.


Yet to be added


Undergrad from Texas Tech University; Masters in Education (MAELT) from Regis University; Gifted & Talented Cohort through Jeffco & DU; Colorado Geographic Alliance Teacher Consultant; highly qualified in math.


I love playing tennis and golf and am lucky to live where I can do that year round. Whenever we travel, I'm constantly thinking about how I can bring that experience back to the classroom for students. Once a teacher... ;)

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