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Main Idea (Non-Fiction) Students can practice identifying the main idea and supporting details through color coding. This resource gives students multiple opportunities to practice recognizing text organization. When students can see the
924 ratings
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Here is a great back to school activities pack for upper elementary. These 1st day of school activities will make back-to-school a breeze. The engaging 1st week back to school activities include: • Back to School Interest Inventory • My Favorite
271 ratings
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When I first started teaching I found numerous writing resources. I had bookshelves full! However, each of those resources failed to give me a daily, step-by-step plan, as to how to teach writing. After my first few years of floundering, I
260 ratings
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Sentence Building ~ Throughout the Year ~ 72 Sentence Building Printables, Teaching Tips, and Cover Sheets! These sentence building templates provide a scaffolded model for students to use. Each sentence building worksheet focuses on: when, who,
287 ratings
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Circuits! When looking for electrical circuits material for my 5th graders, I found most either too basic or completely too wordy. So, I complied the must know information, in the most straightforward way I could, into this take home book for my
153 ratings
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Summarizing Made Easy Write a summary in 4 simple steps! This packet is a step-by-step process for summary writing. It provides a visual template that makes summarizing easy! Each step is broken down into manageable pieces. It also provides
186 ratings
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2 Tattling Posters! Get back on task with these tattling reminders. These tattling posters encourage students to TRY to solve their own problems. Both posters can be printed on standard 8.5 by 11 paper. Click Here: See this in action on my blog
268 ratings
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I use these reading comprehension strategies worksheets as activities during workshop. This pack provides 10 practice reading comprehension passages and bonus material for your elementary classroom! *** Updated:1/26/16*** Now available in the
128 ratings
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Map skills ~Differentiated! US Geography Activity for kindergarten, first grade, and second grade! Create a super cute 7 page "Me on the Map" ~ map skills ~ geography book. This helps teach some of the most basic "must know" geography! I have
156 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.96 MB)
This can be your go-to writing center for sentence building. Do your students need to expand beyond simple or boring sentences? These templates provide a scaffolded model for students to use. This lesson focuses on: when, who, what, and where. In
132 ratings
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Easily editable report card comments in a word document ~ for the entire year: My principal is a stickler about comments on report cards. She reads and approves all of them! These are the report card comments I wrote for my class. I use this
119 ratings
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Students can create models of our solar system *Differentiated!* ~ Space Craft * Students color and cut out the planets. Then, glue them in order on construction paper. They trace the planet name, use the sentence, or fill in sentence frame. Cut it
120 ratings
Digital Download PDF (1.60 MB)
This grammar workbook bundle covers verbs, nouns, adjectives, pronouns, adverbs & prepositions. (It includes all 4 of my smaller grammar resources linked in green.) 1. Nouns Pack Nouns! A catchy nouns definition poster. The worksheets
126 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.00 MB)
Main Idea (Non-Fiction)~ AND~ Reading Comprehension Made Easy~AND~ My Reading Strategies for the White Board Posters *** Updated: 1/28/16*** ** Please note that his bundle includes 3 of my smaller resources (listed below). If you purchase this
144 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.46 MB)
Main Idea ~ Fiction This resource gives students multiple opportunities to practice recognizing text organization. When students can see the organization of a written paragraph, they can more easily identify the main idea. In this
112 ratings
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This parts of speech pack covers action verbs, the special verb “be”, main verbs, helping verbs, past tense verb spellings, irregular verbs, and includes verb posters & songs. (worksheets and answer keys) Table of Contents: Action
83 ratings
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First Day of School ~ Second Grade ~ Back to School Activities Here is a great second grade pack to get you started on the first day of school! Engaging first day of school activities, and 12 months of second grade memory book writing
48 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.21 MB)
California Mission report! Flip book style Included: California mission report blacklines, directions, rubric, and the student self evaluation.** California Mission Report Directions: 1. Print the pages you plan to use. 2. Cut along the dotted
39 ratings
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Students love labeling plant parts using this creative cut & paste craft! It's a great introduction to the plant life cycle & posts beautifully for open house! Plants Unit: Cover Page with photo example of plant craftivity Mini Plants Book
78 ratings
Digital Download PDF (0.55 MB)
Morning Work! Third Grade ~ Language and Math 72 pages of morning work (or daily review) with Answer Keys! This independent work is a great for settling an active class in the morning, after recess, or at the end of the day! In this morning work
53 ratings
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Hi, I am in my 10th year of teaching. I have taught kinder - 8th, thanks to a few combo classes! I've district hopped three times, and that has given me a lot of insight into the needs of various communities and the teachers who work there.


Being super dorky has really helped me in the classroom! I'll sing, dance, or do both to refocus my group. They roll with laughter and are ultimately drawn in by my antics. They have no idea they were just fooled into focusing! (Let's keep that our little secret. ;) I also "kill 'em with kindness". I've found that showering them with love is the best bet to get them to want to work hard.


Graduated with honors, honors society, and Mom of the Year!.....Thanks family:)


BS Liberal Studies, CSU Northridge; Multiple Subject Clear Credential; Masters of Education in Cross Cultural Education; Preschool Teaching Certificate


My favorite grades to teach are kinder, third, and fifth. In CA, kinder is a half day. (It's a full day for the teacher because you teach and then help with the other class. However, since the kids are only there for half the day, they are not exhausted!) I like third because they are mature enough to focus for a longer period of time but are still young enough to be super sweet. Fifth is also awesome because they have a more adult like sense of humor but aren't preteen sassy...yet! Check out my brand new blog at

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