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Red and Green Choices is a GAME CHANGER! It will change the way students act in your classroom! Making choices, how to interact with others, and act/behave is a skill (aka character education) we need to teach just like we need to teach letters and
3212 ratings
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Calm Down Techniques will help you teach your students strategies to calm down when they are upset. It includes a class read aloud, calm down posters, calm down cards, yoga cards, deep breaths visual, book list, positive notes, and more! Teaching
2236 ratings
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The Question of the Day gets students learning the minute they walk in the door when you make question of the day part of the routine! You can use it as part of their morning routine, at morning meeting, at circle time, or as a transition activity.
2350 ratings
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I Can Build books and anchor charts are a fun way to get students thinking of all the things they can build and engineer! It is an easy and manageable way to add STEM to your classroom with real photographs! Blocks and manipulatives gives students
1944 ratings
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Parent handouts are an easy way to help parents support their child’s learning at home! It’s super simple. Just print and send home! You can send the parent letters home at the beginning of the year, on various parent nights, at parent teacher
2079 ratings
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Fire Drill book and routine posters! Fire drills can be scary for younger students. It’s loud and there are kids everywhere! I hope this helps make fire drills less scary and manageable for your students. At the beginning of the year, I will read
1724 ratings
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Problem solving posters and techniques support your students to solve their own problems! Problem solving is a skill we need to teach just like we need to teach letters and sounds. It takes lots of practice and visual supports. Included are 16
1378 ratings
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Classroom job chart in a RAINBOW design made with little learners in mind! Use classroom jobs in your class to build a sense of community and give students some responsibility. This set will help you manage your classroom jobs. This has been
1239 ratings
Digital Download PDF (6.10 MB)
Counting brews and stews is a FUN, hands on way to develop counting concepts and skills with preschool, pre-k, tk, and kindergarten students! -----Please note you will need to find and collect various manipulatives for these activities. Many ideas
1566 ratings
Digital Download PDF (17.16 MB)
Reading logs are a great way to encourage reading at home! My preschoolers are always asking for “preschool homework” and this is what I give them. It is so simple just print, copy, and send home! At the beginning of each month I send home a new
1196 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.31 MB)
Visual Schedule Cards with a RAINBOW design! Made just for little learners! Use schedule cards in your classroom to help students develop time concepts and self-regulation. These schedule cards can be placed in a pocket chart, on a ribbon, or you
907 ratings
Digital Download PDF (8.08 MB)
All About Me is loaded with fun, back to school activities to help your students get to know each other and their teachers during those first few weeks of school! It includes get to know you graphs, class books, posters, and mini books. These
956 ratings
Digital Download PDF (7.16 MB)
Let’s Learn About Shapes is packed with fun, engaging activities that will teach your preschool, pre-k, or kindergarten students the basic shapes and their characteristics. The activities are easy to prep which is less work for you! Everything I
963 ratings
Digital Download PDF (15.75 MB)
Need to track and assess your student’s skills and keep student portfolios in an easy and manageable way in your preschool, pre-k, or kindergarten classroom? This is it! Everything you need is in this pack (it’s over 500 pages and includes TONS of
1110 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (40.98 MB)
Feelings and Emotions is loaded with fun activities to teach your students about all about feelings. It includes posters/cards, a graph, feeling wheels, write the room, and real feeling photographs. These exciting activities will help you build a
834 ratings
Digital Download PDF (12.15 MB)
Winter math and literacy centers are loaded with 15 fun, winter activities to help your students build math and literacy concepts! Literacy skills covered are letter identification, letter formation, beginning sounds, rhyming, building winter
937 ratings
Digital Download PDF (16.45 MB)
I Can Build books and anchor charts are a fun way to get students thinking of all the things they can build and engineer! It is an easy and manageable way to add STEM to your classroom with real photographs! Blocks and manipulatives provide
1252 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (82.45 MB)
Center Signs and Station Signs in a RAINBOW design are just right for early childhood! Label your centers so students are able to move around and transition easily. This set will help you and your preschool, pre-k, or kindergarten students manage
682 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (17.18 MB)
Letter Books are a fun, hands on way to practice letter formation. Three different letter books are included: just uppercase, just lowercase, and both uppercase and lowercase Students practice making letters may ways such as paint, rainbow write,
786 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.24 MB)
Pets math and literacy centers loaded with 16 engaging pet center activities to help your students build math and literacy concepts! Literacy skills covered are letter identification, beginning sounds, rhyming, building pet vocabulary words,
593 ratings
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I'm Jackie your go to girl for early childhood ideas and inspiration. My passion is to inspire you with play based activates, themed centers, and supports that nurture and challenge little learners. And to help you find ways to embed character (aka social skills) throughout your day. I want to do the work for you so you can stop missing your life. My goal is for your to spend less time brainstorming, less time creating. And more time teaching, more time creating a difference in the lives of your students, and more time for your family. YES, have time with the ones you love! Teaching little learners is HARD (and sometimes messy). Every week, you are thinking up new and engaging centers for every theme, creating visual supports, and finding activities to meet the needs of all your little learners. Plus you are talking with parents, taking care of kids when they are hurt, doing assessments, creating bulletin boards, maintaining portfolios, going to meetings, and more. You LOVE teaching! You want your students to love learning and you make learning fun. Raise your hand if you have ever thought.... I don't have time to prep that amazing activity. I don't have time to actually sit down and play with my students. I want to create an engaging classroom environment for my students. I wish I had time to plan ahead and be more prepared. I wish I didn't have to spend my nights and weekends on school stuff. I want more time with my family. I want time for myself. I'm here to help you unleash your teaching super powers! You're not in this alone.


Children learn by doing, getting messy, investigating their questions, and problem solving with their friends. They learn by playing games, using their imaginations, expressing their emotions, creating, and exploring the world around them. My goal is for you to spend less time brainstorming and more time teaching, creating a difference in the lives of your students, and to enjoy your weekends again. Yes, have time for you to spend time with the ones you love and make time for yourself again. I love making my classroom a warm and inviting home for little learners to explore, create, and discover new things! I want school to be a safe place where students feel loved, valued, and confident. The classroom is a child's third teacher. The materials evolve and change as our studies/themes change. I am very intentional with the materials I put out and set up. It feel it is my job to nurture their excitement for learning by creating developmentally appropriate, engaging, and challenging lessons and activities so they become life long learners.


I am a proud graduate of Maryville University where I received a Master and Bachelors of Education in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. I served on several committees to create our own school board approved early childhood curriculum using current research, best practices, state and national standards, common core standards, and our districts kindergarten curriculum. In my school, I served on the Character Education Leadership Team. I created and implemented several character education initiatives receiving Promising Practice awards. My school received State School of Character.


Yet to be added


A little bit about me personally… I am a mom to two amazing little boys who are my everything! My husband and I have been together for over 9 years. I LOVE my family and I am very grateful for to have them in my life! My dream day is sleeping in, eating a late breakfast, and playing outside for the rest of the day. My happy place is the Target Dollar Spot and the Dollar Tree (seriously could spend hours there). I love cold unsweet ice tea, chocolate cupcakes, and going to the gym with my friends. My guilty pleasure is watching reality TV and TV dramas. The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Big Brother, So You Think You Can Dance, Greys Anatomy, and Scandal. Follow me to receive 50% off my new products for the first 24 hours after I post them! If you like what you see please, follow … Pocket of Preschool

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