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This packet of informational handouts is aimed at parents of children in grades K-2. Each subject-themed sheet contains tips, ideas, and strategies parents can do at home to build their child's skills. These would be perfect to attach to a weekly
4473 ratings
Digital Download PDF (23.25 MB)
This Second Grade Common Core Measurement Unit contains over 285 pages of step-by-step lesson plans, assessments, teacher and parent resources, activities, centers, daily checks, and more! Students will explore attributes, non-standard and standard
918 ratings
Digital Download PDF (102.06 MB)
Do your students need extra practice reading fluently and with expression? Many students do, and this activity will help with both! This packet contains 29 fluency strips that each contain several sentences. I place the strips in a bag and have
533 ratings
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This unit contains everything you need to successfully do Christmas and Other Holidays Around the World with your class. Included are passports, airline tickets, emergent readers, fluency sheets with comprehension questions, crafts (with templates
632 ratings
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This Flat Stanley Project Packet includes everything you need to do the mailing project with your class! Included are: a detailed letter to parents describing the project a project letter to be sent to participators with Flat Stanley a Where in
512 ratings
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This set of five money posters includes the penny, nickel, dime, quarter, and one dollar bill. Each poster comes in a different color (lime green, sky blue, orange, hot pink, and purple)! Print and laminate, and they will add color and cuteness to
341 ratings
Digital Download PDF (25.01 MB)
Have a blast learning all Earth Day and why it is so important to take care of our planet with this Earth Day Fun Unit! This 76 page unit is packed full of reading, writing, social studies, and science lessons and activities. Included: *Earth
296 ratings
Digital Download PDF (10.49 MB)
Have a blast learning all about Presidents and the United States of America with this cross-curricular President's Day Unit! This 185 page unit is packed full of reading, math, writing, and social studies lessons, ideas, and crafts. This unit was
291 ratings
Digital Download PDF (57.49 MB)
Are you teaching a unit on the geography or history of The United States of America, or would you like to incorporate some non-fiction text into your students' reading? This United States Fluency, Comprehension, and Map Quiz Packet will meet your
168 ratings
Digital Download PDF (16.57 MB)
This packet contains a step-by-step lesson, lesson resources, assessment worksheets, posters, and small group activities designed to teach students what syllables are, how to count and identify them, and how to segment and blend words using
138 ratings
Digital Download PDF (21.76 MB)
This 37 page Johnny Appleseed Unit contains activities and lessons in Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, Art, and Technology. Included: -Fluency, Retelling, Sequencing Ideas -Tall Tales Lesson Suggestion -How To Make Apple Pie Craft and
183 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.95 MB)
Have a blast learning all about teeth and dental health with this Dental Health Unit! This 152 page unit is packed full of reading, math, science, writing, and craft activities. Included: *Dark Soda/Acid Experiment for Brushing Teeth (also
165 ratings
Digital Download PDF (33.55 MB)
This set of seven Canadian money posters includes the penny, nickel, dime, quarter, fifty-cent piece, loonie, and toonie. Each poster comes in a different color (lime green, sky blue, orange, hot pink, red, yellow, and purple)! Print and laminate,
89 ratings
Digital Download PDF (3.74 MB)
Just in time for the 2012 United States Presidential Election, here is a 23 page Election Day Mini-Unit! This unit will not only inform your students of what being President means but also of the election process and current candidates. Also
106 ratings
Digital Download PDF (5.09 MB)
Are you looking for a non-scary way to have fun with your class on Halloween but without actually celebrating Halloween? If so, Pumpkin Day is the way to go! This fun-filled, educational day revolves around learning all about pumpkins. With
55 ratings
Digital Download PDF (13.11 MB)
*Updated March 2015 - Spring Month Calendars for 2015-2017* Have a blast celebrating the Spring and Easter season with this fun 141 page unit that incorporates reading, writing, math, and science! Incorporated throughout the unit is a Beatrix
45 ratings
Digital Download PDF (22.49 MB)
This set of ten money posters includes the penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half-dollar, one dollar coin, one dollar bill, five dollar bill, ten dollar bill, and twenty dollar bill. Each poster comes in a different color (lime green, sky blue, orange,
32 ratings
Digital Download PDF (4.57 MB)
This bundle contains 5 Fraction Unit Promethean ActivBoard flipcharts! It covers the following topics: *Whole and Equal Parts *Unit Fractions and Regions *Review – Writing Fractions and Shaded VS. Non-Shaded Parts *Fractions of a Set *Estimating
24 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (3.36 MB)
Are you looking for a way to engage your students in class? This QR Code Scavenger Hunt will do just that! The hunt reviews adding coins with a total value under $1.00. Included are 12 cards (with one being a 'Start' card). Also included are
41 ratings
Digital Download PDF (2.36 MB)
This bundle contains 10 Geometry Unit Promethean ActivBoard flipcharts! It covers the following topics: *Congruent Shapes *Cutting Shapes Apart *Flat and Solid Shapes *Geometry Review Day *Shape Share Day *Flat Shapes, Sides and
21 ratings
Digital Download ZIP (4.32 MB)
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I have experiencing teaching grades Kindergarten - Third and am currently a First Grade Teacher. I like to create engaging, thought-provoking, hands-on lessons and activities for the classroom, with a special focus on technology integration. It is my hope that the classroom materials I have created will provide teachers and their students with quality, higher-thinking lessons and activities.


I enjoy hands-on, creative lessons that incorporate technology and tend to create lesson plans that follow that teaching style as well.


Prior to graduating with my degree I was chosen as Outstanding Prospective Teacher by both my college and state. I have also worked on technology committees and presented at state conferences on technology incorporation and parent communication.


B.S. in Elementary Education with a minor in Sociology


I think the primary years are the most fun! Please visit my blog at

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