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Handwriting instruction, initial sounds, and phonetic word practice for kindergarten or beginning first grade. Upgrade your printing instruction to include research-based best-practices with this Occupational Therapist designed practice book and
543 ratings
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Quality handwriting instruction involves more than providing letter worksheets. If you have been giving dashed-line alphabetical-order handwriting worksheets to your students, consider upgrading your handwriting instruction to include research-based
430 ratings
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HANDWRITING REPAIR - Learning Letter Forms is Not Enough: Finding the Missing Link! Once a child has developed inefficient motor habits for writing it can be very difficult to re-learn new patterns of movement. Even in occupational therapy, we can
222 ratings
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Teach children to: • Transition from 3-lined primary paper to standard two-line notebook paper. • Learn several subtleties of mature handwriting including Raise the Roof, which means writing small enough within lines that the ‘tall letters do not
137 ratings
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Proven multi-sensory methods to teach printing supported by research-based high-quality practice pages, lesson plans, letter posters and teacher’s guide. Do you want your children to use legible and automatic handwriting in their everyday work? Are
198 ratings
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Handwriting practice that your students will LOVE! Get all the best of Print Path for your Grade level at a great discount! UPDATED YEARLY Kindergarten handwriting skills for writing fluency MegaBundle, 30% off when purchased in this bundle. 1.
237 ratings
Occupational Therapy, Special Education and Homeschool MegaBundle, 30% off when purchased in this bundle. Handwriting instruction superstars! Print Path's innovations include Go-Dots, Gray-Boxes, and Simple Arrows that inform rather than confuse
137 ratings
Don’t just expect young children to write numbers, teach them how! This bundle is packed with fun and engaging multisensory number writing activities. Numbers Next! includes four number writing centers, a teacher’s guide for teaching numbers 0-20,
141 ratings
Start your Speech and Language or OT session with a laugh! Engage and motivate your students to practice handwriting. Great individual or small group activity. Build your therapeutic relationship through humor, laughter, and connection. A large
45 ratings
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Don’t just expect young children to write numbers, teach them how! Worksheets are grouped by similar formation so that children can use the motor skills that they have learned to make the next numbers. These sheets are not arranged in numerical
114 ratings
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Blank and Traceable Calendars for easy print and go, no prep worksheets. • 3 types to scaffold & differentiate learning. • Counting and numerical awareness. • Number fluency • Calendar skills. • Number writing. • Secular and multicultural
71 ratings
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Fun Worksheet Tasks including cut & paste, sorting, drawing, sentence construction, and writing. Each Unit has 5 extra pages with fun writing prompts for your high flyers and early finishers. Includes practice with 6 words for each two-letter
57 ratings
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Perfect for helping children establish efficient motor habits when you need to: ☞ Extend your curriculum.
 ☞ Supplement instruction for low flyers. ☞ Send home for homework. ☞ provide RTI. Letters are specifically sequenced, grouped by similar
76 ratings
Digital Download PDF (17.05 MB)
Differentiated Literacy and Phonics Centers. Fifteen activities ordered by level of difficulty for building skills of • Initial sound recognition, • Upper and lowercase letter identification, • Sound and letter association, • Alphabetic
66 ratings
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Inspire your kids to draw and write! Some kids love to draw but others will do anything to avoid it. Either way these simple line drawing flip-books will help your children to acquire skills of representation. Drawing facilitates ideas and these
54 ratings
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This is a great multisensory pre-writing task. Go-Dots and arrows give children the visual information they need to start at the top and go the correct direction. When children practice correctly they develop correct motor memory of number
51 ratings
Digital Download PDF (69.00 MB)
Kids love to punch holes and find this a super fun letter identification and sequencing activity. Punchers can be used as an independent literacy station or are great for early finisher work. WHY PUNCH? ● Identify uppercase letters and
54 ratings
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Teach your students to apply the typically unspoken rules of handwriting. “Second Grade Scores!” is Occupational Therapist-designed and based on current research.  This resource includes everything you need to shore up the speed and legibility of
42 ratings
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Easy to provide visual supports for your children who need help with their handwriting! If you don’t have time to make or order the paper that your student’s need, this one product has it all! Select the size and style of paper that is perfect for
35 ratings
Digital Download PDF (17.90 MB)
Do your children want to write numbers but are unable to produce numerals that are legible? Once children start to repeat letters and numbers they are forming motor habits that last a life time. “Write Now!” gives children the support they need to
33 ratings
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My work as a school-based occupational therapist is consistently interesting and deeply satisfying.  As a teacher-author, I am gratified to offer unique products that apply a host of differentiated solutions for regular and special education students.


Print Path’s handwriting products uniquely support teachers in providing grade appropriate explicit instruction and also help teachers to guide students through the stages of acquiring vital handwriting automaticity skills. My self-regulation curriculum, Move Work Breathe, includes a school-wide license so that one effective system can be implemented with ease and fidelity. Check out my blog!


Distinguished Service Award 2013: My school district recognized me with this prestigious service award for my work as an "outstanding therapist and an innovative and committed curriculum developer." Presented at: Wisconsin Statewide School Based OT/PT Conference 2015. Preceptor of the Year Award: 2016 from University of Wisconsin Madison's Occupational Therapy Program. Top 10 Occupational Therapy blog: 2017 Feedspot.


Thia Triggs, MEPD, OTR/L ************************************* BS in Occupational Therapy: University of Wisconsin, Madison. ******** Masters in Education: University of Wisconsin, La Crosse. ************ Occupational Therapy Licenses: Wisconsin & Oregon.


All children can learn to print legibly and efficiently. To meet CCSS and to be career and college ready, children must gain legible and automatic printing skills. Children acquire these transcription skills during the critical years of 4k – 2nd grade. The handwriting instruction and experiences that you offer will make the difference between a reluctant writer and one from whom persuasive, expository, and creative writing flows easily from the pen. Check out my Print Path blog!

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